Day 189: Long Live The Queen

When I awoke the storm was still going on. Obviously when it’s horrible out you don’t usually feel like doing anything, fortunately we didn’t have to. Sarah couldn’t get back to sleep because of the sheer volume of noise outside, and when a few water droplets fell on the pair of us, that was it. We were up for the day.

• Thankfully it was only those few droplets that came through, but given the amount of water falling from the sky I was surprised. I wrote the previous days blog, then we led in bed watching episodes of New Girl for over an hour. Our stomachs let us know it was time for breakfast, and after a couple showers we did something about it.

• The two bikes were back again so we used them to ride down the road. We didn’t go as far as town, instead choosing to stop in a small place not too far from our resort. The menu wasn’t big, but we managed to find something we liked. We ordered an unusual dish, fried shiitake mushrooms with chicken. It came served with salad and bread, and was really rich in flavour. With the rumbling in our stomachs sated, we rode back to our resort.

• It was around 1:30pm by the time we got back, and for the majority of the afternoon we watched more tv shows and films. By the time we got around to leaving the room it was close to 6pm. By chance, the two push bikes we’re still available. Not wanting to walk, we decided to take them out for a spin.

• One of the two girls we met the other day warned us of a black dog which hid and attacked bike riders. She said it didn’t mind walkers, but had a deep set hatred for the two wheeled vehicle. As we came around the brow of the hill, we spotted a black dog resting on the roadside. We immediately squeezed our brakes and passed by slowly, but the dog didn’t bat an eyelid. Clearly this wasn’t the dreaded Sirius Black lookalike. It was still relatively light out at that time, and the temperature was just right for a ride. We didn’t even break a sweat getting to town. Seeing it was a Monday, it meant my waiting time was over, and there was only one place we could go to eat.

• Ping’s Burger Queen… God bless her and all that worship her. Straight away I ordered two burgers. A BBQ beef and a chicken and bacon. My eyes may have been bigger than my belly, as I didn’t think that would be enough and ordered fries along with them. Sarah was sensible, only ordering the one burger with chips. As great as it was, and believe me, it was amazing, I couldn’t help but agree with Sarah’s point. Of course I didn’t tell her I agreed, instead I rolled my eyes. Sarah seemed to think the main reason we liked Pings so much before was because we visited Pai near the start of our journey. Up until then we had only been eating Pad Thai, and fried rice. Pai was the first place we’d been that sold westernised food, and it doesn’t get much more westernised than a mouthwatering burger. So in summation, as nice as it was to visit Burger Queen again, and as great as their burgers are, it wasn’t the same as the first time around. I still left with a belly full of food though, and I regretted not asking for a pen to write on their walls, to add to everyone else’s kind words about the place. Had I received a pen I would have written something like this…

“Forget milkshakes, it’s Ping’s Burgers that bring all the boys to the yard”.

It’s not the wittiest thing I could’ve written, but it was the best I could come up with at the time. And it sure as hell would’ve beaten the simplicity of writing just my name, like so many others had. Sarah was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to write on the wall when she went with a friend of ours during our last visit, and she rubbed it in my face by spotting it out to me. For the time being, Ping had done it again, we left feeling satisfied. The pair of us then wandered to the 7Eleven for some snacks and water. The big gulp I purchased may have been a mistake, I felt sick by the end of it.

• We returned to our bikes which we left outside of Pings, with her royal guards keeping watch (that’s a joke, there are no guards). I put all our items in the basket on the front of my manly looking lady framed vehicle, and we rode back to our resort, being careful not to get hit by traffic on the dark lanes.

• Back at our room Sarah made yet another Skype call to her family, making her dad wake her niece from her slumber. The poor girl didn’t look too impressed with Sarah because of this. To make up for that, Sarah played videos of what’s considered children’s entertainment these days. How children watch it and don’t freak out is astonishing, the characters are damn near terrifying. There is one show called “In The Night Garden”, and the characters on that show are the stuff of nightmares. After the call we watched a couple more tv shows, before watching a movie called “The Prestige”. Sarah then read her kindle, while I shopped around on eBay for birthday presents for myself. Sad I know, but very fun.





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