Day 169: Hong Kong Samui

Ah haha, this is a pretty easy day for me to write about. I forewarn you now, it’ll be pretty boring for you all. Come to think of it, after reading over the past weeks entries I’d be surprised if any of you are still with me. At the beginning of this adventure everything was new and exciting because I hadn’t done it before, but now we’ve reached the islands it’s almost as if we’re on holiday. I can only apologise for the lack of excitement I have been bringing you, but if you wish to read about today, here you are…

• Continuing on from where I left off. We slept for a solid 3 or 4 hours. It was lovely and cool when we drifted off, but when we awoke it was stifling. Yet outside our room, it was a lot cooler.

• Inevitably Sarah suggested we get up. A habit that can be annoying at times, but I managed to drag it out by sticking on an episode of “Californication”. When it finished, Sarah got her wish and we went to the restaurant for some breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/supper. To be honest I don’t know what to call it, we’d been travelling for the past 15 hours and skipped too many important meals to keep track.

• I ordered a simple Pad Thai dish, but I was quite confused with the service. I had to write down my order and my room number, then hand it to the woman in the kitchen. When it was cooked a bell rang, and I thought I was expected to collect it, that was until a large Englishman brought it over to me. What I couldn’t figure out was who worked there. The large Englishman (I believed him to be from Yorkshire) walked about handing out drinks to other Englishman, but there was also a group of older Asian women meandering around. The whole place seemed to be a carefree environment, but what ever they did was working. They had an award in reception which congratulated them on their customer satisfaction.

• After the meal I joined Sarah in the pool, where we spent the whole of the afternoon. We varied between the pool, writing blogs, and reading kindles, but you get the idea. However, I became very tired with the resorts terrible Internet. I was trying to upload old blogs when I came up with this joke…
“The Internet at our resort must be related to a Native American Indian”.
Why you ask?
“Because it has ‘a patchy’ connection”.
By the time we left for our room the sun was beginning to set.

• When we were dressed and dried we attempted to hire a scooter. Samui is so big that it’s impossible to reach anywhere by foot, and our resort wasn’t in the most populated of areas. The first bike they gave us was too small, the second didn’t start, the third was also too small, but the fourth was just right. And what’s more, it had a full tank of fuel, which is a rarity amongst rentals.

• The pair of us set off in search of a restaurant. Before we left, our receptionist showed us the main areas on the map, she said it would take roughly 20 minutes to get there. Our resort was tucked away from the main streets, which was a good thing because of how busy it was. Up until then Pai and Koh Lanta had been test runs, now we were in the thick of it.

• Because I had Sarah on the back I took it slow and steady. We stuck to the side of the road, allowing faster traffic to pass by if it wanted. Eventually we reached a ‘Big C supermarket’, we stopped in briefly but there was nothing of worth. When we returned to the bike we found a local sat upon it. It was a bit weird, but he moved when we asked, then we continued in search of a restaurant. I focused on the driving aspect, leaving Sarah to spot somewhere to eat. After a while we turned around and stopped in a place we passed. After our food we headed back, but stopped in a local Tesco store first.

• It was in a large complex which also had a cinema inside. We checked out the movies that were playing, they had three options, but the only English one was G.I Joe 2. We decided to watch it the following night, then wandered around the supermarket. The best purchase of the visit was a pair of swimming goggles. Because there was a massive overuse of chlorine in our pool they’d come in very handy. While shopping I noticed an influx of water pistols for sale. The reason for this was Thailand held a huge water festival each year as part of their New Year celebrations. It was coming up, and we’d be in Chiang Mai for the festivities, but more on that story later.

• It was a peaceful ride back to our resort, and when we got in I slaved away once again on my blog. One day I’ll be free of it, but not today. Sarah enjoyed the movie “Sex In The City”, which was playing on tv. She claimed it was hilarious and brilliant, but I didn’t get it, possibly because I’m a guy and there were too many female related jokes. What is menopause anyway???

• Well there you have it folks, today in all its glory. I hope you enjoyed its simplicity, I promise we’ll do something of worth to write about soon, just stick with me.


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