Day 194: Double Dutch

Today started off differently to the others, with a phone call to Sarah’s brother. Sarah was the first to wake up this morning, around 9:30am. She took my phone off charge and began playing with it, performing one of her many checks of Facebook, whatsapp, and Perez Hilton. I woke up shortly after and started watching an animated Superman movie – for which I was mocked. During the film Sarah told me her brother wanted to speak with her. By this time it had gone 10 o’clock, which meant back home it was somewhere around 4am. Surprisingly her brother Marc was still awake, and was staying at a friends house. When my film finished I joined in on the conversations, only to be told I had lost a significant amount of weight. Charming! The purpose of the call was to catch up, but Marc also used it as an excuse to encourage his friends to go travelling with him in November. Marc had already done Southeast Asia before, and was very helpful in mine and Sarah’s build up to this trip. He loved it so much in fact that he is currently working hard and counting down the days until he comes out again. By that time we shall have been in Australia for a few months, and hopefully on the road to earning some big bucks.

The boys decided to finish the phone call when they began to see the sun rising behind neighbouring homes. And like vampires they retreated to the sanctuary of their coffins (beds). Sarah and I then got up and went about the morning routines. We’ve become highly inept at telling the time, not by using a watch, but by the heat of our room. Beyond 10:30am it’s a hot box. I think it was around 11am when we decided to go out for breakfast, mind you, the temperature outside wasn’t much better, but at least there was a breeze.

We took the bikes and a bottle of water and headed to the Witching Well. By now the staff knew our faces and gave us big smiles every time we turned up. We each had a large filling breakfast, my chicken and pumpkin crepe was out of this world. When we finished, we broke the rules and went to 7Eleven ahead of time to grab our water for the day. Sarah also used the visit as an excuse to grab a Big Gulp – it looked like Tiffany’s warning about coke fell on deaf ears. I then had the difficult task of balancing everything in the basket of my bike on the ride back. It was no good, each bump I encountered caused me to lose more and more of Sarah’s coke. By the time we got back she wasn’t happy because the coke had turned flat. Sarah headed to the pool, while I returned to the room to grab our things, like usual.

When I got back she was deep in conversation with a Dutch couple. Throughout our stay we had made small talk with them, but today we conversed with them for a good 2 or 3 hours. Like usual we covered many topics, but the most consistent of them all was that of travel. They encouraged us to go to India, telling us all the good and bad things about the place. It sounds atrocious having to catch a public train anywhere, they said people push and shove, and throw elbows around to buy a ticket, but when they’re all sold out everyone goes back to being friendly with each other. They also told us it wasn’t the nicest place to be a fair skinned, blonde haired lady, as when certain Indian men get drunk they turn a little letchy and forward. They even told us of one young girl being raped. But it’s not all doom and gloom, they said the police are very good at sorting out people like that, and amongst all the dirt and filth on the streets, there is something magical about the country. I know I’m not selling it well, and I still remain skeptical and pessimistic about the place myself, but the couple informed us you come out a different person after going there – which doesn’t surprise me based on what they told us. They went on to say they wanted to travel India for 6 months, but only stayed for 2, yet they still felt as though they achieved something in that short amount of time. The couple had been all over the world and done all sorts of things, including a road trip of Morocco, which is something I had also done. It was nice to have those guys to talk to, otherwise we’d have only kept to ourselves reading our books. Eventually they left the pool, leaving Sarah and I to entertain ourselves. I tried reading my book but couldn’t get into, so instead I played a game on my phone.

About an hour or so later the couple returned in a change of outfits. I think they had gone into town. Now they were spending the rest of the evening at the resort. By the end of our time at the pool we still didn’t get their names, but before we left, the husband brought me over a glass of Kombucha. We were talking about it earlier that day when he put a bottle of the stuff in the fridge to cool down. It tasted more like wine this time, but still came with all the great health perks (supposedly), adding to my ever increasing life span all the more. When I finished the drink it wasn’t long after that Sarah suggested going back to the room. I thanked them for the beverage and returned the glass, then we went back to our cosy cottage.

Near the end of our showers we noticed we were sharing the bathroom with a disgusting little creature. No, it wasn’t the frog, nor was it the cockroach above our heads, it was in fact a leech. Somehow a leech had made its way in there with us. It was only small, but it looked alien as it crept up the wall, stretching itself out to full length to gain more distance. I had never seen one before and it freaked me out. It looked horrible, I didn’t know what it was doing. When it reached the top of the wall it rooted one end of its body to it, and the other waved about in the air as if it were trying to sniff us out. I’m not usually one to kill things, but in this situation I felt as though it was ‘kill or be killed’. Sarah passed me a tissue, I pinched it up inside, and flushed it down the toilet. It’s not a glorious death for any creature, but I couldn’t risk leaving it and have it suck our blood during our next shower. Besides, Mosquitos suck our blood and they get just as gruesome an end, that’s the only creature Sarah and I will actively seek out and kill. With the threat eliminated, and our bodies clean, we returned to the safety of our mosquito netted bed. We must have stayed there for an hour at least, and it was getting on for eight o’clock before we went out for tea.

There was no moon in the night sky to guide us, which made the ride to town particular scary. It was so dark that we were practically invisible to passing traffic. Whenever we saw the occasional cyclist ride by without any lights, we couldn’t see them until we were right on top of them. Thank goodness for the flashlight app on my phone, I used it to guide us like Gandalf and his magical staff. The flies were back on the bridge again, but they weren’t in such great numbers this time, I think I only hit the odd one or two. We chose a completely different place than usual to eat, as our first choice was closed for the night. At first we thought it might have been because of the late hour, but they were probably just having the night off. I don’t recall the name of where we ate, but the Massaman curry I ordered and the chicken kebab Sarah had were both delicious. It was the first time I’d seen Sarah eat something and make such a mess around her face.

Like usual, the food was pretty cheap, it came to just over £4 for both dishes and our drinks. We then took a little ride around the town. I took my bamboo cup with me and doing so reduced the price of a refill. This time I ordered an iced tea, and chose the panda anus option… Sorry, I meant to say Pandanus. I enjoyed it to begin with, but it became very difficult to enjoy when Sarah said it tasted like the smell of our bathroom. I’m not usually one to be put off food or drink, but that description did it. I then had to pretend it was milk, as it also shared a similar taste to that. I managed to drink the whole thing by the time we reached the ice cream stand. I ordered a really tasty vanilla blueberry cone, then had the difficulty of riding the bike while eating it. Fortunately for the pair of us we didn’t encounter much traffic on the way back, but we still needed the flashlight app to see where we were going.

We made it back to our resort about 9:30pm, and unlike the day before, our bathroom and bedroom were free of visitors. After cleaning our teeth we got ready for bed, and finished the day with a series of tv shows in the confines of our sweaty little hot box.
“Just like every other bloody night Ben”.
By now that must surely be what you’re all thinking. Well I’m sorry my life has stopped being exciting, but you try writing something about nothing each day!


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