Day 173: Once Bitten, Twice Angry

Today was full of excitement ladies and gentlemen. I have been promising you something of worth for a while now, and what happened near the end of the night was just that. Rather than give it away in this introductory paragraph, you will have to read on to find out more.

• Our day started off very slowly. The building we were staying in had once again transformed into a sauna. The was a ceiling fan, and a pathetic small standing fan that was supposed to keep us cool all night. Neither was sufficient enough, yet somehow Anna slept for hours that morning, barely waking up with enough time to check out. Sarah bugged me into handing in the room key, and getting our new one for a different building. Reluctantly I did as requested, and by midday we were in our new home.

• We all had cereals packed in our bags, so we enjoyed breakfast from the comfort of our porch. When we were finished, the girls applied suntan lotion, then we went out for fruit shakes. Anna knew of a great place that sold cheap food and drink, and it was only a stones throw from our resort. Apart from the constant pitching of flies on our skin, it was a nice place. Afterwards, the girls went to the beach and I returned to the room.

• At first I thought about taking my iPod and going for a stroll along the beach, but decided against it after I started playing the addictive game on the tablet. I think the girls returned somewhere around 2 hours later, then I was mocked for not leaving the room. At 3pm we went back to the same restaurant as earlier for lunch. They had a great selection of food to choose from, and I ordered another Massaman. This time around it wasn’t half as spicy. It turns out I can now handle the Thai’s opinion of “a little bit spicy”. I’ve come on leaps and bounds from the days of not being able to eat an English Tikka Masala without sweating from my cheekbones. I’m still not at Meg or Jenna’s level though, those girls ate jalapeños just for fun.

• Lunch went on for quite some time, we must have been there for at least 2 hours. During which time I received a message from my friend Adam in Australia. He moved to the country 3 or 4 years ago, where he met his wife, and together they’ve created a new life for themselves. Over the course of the meal, Adam and I had sent several messages to one another, and it looked like we had a new plan for Oz. Instead of flying to Melbourne like we had planned, we’d now be flying to Perth to terrorise the lovely couple first. He said we were more than welcome to stay with them, I just hope we don’t cause him to regret saying those words.

• When the bill was settled, the three of us returned to the room once more. Our time was reaching its end in Koh Tao, so we had to formulate a new plan for our next step. Many ideas were thrown about, and because of the time limits, I decided against earning my advanced diving license on the island. I already had my Padi, so I’d pick a nicer place to progress instead. And hopefully somewhere with better sea life to boot. Koh Tao has a bad reputation for being a factory for new divers, according to sources, it’s ran like a conveyor belt system, and apparently you see more divers underwater than fish. By making that decision we gained two days, and it meant we’d be able to visit Koh Phangan if we wanted, before heading to Chiang Mai on the 12th for the water festival.

• Happy with what we’d be doing, we went to a 7Eleven for snacks and beers. Sarah wasn’t feeling too good, so she skipped the first drink. Anna and I sat on our porch sipping on the large Changs, while Sarah FaceTimed her friend at reception (that was the only place any of us got Internet). When she returned I sneaked off to another 7Eleven for more beers. I bought us one each, looking like an alcoholic as I walked back to the resort carrying three large bottles.

• When I got back to our room Sarah was pretty much done getting ready, this was bad news as it meant I couldn’t laze about like I enjoy doing. I spruced up my hair so I didn’t look like Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb and Dumber, then we marched towards a bar named Choppers. Anna was the one that selected this place, because it had a happy hour between 7-8pm. By the time we got there, we had missed it by 5 minutes, so we went in search of a different bar instead.

• This is where the “something of worth” occurred. There was a bar on the corner called “Diza Bar”. At its entrance was a fluffy, ginger coloured dog sat nice and quietly. It looked very friendly and approachable, but like a girl through the prism of beer goggles, looks can be deceiving. As we passed the fluffy canine, it became extremely hostile, and without warning it jumped to its feet and snapped at my hand. Because the 2 large beers had made a slight impression on my reactions, I wasn’t quick enough to recoil my hand in time, and in the little **** caught the middle finger on my left hand. It then went for my leg as well, quickly I darted to one side and the four legged jerk walked away. Clearly the dog felt as though it proved its point, and left me alone. Then I was left with a dilemma.

• Anna and Sarah had a look of panic in their eyes, and grew very concerned about what just happened. I managed to maintain my cool, as not to worry them further, but I hadn’t yet looked at my finger. I knew it had broken the skin, and I didn’t want to show the girls because it would have made things worse. So instead, I asked Sarah to grab me some things in the nearby pharmacy, while I returned to the room to clean my wound. I had the smallest laceration on my finger, but where the dog snapped so hard, it caused a pinching motion and created a bruise as well. Had I not moved my hand like I did, I am certain the dog would have taken the tip of my finger clean off. It didn’t take long for the girls to get back to me, then it was Doctor Dux to the rescue.

• Sarah purchased two items from the pharmacy: iodine and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide went on the freshly cleaned wound first, and caused a fizzing, bubbling sensation as it worked its magic. The iodine was up next, and that flushed out any infection that might have occurred. Now, the biggest issue was not the injury itself, but what it could lead to. The island was home to hundreds of cats and dogs. Some had owners, and some were strays. The difficult part was figuring out which was which. Even if they were owned it made no difference. because the animals are free to roam. So when they interact with each other, in theory, they could pass on illnesses. The worst of which being Rabies.

• Before I left England I didn’t bother with the rabies jabs because of how much they cost. And even if I did, it wouldn’t have made me immune to the virus, it would just mean I’d need 2 booster jabs should I be bitten by a rabid animal. Now that I had received a bite, we were slightly concerned. The chances of it actually having rabies were very unlikely, and it’s always one of those things you think will never happen to you. We put a plaster over the wound and wrapped it with sterile tape, then did something a little irresponsible. We put it to the back of our minds and went out drinking. The hardest part about the whole ordeal would be explaining it to my mum, and not have her worry or panic.

• The rest of the night went like any usual night out. We located a little bar on the beach and ordered buckets. There was a strong breeze that constantly blew all night, which was a nice change of pace, and it helped in keeping us cool as we drank. The buckets were a lot better than Phi Phi, in the sense that they weren’t as strong, so we got through a few over the period of the night. Anna ended up leaving her flip flops at the bar, claiming it was for security purposes, otherwise she’d end up losing them. As the night went on we drifted from bar to bar, sipping on alcohol the whole way. I was a good drunk that night. I recalled everything that happened, and I especially stayed away from any four legged creature, but I went about with a massive hatred for the ginger one. I was trying to boycott it from the island at one point, and found myself hopping something bad would happen in turn to it – ok, so maybe I wasn’t that good a drunk. I think by the time we got back to our room it was about 1 or 2am. To aid our sleep we made the room as cool as we could. We achieved this by opening all the windows and having the fan spin on the ceiling – it wouldn’t last, come morning it would be hell again. Lets just hope that over the period of the night I don’t turn into a dog, or even worse, at the next full moon, a werewolf!!!!

















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