Day 171: Market Value

Today was our last day on the island of Samui, and we did exactly the same as usual… nothing! Our day was broken up between chilling at the pool, or going out on the bike – again. The only achievement was when we booked a boat for the following morning to Koh Tao, it was there that we’d be meeting up with an old friend. So without further ado, allow me to fill you in on the boring details of our day.

• My day started around 10am. I woke up and remained in bed, playing on a rather addictive game on the tablet device. Yet Sleeping Beauty beside me was unconscious for another hour. Somehow she managed to get a solid 11 hours that night, even though we’d done very little to make her that tired, and our room was so hot that even the devil would have struggled to sleep. When she eventually woke up, Sarah encouraged me to get ready so we could visit the beach.

• Like usual the process was dragged out because of our love for tv shows. When we did leave the room we ended staying by the pool for an hour or so. Around midday we got on the bike and went to find the nearest beach.

• The beach was no distance at all from our resort, at most it was half a mile away. When we arrived we were both in the mood for a couple fruit shakes, and luckily there was a restaurant overlooking the sands. We decided to order some food as well as the drinks, and from where we were sitting we made up our minds not to bother with the beach. It looked a little dirty to be honest, and we had a perfectly good pool back at the resort. Plus, for the next 3 or 4 days we’d be visiting beaches anyway, we were on the islands for heavens sake.

• During lunch Sarah suggested we went in search of the ferry port, for we had to book a boat to reach Koh Tao. Sarah had been in contact with our Danish friend Anna, and she had agreed to meet us there the next day. After settling the bill, we parked our butts on the scolding hot leather seat of our scooter and set off. Sarah asked if she could drive after she felt on overwhelming sense of bravado come over her (don’t worry Ann, I didn’t let her). This was later squashed when she saw a girl wrapped in bandages, most likely from a biking accident. I told Sarah it wasn’t a wise idea, seeing as she panicked when she attempted to pull away in Pai, then for the rest of the day I was in charge of riding.

• We recalled the location of the jetty from a map we saw. It was the left hand turn at the first set of traffic lights. Samui is pretty easy to navigate around because the roads are so long and straight, yet we still struggled to find what we were looking for. In the end we stopped in a travel shop that was selling boat trips. It was quite pricey (around 600 baht) for a 2 hour boat trip, so we left it and decided to ask at our resort instead. The lady in the shop gave us a few directions for the different ferry ports, but we were low on fuel, and it would be simpler to book through our resort.

• We stopped for fuel on the way back, then around 30 minutes later we were back at Samui Native Resort. The staff were very helpful, and for the same price as the lady was charging, we purchased two tickets for the 8am boat the next day. While we had our wallets out we settled our bill, which was quite high for a couple backpackers, but we hadn’t spent much on food so we were still in budget. For the next few hours we stayed around the pool, and I even managed to have a great chat with my mum. To say the Internet was so patchy, our Skype call held up brilliantly.

• Sarah and I then had a diving competition, she’ll say hers were the best, but I think we all know I was the true winner. I only say that because she was the first to get out the pool. Somewhere around 4pm we went back to the room to shower and chill out some more.

• Two hours later we headed back out the door. Our resort didn’t sell food on Thursdays because there was a night market just down the road. Funnily enough it was held on “Walking Street”, the same road which led us to the beach. It was a decent size, the stalls ran either side of the short road, and ran all the way around until it met back up with the Main Street. Forming a u shape. There were even live bands later on in the evening, but we didn’t stick around long enough for that. As we wandered around, it dawned on me that after all these posts I had written, not a single one contained images of any of the markets we’d been to. Sarah joked that we’d need to do them all again after I raised the point to her, I think she was joking but I wouldn’t put it past her to do just that. So strictly for blog purposes I snapped a few shots of various stalls, my particular favourite was the one selling lights. I’m pretty sure I’m part moth, they’re so captivating.

• During our visit we grabbed some tea in the form of street food. I had a waffle, a pizza slice and pad thai, whereas Sarah chose a very filling meal, one cup of corn and 2 waffles. I made one non edible purchase during the visit, a bag of scented beans. Because our laundry came back smelling damp the other day, I needed something to mask the odour, lets just hope it does the trick. It only took the one walk around to decide we’d seen enough, and seeing as we had to be up early, we began heading back. Because of how busy the market made the area, the police had to direct traffic. This meant it was easier for us to ditch our bike a little way away and walk, but we needed water, so rather than go back for our wheels, we walked to the 7Eleven. It was about a quarter of a mile away, we grabbed a bottle of the clear stuff, then returned to our bike to ride back.

• I offered the controls to Sarah at this point, but she said no. The damaged girl she saw at the market took away the confidence she had earlier that day. I got us back safely, then we handed in the key and paid for the rental. We took the time to thank the owner for our stay, and returned to our room. It was still quite early by this point (about 7pm) so we packed our bags to get the chore out the way. Then we chilled out for the rest of the evening in front the telly, with an alarm set for 6am. We were looking forward to the next day, as we would be meeting back up with the frizzy haired Anna-mal.








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