Day 188: Riders Of The Storm

Today will be a real quick one guys. We had breakfast first thing, chilled by the pool all day, and went into town for tea. That is quite literally all that happened. As I’ve said before, Pai is a place where you really don’t have to do much to feel as though you’ve done a lot. If you’re the sort of person that likes going on holiday to get away from a hectic world and just relax, then Pai really is the place for you. It works at a different pace to anywhere else and won’t change for anybody, kind of like a stubborn old man, but a lot prettier. For everyone’s entertainment, as well as my own personal log, here’s what else happened on another lazy day in Pai.

• I woke up before Sarah this morning, around 9:30am. I spent the next 40 minutes transferring my blogs to WordPress, and with the final ten pages uploaded I felt a sense of relief. Now they were secured online in the digital world, I was able to go about my day without having to check over old work. For this day at least, I was free of my blog. When Sarah woke up around 10:30am, we led in bed watching the finest tv shows America has to offer. God bless travelling, if you’re not seeing the sights you’re watching tv shows or movies in bed. It’s a great lifestyle, I recommend it to anyone.

• Now we were feeling slightly more awake, we decided to venture into town for breakfast. Aqua resort had two push bikes which were free for its guests to use. Granted they weren’t the best of bikes, but they were free, and it beat walking. Sarah had the smaller of the two, the seat was higher than the handle bars, and the wheels were so small that it looked more like a child’s bike. Mine looked similar to Sarah’s, except it had larger thinner wheels, and every rotation of the peddles caused the chain to slip. Also, Sarah’s had gears, whereas mine was fixed, this made the hills somewhat tricky. Getting to town was a breeze because it was mostly downhill, but coming back was a different story. When we got there, we decided to eat at a place called “The Witching Well”.

• They sell really god food for an acceptable price. You can also buy several different teas which have witty names, such as the “Love Potion”. They offer the drinker various benefits from energy to relaxation. The Witching Well sells really good desserts too. For our breakfasts I had a chicken burger, and Sarah ordered a really tasty mushroom crepe. At one point a girl with really, really large breasts came in and sat down (apparently because she was fat it didn’t count). It just so happened that I was looking in that direction, when she entered my field of vision (your honour) but Sarah busted me. She looked at me with a smile on her face and said “oh dear Ben!” I’d like to go on record saying I wasn’t looking, but if I was, I’d like to go on record saying, IT LOOKED LIKE SHE HAD TWO HUMAN HEADS DOWN HER TOP!!!!

• After breakfast we returned to our resort, peddling really hard up the hills. Because of the difference in wheel size I left Sarah quite a bit in the distance. I had to stop a few times to wait, but eventually we got back to Aqua. I let Sarah go on to the pool without me, while I returned to the room to grab our things. When I got back I had to jump in the pool to cool down, it was so hot that even the white wooden boards made me hop on the spot. The cold water made it a lot easier to sit in the sun when I got out. But I realised I’d forgotten to apply suntan lotion, so I ran back and applied some. Wether or not this was the cause for what happened next I don’t know. When I returned with a book in tow, I led on the bench beside Sarah and began reading. It was the book I’d found in the hostel in Chiang Mai. After reading for 30 or 40 minutes, the sun disappeared behind the clouds, and the trees began rustling. Much like that one episode of Lost where something came through the jungle, moving the trees violently as it came closer. We didn’t know what it was, at first all we could hear were trees in the distance blowing around, then one by one the trees were blown more and more aggressively until the winds reached us. I honestly thought a hurricane was coming, it turned out it was just a mild storm, but the end result was a lot of debris landing in the pool. Sarah and I retreated to the room, as in climates like Thailand’s, you get very little warning before a downpour occurs. Had I not put on the suntan lotion I doubt it would have happened. Sod’s law.

• We stayed there for around 20 minutes until the storm blew over, Sarah went back before me, as I stayed to finish the chapter I was on in my book. I then returned to the pool with my iPod in hand. Sarah had taken my phone with her and FaceTimed her sister briefly. I led in the hammock the whole time, swinging side to side listening to podcasts. My best friend Steve then responded to my message from earlier that day, and I FaceTimed the little munchkin. Sarah came over to join me in the hammock, and Steve began showing us around his house. It was kind of like an interactive MTV cribs. His house looked really spacious, he even had two spare bedrooms. Fancy owning a 3 bedroom house at only 25. He then showed us the cutest thing ever, he and his fiancé Beth had bought an adorable puppy named Lunar. She is a border collie, and is split down the middle in colour. The front half of her body is white (making her look like a polar bear) and the back end is black. She looks to be very boisterous, and has already had a chew on the corner of a wall. It was great to be able to speak with a friend from home, and for a second I felt homesick when he showed us outside. We must have spoken for close to an hour, and by the time we’d finished, our batteries were nearly exhausted on our phones. After saying goodbye we got out of the hammock to return to our room, looking like two roasted hams thanks to the rope digging into our backs.

• We watched more tv shows like usual, this was something we could do for a long time if you hadn’t guessed by now. Not just because we liked it, but thanks to having good Internet in the cities again we now had 32gb of entertainment at our disposal. Somewhere around 6:45pm we took a stroll into town for tea. The bikes had already been taken by someone else, but given how dark the roads are at night, it wouldn’t have been safe anyway.

• I was in the mood for pizza, and because Sarah had no preference, we found an Italian restaurant. Their fruit shakes were a bit too sugary to be enjoyable, but the pizza was good. Sarah ordered the filling meal of a salad. After we settled the bill, we headed to the 7Eleven so I could grab a big gulp. Seeing as they didn’t sell slurpees, the strawberry Fanta was the next best thing. They were out of bottled water, so we made a quick stop to a different convenience store, grabbed one, and called it a night.

• No sooner than we stepped foot out the door of the shop, it began to rain. All evening we could hear thunder in the distance, but there was no sign of any precipitation. As we continued along the dark lanes to our resort, we were thrilled by the lightning in the far away skies. It continued to illuminate the sky a bright purple colour, and if we were lucky, we could see long forks stabbing at the ground. Almost as if Zeus himself were providing the entertainment. Sarah began to get paranoid, as the closer to our resort we got, the more she feared we were getting closer to the storm. She was worried about the wiring in her bra, claiming should she get struck it could cause a real problem, I joked she might get larger breasts and superpowers. She didn’t laugh, tough crowd.

• We managed to get back to our room just in time, the second we locked the doors and climbed into bed, the heavens opened. The rain bashed on our roof like someone playing the drums. We were slightly concerned about the small hole in the roof above our pillows, should the rain get through we could end up with a waterbed, and not in a good way. Earlier on that day I tried to plug it, but couldn’t reach. I examined it from the outside, and it looked as though the tiles were stacked in a way that they’d prevent any leaks. We’d just have to wait and see what happened.

• Sarah then Skyped her parents for about an hour. After talking nonsense with her niece, she eventually got around to the true motive of her phone call. She got her mum and sister to show her the wardrobe in her bedroom, this was so she could pick out the clothes she wanted them to bring out. Honestly, is there ever a limit to how many clothes a girl can own? By the time she’d finished with my phone not only was the battery nearly flat, but I was too tired to do any writing. I fell asleep pretty early, leaving Sarah to stay awake watching more tv shows.










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