Day 170: Pool The Other One

By all means skip today as well, I don’t actually know why I am about to write up today’s events. Probably so I can have something to look back on, but even then I’ll be asking myself why I wrote about it. The whole day consisted of two things, we were either out on the bike, or chilling at the pool. That’s it! Well here goes nothing…

• 9am we woke up. Watched some tv in our king sized bed, then went to the pool around 11am.

• I was quite excited, I had my new goggles to allow me vision underwater, and I hadn’t worn a pair since primary school. They were great both in and out of the pool, they acted as sunglasses that put a relaxing blue tint on everything I looked at. I was getting better in the water, I could hold my breath for a decent amount of time as I breast stroked along the bottom. Occasionally Sarah jumped in with me, but if her hair got wet she’d jump straight back out and return to her kindle.

• After a while of splashing around we moved over to the bar area. It was there I got chatting to a middle aged man. I didn’t get his name, even after listening to him talk for the best part of half an hour. I didn’t have to do much to keep the conversation going, and any time I felt it dropping off I’d bring Sarah in. During the mans constant chatter, he told us how he’d been living in Thailand for he best part of 3 years, and was currently teaching English to children. His class consisted of 50 children, yes FIFTY. He explained that they didn’t want to listen to begin with, then after months of teaching he learned to make it fun for them, and they soon became much more cooperative. The next topic he covered was conspiracy theories. Somehow he seamlessly steered the conversation from teaching to conspiracies by explaining the governments job to keep the kids down.

He said how the Thai teachers see it as a greater kindness to tell the children the answers to questions, instead of creating the spark that would allow them to think for themselves. Give a man a fish sort of thing. Then a long political rant ensued about how he could see these kids being put down everyday, and because of that, the people of Thailand grow up being brainwashed by the government, and loyal to their king. Like a country of yes men, and not free thinkers. The whole time this guy was talking I could hear a voice in Sarah’s head tutting at his every word. That voice was increased in volume when he told us another story.

A couple years back he claimed he was living like a rockstar, but without the press coverage. Something about drink, chemicals and women, he said for the right amount of money you can do pretty much anything you wanted in Thailand. “It was the closest thing to a true sense of freedom” were his exact words. Eventually Sarah grew tired of what she was hearing, and told me she was getting in the pool. As much as I like a good conspiracy theory and black talk about government corruption, I accepted her invitation and joined her for a dip.

• Later on that afternoon we went out on the bike. We found a nice Italian restaurant to eat at, where I enjoyed a beautiful Hawaiian pizza. Afterwards we went exploring around the island. I rode the bike farther than we did the night before, in an attempt to find the beach. We hit a dead end, then decided to return to our resort. It transpired, the beach was opposite the junction near our resort, and not the twenty plus kilometres we had travelled.

• Back at the resort I played about in the pool, while Sarah Skyped her family. It was her dads birthday so I joined her in conversation. It was then that I gave him the best birthday present anyone could ask for, a glorious swan dive. After we said our goodbyes, I managed to entice Sarah into the water. We left around dusk because the Mosquitos were coming out to play – and Sarah reacts badly to the bites.

• We returned to the room for all of 40 minutes, then found out cinema times. The G.I Joe movie was starting in 10 minutes time, so with the quickness of lightning we hopped on the moped. I went a little faster than usual (about 5km/hr) and we made it in time to stand for the king – we wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to pay our respects now would we.

• The film was mostly comprised of explosions, gunfire, and people being punched in the face. When it finished we drove back 5km/hr slower to our resort, stopping in a restaurant on route for tea. Then it was business as usual in our room, we cleaned our teeth, watched some tv, and did silent battle to gain a better amount of the duvet. Seriously, we’re sleeping on a 5 foot wide bed, and Sarah chooses to sleep bang in the middle. Starfish style as well!!!!


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