Day 184: He’s Got The Whole World On His Plate

There isn’t much to write about today, then again, I said that yesterday and look how that turned out. We didn’t get around to visiting the hospital for our X-rays, as the first half of the day was spent at our hostel room. We went for breakfast with some new friends, and that was really about it. I’ll try an elaborate again, which we all know means I’ll probably write a lot.

• After three days of Songkran, the celebrations were finally over. Everyone who had come for the festival was now packing their bags and moving on. Not a single person did it silently though. I first woke up around 9am, to the sounds of the two American girls whispering. Not long after that, around 10am, the room came to life. Each person rustling their bags as they packed to leave. Poor Sarah only managed about 3 hours sleep during the night. She claimed there were people partying on the floor below until stupid o’clock in the morning, and on top of that, she found our room to be too bright. Poor princess.

• I had a quick shower, leaving Sarah to rest, but I didn’t like what I discovered inside. There were a total of 4 shower blocks, all of which were free. I picked one and began to wash, then for some unknown reason, another person came in and picked the one directly beside mine.
“But Ben, why are you telling us this?”
Well ladies and gents, I mention this because of how the showers were built. Each cubicle was separated by a tiled wall.
“Yes, go on”.
But the strange thing was it didn’t quite reach the floor. There was about a 20cm gap from the floor to the wall. It wasn’t until the end of my shower that I realised, when the water collected on the floor it acted as a mirror. Wether or not the man beside me knew this, I don’t know, but my shower quickly came to an end after that realisation.

• After going through the morning routines and getting ready for the day, I left Sarah to rest, and went to find Anna downstairs. She was sat opposite a New Zealand guy who had been sharing the same room as us. His name was Dylan, and was checking out that day. I sat with them for about half an hour before talk of breakfast was mentioned, but by that time it was probably more like brunch. When I returned to the room to grab Sarah, everyone had gone, and beside my bed were two books. I picked one up and read the blurb, it was a biographical account of a man named ‘Pablo Escobar’, and was told through the eyes of his brother Roberto. It was a funny coincidence that I found that book, as only a couple days before I was thinking I hadn’t read a good book in a while, and now there was one before me. It’s kind of freaky how things like that have happened since travelling, no sooner than I think of something, it appears in my life shortly after. Almost as if the universe is striving to help me. When Sarah was ready we returned to the lobby to meet the others. One of Dylan’s friends also joined us, her name was Pooja, and came from India.

• Pooja recommended we tried a place called “Blue Diamond Breakfast Club”. But after an hour scoping the streets, following Dylan’s GPS, we gave up. Instead choosing the less evocatively titled restaurant “Breakfast World”.

• They sold the biggest breakfast I had ever seen, it cost around £6, but was worth it for what I got. Bacon, eggs, beans, potatoes, bread, baguette, jam, pork steak, coffee, and a lemon shake. I didn’t need to eat anything for the rest of the day, but I felt dirty afterwards. Nobody should consume that much greasy goodness, NOBODY! It was nice to have a meal where everyone conversed for once. Everyone was happy and laughing, and like usual when several countries sit around a table, the topic of politics came up. At least this time around the subject didn’t get heavy and in depth, instead we made light of the ridiculous subject by making jokes. If only every politician would do the same. Dylan also told us how gay marriage had been given the green light in New Zealand, and we soon discovered shortly after, England will be following suit at some point this year. Finally, the world sees sense, I’ve never understood the arguments against it anyway. Pooja made us laugh when she explained what it says about gay men in the bible.
“If two men wish to lay together, they must be stoned”.
She then went on to explain how Colorado had legalised both gay marriage, and marijuana on the same day.

• After eating we remained at the restaurant for several hours, enjoying each others company and conversing. Around 3pm we returned to So Hosel, where we spent yet another few hours sitting around a table. Only this time there were more gadgets involved. I downloaded some albums, while maintaining conversation with Anna and Dylan, Sarah was excitable in the background as she spoke to her niece, and Pooja read a book. Around 7pm the five of us went out for food.

• We returned to the same place Anna, Sarah, and myself had been the last few nights. Dylan and Pooja couldn’t stay long as they had a bus to catch to Bangkok that night. Dylan was only 3 days into his trip, and was heading to Koh Phangan for his next stop along with Pooja. Everyone enjoyed their meals, except for poor Pooja whose meal didn’t even turn up. At 8pm, our new friends left. We said our goodbyes, but we’d stay in touch on Facebook. The girls and I then finished our meals, and I had a decision to make. Should I stay with them and walk around the markets? Oooooor, should I return to the room and relax?….. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. The second Anna said she’d like to take her time and stroll from stall to stall, I instantly heard the hostel calling, and walked as fast as I could back to our room.

• I took a shower and wrote my blog ahead of time, meaning I’d actually be able to get an early night if I wanted. It wasn’t even 10pm by the time I’d finished, and better yet, the girls hadn’t even returned. No doubt they’d show off their purchases when they eventually got back. I figured before that could happen I’d put on some tv shows, and get comfy in my freshly made bed. On top of it all, our room was still empty, making me feel like a celebrity who’d bought out the room. It’s good to be king.


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