Day 187: The Life Of Pai

Today was a typical day in Pai. The world slowed down as we did very little. The highlight of the day was us moving resorts and meeting a couple English girls. Other than that, we chilled out by the pool. I can’t say any more than that really, but I shall try my best all the same.

• Our bed was so comfortable that it was no surprise we didn’t wake up until 10:30am. I still felt a little groggy as I staggered around the room, so to help wake myself up I led in bed and watched an episode of New Girl. I could tell Sarah wasn’t too happy about it, as she wanted to spend the whole day beside the pool.

• When the show finished, we packed our bags and walked to Aqua Resort next door. After checking in we were guided all the way through the beautiful resort to our room. There were concrete slabs buried into the ground, creating a stone pathway throughout the resort. Every path was situated underneath a tropical archway, created by the tall thin leafy branches of the surrounding greenery. To the right hand side of reception was a grassy chill out area, and to the left was the large square shaped swimming pool. Our hut was really nice, and stood solemn like all the others. The bathroom was separate to the room, and was situated around the back. The hut itself was circular in shape, and had large glass doors all the way around. Inside, there was a double bed with a mosquito net tucked under the mattress, and two floor lamps either side. All in all it was a lovely little place, and what’s more it had that swimming pool. After throwing down our bags we went out to grab some breakfast, much to Sarah’s dismay.

• Because we were a little way away from town, we couldn’t be bothered to venture all the way in. Instead we found a resort down the road from ours and ordered food there. It wasn’t the best, neither were their fruit shakes, but it did the job. Afterwards, Sarah got her wish, and we returned to Aqua to chill by the pool. We briefly stopped by reception upon our return to enquire about availability for the following few days. We spoke with a Thai woman who couldn’t speak the best English, but from what we could gather, It didn’t look promising. One of the guys soon came over, and spoke better English, he explained that one couple had booked two weeks in advance, and a male guest had just booked another week after his initial week was over. They told us we’d have to return in the evening to make sure nobody else booked online. It didn’t seem very appropriate given the fact we’d paid for a room with the intention of staying longer. It looked like we’d have to check out the following day and find somewhere else, until the man spoke to the woman. She quickly flicked through the book and discovered there was no issue. So we told them we’d like to stay for 4 or 5 more nights. “No problem”, were her words. It’s Pai after all, and it has a magical way of making you stay for longer than you’d planned.

• Sarah went to the pool first, sending me back to the room to grab her things. Which by now is a common trait of the lazy one. She was already in a mood with me over something or other, so I was glad to be away from her company for a few minutes, if not slightly annoyed. I couldn’t find everything she wanted, and was sent back for a second visit to grab her towel in placement of her pashmina. Damn woman!!!!

• When I got back there were people sat around the pool. Sarah was sat on a lounger in the blistering heat, but I couldn’t stick it, and crawled away into the shade. I began looking through old blogs, when I heard Sarah conversing with two British girls. I was happy minding my own business, but I was brought into the conversation. One of the girls had enough of the heat and joined me in the shade, and we began chatting. Her name was Charlotte, and came from Norfolk, and she was the first girl I’d met who genuinely liked the West Country accent. We then made fun of certain regional accents of England, and agreed the Norfolk accent suits a man of 60, but not someone in their twenties. Funnily enough Charlotte didn’t actually have an accent. After a while the girls had to leave, as they were catching a bus to Chiang Mai. We said goodbye, and they said they’d stay in touch on Facebook. Adding 2 more people to our friends list.

• It took me a lot longer than anticipated to read through old blogs. There was a total of 10 days to thumb through, and by the time I’d finished it was getting on for 4pm. I then put down my phone and relaxed beside the pool. As I led there with my feet dipped in the water, I listened to the hilarious Ricky Gervais podcasts, I had forgotten just how funny they were. I probably looked a bit strange laughing to myself. When I walked over to Sarah, she suggested returning to the room to watch some tv shows. I’m not one to argue with that.

• We spent the next couple hours relaxing in our round room, like the Oval Office, only much better. Our bellies started to grumble around sunset, meaning it was time for tea. After Sarah jumped in the shower, then applied her make up, we we’re ready to go. We chose to walk into town and locate a restaurant the girls recommended to us earlier that day. They sold great Thai food, as well as westernised dishes. We both enjoyed a Massaman curry and fruit shakes. Afterwards we stopped in the shop for our evening bottle of water, and began the walk back.

• We had to cross the road a couple times, because around the lights, either end of the bridge, were thousands of small insects flying around. Unsure if it was Mosquitos or not, we gave them a wide birth. The next annoying thing we had to pass was a mosque, and playing at full blast was the evening sermon. Which is always a nice sound to hear. Why it goes on for so long I’ll never know. There was also a music festival being held just down the road from our resort. A guy on a scooter, carrying an instrument of some sort, pulled up beside us asking for directions. Sarah knew it was in the area thanks to overhearing someone talking about it earlier that day. She told him he was on the right tracks, then he drove off into the night. When we reached our resort, we were asked by the owners if we were going to go, but these days we are more like an old married couple than the young hipsters we used to be. So we chose to stay in our room.

• We both made a couple calls to our families, where I learned my dog is going into the kennels for the first time in his 8 years, while my mum and step dad go on holiday. After the calls we put on a film, I then wrote the blog when it had finished. I am sorry today hasn’t been the most riveting piece yet, but Pai has this way of mellowing everyone out. So for as long as we choose to stay here, don’t be expecting too much to happen. We did all the exciting stuff during our first visit. Refer to that if you want, as these days it’s more about hanging at the resorts, particularly because I’m with Sarah, and she’s officially had enough of dorms. She’s finally beginning to crack!!!









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