Day 191: The Devil Wears Primark

It was business as usual for our two favourite travellers. They spent the whole day beside the pool enjoying the company of the warming sun. Other than leaving the resort for food that was all she wrote really. As it is often written, should you care enough to read about the smaller details of the day, please carry on.

• There was no messing about this morning. We got up straightaway, no watching tv shows, no chilling by the pool, we went for breakfast without a moments hesitation. After the morning rituals and getting dressed we stepped out the door to locate the resort’s push bikes.

• When we got to the entrance of the resort we noticed the Australian lady coming back from a shopping trip. We later learned her name was Tiffany, so to put a name to a face I shall refer to her as such from here out. Tiffany looked like a typical shopaholic character, the sort you’d find in a hollywood movie. In each hand she had at least 4 large bags of materials and trinkets. When asked, she told us that wasn’t even all of it. Before we set off we asked Tiffany if she knew of any good places for food. She recommended one restaurant, but unfortunately they were closed on accounts of recently losing a family member. So instead we chose a rival place beside it.

• They had a decent selection of food to choose from, and I had another case of eyes bigger than the belly. I ordered a pad thai and a chicken sandwich, but when my pad thai arrived it was heaped on the plate. It was a huge serving. I sent Sarah back after she finished her meal so she could sunbathe by the pool, otherwise she’d have had to wait for me to finish. I couldn’t eat the whole sandwich and instead picked out the filling, and on the sly, threw some to the restaurants dog sat at the entrance. When I finished I paid our bill, leaving a tip for their hospitality, and rode back to our resort.

• The rest of the afternoon was spent beside our pool. To remain cool I hopped in and out of the cold water. I enjoyed another chapter of my book, and listened to podcasts in the sun afterwards. At one stage Tiffany came by to say she was leaving Aqua. We gave her our contact details, and she told us if we reached Adelaide that her door was always open for us. The next people to leave the resort were the Swedish couple, they felt the need to tell everyone they were off to Laos. Perhaps they thought because Tiffany said goodbye they were obliged to do the same. When the swimming pool area was mostly shaded we returned to our room.

• We each had a shower to rid our bodies of the sweat, chlorine, suntan lotion cocktail, and to our surprise we noticed the frog had returned. After we got dressed we decided to go out for tea. I don’t think we got any farther than the pool area before Sarah’s sister began messaging her. She told her how they’d reached Bristol and were ready to hear Sarah’s requests for what clothing she wanted. Seeing as there wasn’t many places with wifi in town, we stayed by the pool for half an hour.

• Sarah sent constant messages back and forth, skyping when things became unclear, and got them to send photos of clothes to better see what was on offer. She had a shopping list in mind after spending the past couple days on various clothing sites. While the messages were exchanged I grew quite bored as I sat twiddling my fingers, so I suggested she continued her demands back at the room. Somehow I ended up having some clothes bought for me, 3 v neck t shirts were coming my way. I was easy to buy for, whereas Sarah was picking clothes for every conceivable situation: job interviews, day to day, nights out, rough clothes, you name it she requested it. Kind of like a barbie doll with various outfits. Back in the room we put tv shows on while Sarah’s sister continued sending images through. Eventually her family said they were going for lunch, giving us an hour to go to town for tea and return.

• The bikes were still available, and we got to ride to town through a picturesque scene. It was of the setting sun behind the green fields. I had to stop and take a picture of it, and it came out remarkably well. We ate at the Witching Well again, enjoyed a tasty dinner and even better dessert, cappuccino cheesecake. It was amazing and helped fill the small hole I had after my main meal. We then rode to the 7Eleven like usual, only this time we grabbed snacks for any hunger pangs that might visit us later. By the time we got back to the resort an hour and a half had passed.

• Sarah continued from where she left off, and discovered her sister hadn’t managed to find any of the clothes she wanted. They were either sold out or not in her size, isn’t that always the way with clothes shopping. I always found that returning from the shops empty handed set me off in a bad mood for the rest of the day back home. Especially when I had something in mind I wanted to get. I could sympathise with Sarah, although that wouldn’t help her Australian wardrobe problem. After her family left the shops we spent the rest of the evening watching tv shows and picking at our snacks. Just when we were about to go through the evening rituals to conclude our night we had a problem. We couldn’t get into the bathroom.

• The door had a lock either side. On the inside was a latch which would be looped into place to lock the door. This latch must have been in an upwards position, and after we closed it behind us last time, it must have dropped down and locked us out. Fortunately I was able to think on my feet and remembered there was a small unlocked widow around the other side of the building. It couldn’t have been any bigger than 2 foot by 1 foot, yet somehow I managed to squeeze myself through it. Both simultaneously impressing the hell out of Sarah, and solving our problem. I didn’t brag or let on that I was also impressed, but I really was. I don’t quite know how I managed to squeeze through, let alone not break anything. After my skills as a contortionists were exposed, we cleaned our teeth and the such, then returned to our bed for some blissful sleep.








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