Day 193: The Princess And The Frog

Another day, another dollar (spent) was the story of today. Like usual we left the resort twice. Once for breakfast, and again in the evening for tea. The middle part of the day was spent by the pool. There was a slight bit of excitement when we left town later that evening (but I’ll get to that), and the mystery of the Peeping Tom frog was finally revealed. If you wish to find out how, please read on…

• I woke up before Sarah this morning, as I knew I had some work to do. I was far too tired the previous evening to do any writing, I couldn’t think straight let alone compose a blog post, so instead I did it first thing. By the time I finished Sarah was awake. We led in bed for a while, where I listened to Sarah complain about the heat, before deciding to go out for breakfast.

• We rode the bikes to Fat Cats, where we were joined by one of the cats at our table again. It turned out this particular cat had just given birth, and one of her kittens was roaming around the decking we were sat on. The poor thing was so small, it was no bigger than Sarah’s hand, and could barely lift itself up. It’s eyes looked very sore, and because it was so young it meant its eyes hadn’t opened yet. It looked so weak, so we made the point of mentioning its presence to the restaurant owner in case it strayed from the litter. The lady told us it was ok but suffered with eye trouble. I don’t know why we worried about it so much, as the mummy cat kept a watchful eye on her offspring. Occasionally she licked its face, and when the tiny kitty walked off the edge of the decking she was quick to jump down and pick it up in her mouth. The food was amazing once again. In the background was the husband of the owner, he was making a fire with two friends, and they were working together to make bread and brownies. We didn’t see the fruits (or brownies) of their labour, as by the time we finished our food they were still cooking, but it smelled delicious.

• After riding back to the resort we stayed by the pool all day. Much like we’d been doing all week. I couldn’t be bothered to sit in the sun to try and get a better tan than Sarah, she was already winning that battle, even though she can’t see it herself. I am practically white again now, I don’t know why my skin won’t change colour. I spent a good 3 hours reading in the pool that afternoon as it meant I could be out of the sun and wouldn’t need to put on any sun tan lotion. At one point when I hopped across the hot decking to a lounger one of the boards broke under my feet. All along we thought the boards were made of wood, that wasn’t the case, instead what they were actually made of was slate. Because of the extreme heats, and nobody spraying them with water to keep them cool, the intense heat of the sun causes them to expand and crack, much like the concrete roads. When the pressure from my foot pushed against a weak board it shattered into three pieces. Fortunately I didn’t get hurt and I informed the people at the resort, but they didn’t seem to care. I led the broken pieces horizontally across the gap, to prevent anyone hurting themselves, before jumping in the pool where I remained for the rest of the afternoon.

• Like usual I returned to the room first, I had a quick shower, then shortly after Sarah showed up. We watched some tv before going out for food. It was still light out by this point, so the ride into town was pleasant, and we got to enjoy the same picturesque view along the way. Instead of choosing the Witching Well we parked our bikes up outside and walked around town. I hadn’t done this yet since our arrival in Pai, and seeing as we weren’t eating food right away, I stopped at the Gepeto stand for a delicious scoop of vanilla and blueberry ice cream. We then did that slow shuffling type of walk you see old people do as we passed the many shops and market stalls, before finally deciding on somewhere to eat.

• We recalled seeing a burger joint which sold rare and unusual meats. Crocodile, ostrich, wild bore, and venison being just a few of their options. Seeing as I’d never tried it before I ordered the crocodile meat. I hoped it was all above board and I hadn’t eaten something bad, I know the use of their skin in such things as clothing and handbags is illegal, I just hopped it wasn’t the same for meat. Id feel awful otherwise. Just for blog purposes I feel as though I should explain how it tastes, and what’s done is done I guess. The meat was very light in colour, it fell apart quite easily, and unlike a beef patty it didn’t drip with fat. If anything it was a very tidy burger to eat, even when the chunks fell onto the plate below it didn’t cause a mess. It was actually a very tasty meat, unlike any I’d tried before, and to answer the unasked question, no it didn’t taste like chicken.

• Sarah chose to eat street food instead of going to a restaurant. She only ordered one cooked dish, a serving of pasta with vegetables. The fruit shake she ordered when we arrived in town filled her quite a bit, although I’m not surprised given the fact it contained a whole mango. Sarah also stopped for a Gepeto ice cream on the way back to the bikes, and I was the gentleman allowing her to eat it as I pushed both our bikes through town. Which was very difficult seeing as I had a basket full of 7Eleven goodies. When we reached the end of the road we saw a horrendous sight indeed.

• All week, around 7pm, there were swarms of flying insects around the lights of the bridge. Well tonight was slightly different. They were still flying around the lights, only word must have spread, as there were now literally thousands of them swarming together. There were so many in fact that the small restaurant at the end of the bridge had to keep their lights off to avoid attracting them. We stopped at the corner of the street for a while so Sarah could finish her ice cream. As we waited we saw various vehicles driving through the buzzing clouds. Whenever the cars came you could see the insects in their headlights, and you could hear the ones on the ground being crushed under the wheels, that’s testament to how many there were. We assessed the situation based on the reactions of the people on scooters and push bikes. They didn’t seem to impressed. In the end we just had to go for it as there was no other way back to our resort. It wasn’t too bad, we found if we stayed on the side of the bridge with no streetlights we were fine. When we reached the other side I took a picture of the crazy sight, unfortunately I don’t think the photo did it justice. We then managed to get back to Aqua safe and sound, and bug free.

• The craziness didn’t stop there though. In our bathroom we were joined once again by our frog friend. This time however, he wasn’t on his usual beam (we’re presuming it was a he, just go with it). Instead he opted to sit on the edge of the toilet seat, almost as if we’d caught him in the middle of leaving us a present. Obviously this spectacle freaked Sarah out, at night she’s scared of her own shadow, so seeing a frog on the toilet startled her to say the least. As I walked closer to scare him off, it was in that very moment I learned how he’d reached the beam each day. He could climb walls! As I approached, he leapt from the seat and stuck to the wall (causing Sarah to scream out), and in true princess fashion Sarah demanded it move farther away so she could use the toilet. I moved even closer, making him scale the wall and jump to the shower pole, before leaping one last time to the outside wall to freedom. We took photos of the whole thing then returned to our room.

• Even there the madness didn’t stop. As I climbed through the mosquito netting surrounding our bed, I felt my hand hit something. Somehow I had managed to knock a baby gecko (that was climbing the net beside me) to the netting in front of me. After some chasing around I managed to get it into a Pringles pot and took it outside. After typing up this blog, Sarah and I watched an episode of “The Mentalist”, then called it a night. For the first time in a while we were able to go to sleep before 1am. What a treat.











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