Day 205: Koh Lak of Activity

I’d love to tell you guys that something exciting happened today, but that would be a lie. I did however have an unpleasant experience with Mosquitos at one point. But between watching tv shows and going out for tea, there’s not much for me to talk about. It was our last day in Koh Lak and we treated it no differently to the others before it.

• For the third day running I woke up early. The earliest start yet, 8:20am. Sarah was still knocked out beside me. Rather than get up and disturb her, I led in bed watching the last of the film I attempted to watch the previous evening, before falling asleep. After that I watched an episode of Boardwalk Empire. It was 10:30 before Sarah joined the land of the living. Even then we didn’t get up, instead we watched some more tv from our horizontal positions. We’d need only one more night at Suwan Palm, as the next day we’d be flying to Singapore to meet Sarah’s parents. Rather than pay the extortionate rate the receptionist asked for time and time again, Sarah booked us another night through Agoda. Take that society.

• It must have been getting on for midday before we left our room. We stopped in reception to show them the reservation details from our booking, and they allowed us to keep the same room. We then wandered into town to get some breakfast. There was one restaurant we hadn’t tried yet, and seeing as they had a specials board outside we went in. Their specials consisted of items from the menu at a reduced rate. One of those items happened to be fruit shakes. They were practically giving them away at only 30 baht (60p). We ordered two mango shakes along with our meals. Whilst we were waiting, all of a sudden my feet felt like they were on fire. Followed by my calves and my knees. It wasn’t until I looked down that I noticed a swarm of Mosquitos around my legs. Quickly we moved tables, but it was just as bad, so we moved to a third table. Again, the Mosquitos were everywhere. The increase in their presence must have been because Thailand was coming into monsoon season, it had to have been. Up until then we hadn’t really had an issue with the blood suckers at all, it was only in the evenings they’d usually show up. Now they were brave enough to come out in the day. We didn’t like it one bit. I counted how many new bites I had. 12. TWELVE new bites in various locations from my feet up to my knees. To prevent any further onslaught I went to a nearby pharmacy to buy some repellent. When I got back we both applied the spray and it appeared to do the trick. We were able to eat our food in peace.

• When we’d finished we bought a couple mango shakes to go, and stopped in the 7Eleven, before returning to our resort. On the way we stopped in a travel shop to purchase a shuttle bus to Phuket airport. It was scheduled to pick us up at 7am the following morning. I guess my early starts these last few days had been practise for the one we’d be doing tomorrow. It was another glorious day so Sarah spent the afternoon beside the pool while I used the one good computer to finally transfer photos. It took a while, but as I waited I managed to kill 2 or 3 Mosquitos. It was very satisfying. When all 800 and something photos were backed up, I was left with only 122mb on a 14gb memory stick. The computer room itself was a complete and utter hotbox. By the time I had finished (some 45 minutes later) I was drenched head to toe in sweat. The second I left I jumped in the pool with Sarah. 15 minutes later a large grey cloud blocked out the sun, so we returned to our room.

• Can you guess what I did when we got back? That’s right, more tv shows. Well, in fact it was just the one. Each episode of Boardwalk Empire is an hour long. I watched that while Sarah FaceTimed her sister. After it had finished we went out for food. Sarah only wanted a snack, whereas I was ravenous. Koh Lak, believe it or not, had a McDonald’s, so that’s what I had for dinner. A large meal to cure my hunger pangs. Sarah only had a coke from the 7Eleven. Filling right? When we left we needed some more money. We’d miscalculated before, we would still need some money for breakfast the next day. Fortunately we had some spare Malaysian ringgit in our bag and we exchanged that. We used only enough to tide us over, then returned once again to our resort. On the way back we tried the infamous mento coke trick. It didn’t work, there were no carbonated volcanoes like we were expecting. Instead it just left the coke tasting minty. Oh, and if you’re wondering where the mento came from. It was a post meal treat after my mosquito attack earlier that day.

• Our room had a view of the beach. Granted it was hidden behind the tall palm trees somewhat, but through our large glass doors we could see the setting sun. It had been sunny all day, and there were enough clouds in the sky to create a beautiful photo opportunity. We left the room immediately to watch the crispy character say goodbye for the day. It was beautiful, a lovely bright orange glow shone from behind surrounding pink clouds. As we watched it set, Sarah and I took it in turns taking pictures. When we thought the sun had finished its show we climbed the 4 flights of stairs to our nice cold room. We did the key trick again. After only 5 minutes of getting back I looked outside again. The sun wasn’t finished. If anything it was just warning up. The sky was a mixture of colours I’d never seen before. I ran back to the beach to see it in all its glory. Phenomenal is the only word I can use to describe it. Out of this world also comes to mind. Someone or something must have known it was our last day on the island, as this sunset was astounding. I know I’ve said it before, that a particular sunset was the best one yet, but this one really was… the best one yet. Sarah chose to stay in the room while I went down, saying she’d just see the pictures when I returned, but the pictures didn’t do it justice. I felt so small when I got to the beach. Bright pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, even greens painted the sky. And the lonely lighthouse on the rocks really added something to the sight. I took plenty of photos, but as I’ve said, it did not do it justice. When I felt as though I’d seen enough of its splendour, I ran back to show Sarah what she’d missed.

• “WOW”, was her reaction. Wow indeed, if only she’d come down to see the real thing. Although, she’s not that big a fan of the natural wonder as I am. She was happy enough just looking at it from the balcony. Sarah was in the process of packing her bag when I got back, while she did that I read through old blogs in an attempt to stay on top of it. I was disturbed halfway trough when she began panicking. Sarah thought she’d lost the necklace she’d recently purchased in Bangkok. After 5 minutes scouring the room I found it in my toiletries bag. How it got there is a mystery, as I certainly didn’t put it there. Sarah then went back to packing and I read over my blog. When we were both done we went out yet again for food.

• We went back to our favourite of all the restaurants “Ten Star”. They sold nice food at the cheapest price. Which was good, as Sarah and I were watching the pennies. I had the Massaman curry, but Sarah still wasn’t feeling hungry, so instead of food she ordered a mango shake. To say she wasn’t hungry, it didn’t stop her eating my soup. I joke, I was concerned because she hadn’t eaten and told her to help herself. When we finished and paid, I encouraged her to buy a toastie from the 7Eleven. Even then she only ate half of it in the walk back. For the first time in a while I had eaten three full meals in one day, the rest of the time I was too lazy to leave the resorts to go to a restaurant. Back at the room we did a final check of everything to ensure we left nothing behind. We had a really early start the next day, and our brains don’t tend to function until around 10am. When we were certain all the vitals were packed, we got into bed and watched a few episodes of “Happy Endings”, then set an alarm for 6am. It would be a horrible shock to the system, but well worth it. In less than 15 hours of writing this post Sarah’s parents would be with us with gifts in tow. Hooooray for families.














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