Day 202: Easy C.V

By the power of Thor! Sarah woke up before me this morning. Because breakfast was included she didn’t want to miss it. She even had me set an alarm the previous evening to ensure we woke up on time. It wasn’t needed, at 9am Sarah rolled over to give me a hug, and in turn woke me up. I dozed for a while, but at quarter to ten we went to the restaurant. The breakfast was only basic but it did the job, plus it was free so we couldn’t complain. After eating we went over to the pool.

• The weather wasn’t as nice today. It was still sunny but it hid amongst the clouds. This was good news for Sarah as it meant she could lie on a lounger while reading her kindle, and not worry about getting burned. After a while we hopped on the bike and visited the nearby 7Eleven for some drinks. When we returned we spent the following 3 hours beside the pool. I used that time to upload blogs and respond to emails. Around one thirty in the afternoon we popped back to the room to get changed, then went out on the bike.

• At first we thought about visiting the national park, but after studying the large map at the entrance, we changed our minds. We didn’t know if we’d be able to walk the long nature trail in flip flops, so decided to go away and research it, and come back when we were better prepared. Sarah then suggested we just go for a bike ride to see what Koh Lak had to offer.

• The roads were perfect, somehow there were no cracks or potholes like every other road in Thailand. It was nothing but long stretches of smooth tarmac. We must have travelled about 5 to 10 miles, before we ended up following a sign pointing to a marina national park. We followed the road all the way to the end and found ourselves at a pier. From there we could buy tickets to visit certain islands for such activities as snorkelling. A lady told us it cost 2400 baht for a snorkelling day trip, but there were two things that deterred us: The weather, and the amount of people that attend. We were told up to 120 people go at a time, and just this morning 5 boats went out. We hoped each boat went to separate islands to avoid human traffic in the water, otherwise it would be a waste of money. The lady went on to tell us the weather is best in the morning, and come afternoon it’s usually overcast. We decided not to do a trip and save some money, besides, we still had Bali to visit, and maybe there would be good snorkelling trips. Just as we were about to leave it began raining. We couldn’t be bothered to wait for it to die off and instead rode back towards our resort.

• To begin with it was fine, but the second we reached the area near our resort it began hammering down. There were strong winds blowing towards us, and each droplet of water was the size of a golf ball. I tried slowing down to see if that made a difference but it didn’t, every raindrop that hit us was like a slap across the face. In the end we just had to brave it. We decided to stop in the 7Eleven first for some snacks, and by now the road was like a river. Sarah didn’t want to get back on the bike when we got back outside, as she deemed it too dangerous. We didn’t have far to go, our resort was no more than 500 metres away, I encouraged her to get on and I rode carefully until we arrived.

• Seeing as we were already wet, the pair of us got in the pool. It was like a hot bath. After riding in the rain for the past 15 minutes we were left feeling very cold. We took some pictures then returned to our room for hot showers. In our absence the maids had been in to clean, and they’d used some sort of air freshener to leave the place smelling like fresh cut flowers. When we were dry, we closed the curtains on the horrible weather outside, got into bed, and watched some tv shows. Everything was perfect, until the inevitable hunger pangs showed up.

• Food would have to wait. Seeing as Sarah was going to the Internet cafe to work on her cv, I decided to skip food and join her. At first I was going to eat alone, but thought against it when I realised I hadn’t actually updated my cv since I was 16. We’d both need them in Australia to get jobs, and now was as good a time as any to work on it. 2 hours we sat at those computers. TWO!!! It was kind of nice to reminisce about my working life in the printing industry. Like most things at the time, I took it for granted. But as I thought back to what I’d achieved during my time there, the countless licenses I’d gained, and all the skills I’d acquired, I suddenly didn’t feel as though those 8 years had been wasted. I entered the factory a boy, but left a man. That job paid for a lot of my firsts: my first driving lesson, my first car, my first house I shared with my best friend. I owe a lot to that job, as it helped mould me into who I am today. There was one thing my cv lacked however, a good educational background. Especially when you compare it to Sarah’s plethora of accolades. Surprisingly it didn’t matter too much, as we later discovered that in Australia, job applicants are given more praise for having work experience than knowledge gained in a classroom. During the 2 hours we worked I managed to kill 5 large Mosquitos. For some reason Koh Lak was riddled with them, and seeing as it was dusk, they had come out to play. At 7:30pm we saved our work and finally got to eat.

• Down the road, closer to our resort, we found an authentic Thai restaurant. They also sold westernised dishes, but Thai food seemed to be their specialty. Sarah had a plain tuna baguette, whereas I ordered the best Massaman curry I’d had yet. It was so rich with flavour and the sauce was really creamy. Much to my annoyance, Sarah constantly dipped her chips in it, it was that good. During our meals we were joined by one of Sarah’s bezzies, Rachael Goddard. Sarah FaceTimed her, and it was just like old times. Our food alone made Rachael jealous and want to come back out. She joined us the whole time we ate, and seemed in good spirits, if not slightly hungover from partying too hard in London. After our meals I walked to the 7Eleven to get some snacks, while Sarah stayed to FaceTime her sister.

• Sarah was waiting for me outside the restaurant when I walked back, and together we returned to our resort. When we got to our room she continued to work on her cv, while I worked on my blog. After that we treated ourselves to an evening of tv shows. I really should end these days differently, but that’s what actually happens every night. Whoever said romance is dead?!







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