Day 196: The Final Slice Of Pai

Well today was our last full day in Pai. Tomorrow would see us leaving at 2:30pm on our first leg of the journey to Bangkok. Obviously we didn’t do anything (like usual) but we did eat at a different place. It was quite a dull day really, even the weather was a little overcast towards the end. So sit back and relax while I serve up another helping of Pai…

• Like usual I woke up before Sarah. I watched the final episode of White Collar until she woke up. When she finally stirred, we started our day differently. Rather than go out for breakfast immediately, we decided to go to the pool instead. Because the Internet still wasn’t working I took our devices with us and the pair of us ignored each other as we checked Facebook and the like. Plus I had finished my book now, so the Internet was a good substitute. Around half an hour later Sarah said she was hungry, so we went out for breakfast.

• Somehow in the 15 minutes we were sat in the morning sun I’d managed to burn my chest. It wasn’t that bad a burn, and it faded by the end of the day, yet Sarah still felt it necessary to cal me a “silly boy”. We then got on the bikes and rode to Fat Cats. When we arrived there was a sign on the door saying “closed”, in large pink letters. Sarah noticed on the way we passed a place called “Earth Tone”. The two British girls we met at the beginning of our stay at Aqua recommended it to us. For the past month Earth Tone had been closed, only today they opened up again. They only sold vegetarian food, as well as fruit shakes and other healthy drinks. We sat at a table and ordered two different meals, I had a pad thai, while Sarah ordered fried vegetables with rice. My plate arrived first, to which I wolfed down immediately, barely stopping to appreciate its aesthetics. When Sarah’s arrived she wasn’t too impressed. Amongst all her rice were tiny insects, and something that was much worse… Coriander! She picked at the vegetables but ended up leaving the majority of the meal on the plate. I just hoped that in my haste to clear the plate I didn’t overlook any insects. We each bought another mango shake for the road, then returned to Aqua.

• At reception I asked if it was possible to stay one more night, luckily they had room and we didn’t have to go elsewhere for our final day. We then went to the pool where we remained for several hours before Sarah grew hungry again. I couldn’t blame her, she had only eaten a few vegetables after all. The weather wasn’t that great for tanning anyway. Although it was slightly cloudy for the most part of the day, it was still extremely hot and humid. We went back to the room to get changed and drop off our things, then got on the bikes to find somewhere new to eat.

• Tiffany had spoken of a place called Fluid. As well as having a swimming pool for outsiders to pay to use, she told us they sold really nice wraps. Seeing as we were both hungry, and hadn’t eaten there yet, we figured we’d try it out. Typical, as soon as we arrived we were greeted with another closed sign. Fluid was the halfway point between our resort and town, rather than turning around and heading back, we decided to continue on and find somewhere there instead. We used the normal spot for parking our bikes, outside Witching Well, then walked through town in an attempt to find somewhere new. Every evening we noticed that lots of people tended to eat at a place called “Why Not”. As I’ve said before, we judge a restaurants credibility on the amount of punters it draws in. So “Why Not” was the restaurant we chose. The time was only 3:30pm, which meant not many people were eating. We found a table with ease, and the food was served very quickly. I enjoyed the second pad thai of the day, along with a mixed fruit shake. As for the so called hungry girl, well she ordered a coffee shake. She claimed if she ate then she wouldn’t be able to eat in a few hours time when we returned for tea. After paying for the food we withdrew some more cash, made a quick visit to the 7Eleven, then rode back to our resort.

• We dropped off our new bottles of water in the room, grabbed the devices for the Internet, and returned to the pool. Sarah used my phone to Skype her mum and niece. That went on for an hour and a half, meanwhile I was on the tablet uploading blogs, downloading tv shows, and even did something useful. I found somewhere for us to stay in Bangkok. It wasn’t anything too fancy, only a small hotel room for two, but for £7 a night we couldn’t really knock it. After Sarah said her goodbyes I showed her what I found, and can you believe it, she liked it. I handed her the tablet so she could better look at it, while I went around the pool doing various exercises. Before leaving we booked it in advance, then returned to our room to shower.

• Now that we were clean we chose to stay in the room to watch tv while we dried off. When we were ready the time was getting on for 7:30pm. For the first time in a while we left the bikes at the resort and walked into town. This may have been a mistake, as on both the walk in, and the return walk we were harassed by dogs. By 8pm we arrived. Obviously because it was our last night in Pai there was only one place we could go… The Witching Well. This place had grown to become Sarah’s favourite eatery during our stay. For our final evening meal we both ordered sandwiches, I chose a simple chicken one, whereas Sarah went for the more flamboyant sautéed mushrooms with sundries tomatoes combo. Afterwards we shared a cappuccino cheesecake, and washed it all down with two exquisite fruit shakes. All of which came to a wallet bursting £6.80, rip off right? We left them with a very generous tip of 40 pence, then said our goodbyes.
“Excuse me”, said the waiter.
“You don’t want us to leave do you!?” I thought.
“You forgot your hat!”
I thanked him, and in a rather koi manner took it back, then returned to Sarah. We continued along the streets of Pai looking for a bag for Sarah’s mum. Wouldn’t you know it, Sod’s law. When we reached the area Sarah bought hers the other day, the stall had gone. And no other stalls sold similar ones. In the end we left it for another time and headed back to our resort. Perhaps it was the lateness of the hour, or perhaps people had moved on, but Pai was back to being a ghost town again.

• After walking the long dark road to our resort we had to pass the bloody dogs again. One by one they’d bark, riling up their friends, until one was brave enough to trot towards us at an unfriendly pace. Sarah immediately clung to my arm, crying out “Beeeen” in fear. When I felt as though it was getting too close I shoved my arm out aggressively, stomped my foot, and in a stern voice yelled “NO”. He backed off a few feet after that, but followed us from a safer distance. We weren’t out of the woods yet though. As we climbed the small hill before our resort, another dog appeared from nowhere and also began barking at us. The second our backs were turned he began following and barking some more, this encouraged three more equally large dogs to join in. When I next turned around there were four large canines, plus the one from the bottom of the hill coming to join the party. All of them continued to bark, and slowly started walking towards us. By now Sarah was panicking, and truthfully my heart rate had increased somewhat. I was prepared to send Sarah on and keep them at bay, fortunately that didn’t happen. As the dogs must have deemed the distance we’d reached away from them safe enough, and out of their territory. It was a shaky experience to say the least, especially seeing as I’d recently been bitten by one, who I later discovered had a name. Sam. I was attacked by a dog called Sam, what a ***** he was! But that’s neither here nor there. The point is we made it back to the resort unscathed. Now you all know how this day ends, that’s right, we got back to our room (still there was no Internet), went through the evening rituals, then concluded the night watching tv shows. Could life get any better than that!







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