Day 175: 1 Day Later

Today saw the girls getting their dream come true. They finally got to spend the majority of the day on the beach, soaking up the sun. Whereas I stayed in the shelter of our room, writing away, adding the previous day to my collection. It was a far cry from the action packed day before, and was a familiar, slower sense of pace for us all. This will be a quick post because of how little happened, and will probably translate as a dull read because of such. But here it goes…

• We found ourselves waking up early once again, and to the joys of Sarah complaining because of how little sleep see achieved. She claimed over the past 2 nights she got a total of 8 hours. The girls were quick to put on the suntan lotion, and when everyone was ready we went out for breakfast.

• Anna took us to yet another different restaurant. It was on the beach, and had small tables that we knelt around to eat. I ordered banana porridge and a fruit shake, but was annoyed when I discovered I had forgotten to bring my anti inflammatories. By the time we finished our food and left, I had forgotten about forgetting them, and didn’t get around to taking my first one until 2pm. So much for 3 a day.

• Before the girls could sunbathe, there was the issue of how we were going to get to Chiang Mai for Songkran – the water festival. After stopping in a couple tourist information stores, we had to learn an unfortunate lesson. We could easily catch a bus to Bangkok, but all the buses from Bangkok to Chiang Mai were sold out. The only way we could possibly get there was if the people at the bus station were to run a reserve bus. This was a bus they ran when all others were sold out, and it was ran on a first come first serve basis. So there was no guarantee that if we left that night, and reached the station by the morning, that we’d get 3 seats. And if we were stranded in Bangkok that would have been the worst, as the only place that held any form of water fun was on Khoa San Road. In the end we came to a decision that we’d catch a boat to Koh Phangan, after seeing plenty of posters advertising Songkran related madness there.

• With heavy hearts because we weren’t going to make it to Chiang Mai, the girls headed to the beach, while I returned to the room. Hours went by that day, it turned out I had more to say about my rabies scare than I first thought. Eventually the girls returned to the room to tell me they were heading to the 7eleven for food. Moments before their arrival I’d taken a tablet, I thought it best to tag along and grab some food, as you’re not supposed to take them on an empty stomach.

• I put my blog on hold, then grabbed some pizza toasties and a bottle of water from the shop. Sarah then went back to the beach with Anna, and I returned to my work. A little later on the frizzy one returned, she was going back to her old dive school to see one of the girls. About half an hour later I was joined by the third occupant of casa del ****tip, when Sarah returned to the room. Another couple of hours passed, and in that time I had finished the blog, and began playing on my game again.

• When Anna came back we all went out for food. Not wanting to go back to any places we’d already been, we took a stroll around the area to find somewhere new, and preferably with wifi. About 10 minutes later we found a place called “El-Gringo”. They were offering a BBQ burger with salad, fries, and a soft drink for 129 baht (£3). Bargain. Plus they had wifi too. I used that to Skype my mum and put her mind at rest. I was feeling fine after being injected left, right, and centre, but I knew I’d worried her the night before. Even though she’s a nurse, she couldn’t help but google rabies and its medical treatments. I shouldn’t have told her until all my jabs were done, and I was 100% sure that I was ok. My mum was worried about my nan finding out over Facebook (that’s right, my nan is a Silversurfer) so she told her what had happened as well. Nothing spreads like panic I guess, by the end of the conversation, I think it’s safe to say my mum was a lot happier, and at ease with the situation. She let me go when my food arrived, then I had to do battle with the countless flies that continued to pitch all around us.

• After dinner, Sarah returned to the room because she was feeling tired, and Anna and I went to “Choppers bar” to watch a diving video she was excited about. The video contained footage of a group of people from her old dive school, they had gone out earlier that day and were scheduled to display it on the large projector screen at the bar. Anna was disappointed when we arrived, as all that was playing was an English football match. In the end we stopped in the 7Eleven for some drinks, then returned to our resort.

• We used the Internet outside reception for a while, before I left Anna to speak with her family. Sarah was awake when I got in, and was busy reading her kindle. Some hour later Anna returned to us, we left Sarah in the room and went out in search of a boat ride to Phangan for the next day. We tried 3 different companies, but all three were extortionists. The prices varied depending on the time, the cheapest being 350 baht for a 10am boat. We didn’t want one that early, and opted for the later boat at 3pm. For the luxury of having a lie in, and more time to get ready, we had to pay 420 baht. The boat journey only lasted an hour, making it the most expensive ride we’d had since England. £9 for one hour at sea, that was more than one nights accommodation. Seeing as we didn’t really have a choice, we reluctantly paid the fee, then headed back.

• During the walk I stopped at a pancake stall. This was no ordinary stall however, this was a stall that had famously made it into the Lonely Planet guide. The man running the stall was called Mr Ali, and he produced pancakes so quick that you’d think they were preheated ready mades. I had the Nutella banana option, and I could see why he’d made it in the book, it tasted fantastic.

• With a boat journey sorted, we then spent the rest of the evening in the room. I completed the game (no thanks to using answers from the Internet for the last 160) then got to work on the blog. When I finished the post and began getting ready for bed, I learned that our room was home to many creatures besides us. We had a gecko on the wall, Anna had a jumping spider in her bed, and there was a millipede (or centipede) on our bathroom wall. Anna killed the spider out of fear, but the other two survived. We then got into our beds, and I stayed up until 1:30am watching Boardwalk Empire. It was the perfect end to a very slow day.


2 thoughts on “Day 175: 1 Day Later

  1. Koh Tao is amazing for Songkran! You should definitely consider having Songkran there. Did you take the Lomprayah to Koh Phangan? That is the best by far. The slow boat is terrible especially if you have sea sickness. (Or if others do, because the whole boat will smell of vomiting tourists) This makes me miss Tao so much! Ali’s pancakes are amaaazing. So good after late nights at Diza bar.

    • Hello sam, thanks for writing me a message. I really enjoy interactions from people that read my blogs.
      Haha, yeah I hate the slow boats, they officially suck. We took the large sea cruiser. It only took an hour and a half to reach koh phangan.

      Today was Songkran, thank you for your recommendation, but phangan was where we celebrated it. It was bloody mental, there was no sunshine, so the ice water being sprayed around turned my lips blue. Needless to say, the hot shower when I get in was a god send.

      Take care

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