Day 166: Asta La ‘Visa’ Baby

It was no good, we’d have to change rooms. To go to bed sweaty and wake up just the same, nobody wants that. It was 9:30am and outside the window I could see minibus after minibus of new tourists arriving. After we both showered Sarah suggested I went to the guesthouse next door to see if they had any rooms free with a/c. While Sarah packed the last of her things I did just that, feeling slightly guilty as I passed our receptionist. It was already busy when I arrived. The female receptionist was taking a phone call as I approached her desk, but after she hung up she gave me the best news. They had one free room with a/c for 2 people, and it was only 100 baht more expensive than our current oven. I told her I’d be back to pay after I collected our bags. Sarah was elated with the good news and when we returned to pay, the lady was on the phone again. Only this time she was speaking English and told the person they were full, it was a good job I went when I did. We filled out our details in the book and paid the correct amount of money, then the pair of us went for breakfast.

Sarah and I revisited a place we remembered to be good from our last stay in Krabi. I had the melted cheese with beans on toast, and Sarah had the mushroom on toast option. After we paid, we then went in search of an Internet cafe. We walked to a nearby tourist information after a failed search, but even they were none the wiser. In the end one of the ladies suggested we tried walking back the other way from whence we came. Eventually we spotted it, it was around the corner, tucked away behind some other little shops. For 40 baht an hour you could use their computers to surf the web. It had reached the point where the end of our Asian adventure was in sight, and we’d need to begin thinking about our plans for Australia. So for the next hour and a half we were on the Australian government’s website attempting to apply for our working holiday visas. A lot of the questions contradicted themselves, the most notorious of which asked if we had been outside of the country for longer than 3 months. Seeing as we had, we clicked “yes” and continued. The next section then asked the question “state the country you’ve been where your stay exceeded 3 months”. Our problem was we had been outside of England for over 3 months but in many countries not just one place. We did our best to fill out the rest of the form, then saved them for a later time. For the meanwhile Sarah sent her brother an S.O.S email because he had done it all before.

For the length of time we sat in the Internet cafe we were both very sweaty, and all we had to cool us was a rubbish ceiling fan. We then walked around the corner to go to the 7Eleven for a couple ice cold slurpees. “DAMNIT”, the slurpee machine was down which meant I had to settle for water. I remembered that in Krabi there was a large Watsons store which sold the illusive “Axe”. This was an Asian equivalent to the famous brand “Lynx”, and it was the only anti-persprant which held up to the extreme heat of Thailand. Walking into the large shopping complex was like walking into a freezer. They must have had the a/c on full whack. As we wandered around, the sweat droplets began to crystallise on our skin, leaving us feeling sticky and dirty once again. I bought two cans of Axe, then we ambled back to our new guesthouse to move the bags from the lobby to our room. The time had surpassed the 1 o’clock check in time, and for the first time ever Sarah attempted to lug all of our bags to the room. I placed my holdall on her back, then she dragged hers in one free arm and carried both day bags in the other. She reached the stairwell before I helped her out. It was quite funny to hear Sarah say her legs were about to buckle under the weight of my bag, when moments before she said it wasn’t any heavier than hers. We located our room and inside we were ecstatic with what we saw.

AIR CONDITIONING!!!! Finally we would have a nights sleep where we could feel cold again. I know that’s a hurtful thing to write when the people of England are receiving snow, but the heat outside was killing me. We were suddenly gods, able to adjust the temperature to our liking. Immediately we set it as low as it would go: 18•C, and got comfy on the bed ready to watch some tv shows. It wasn’t until the a/c had been on for several hours that I noticed a sign on the back of our door. It read “do not set the temperature below 23•C otherwise it’ll damage the unit”, what do they know we thought. A little later on Sarah Skyped her dad, but I was quite tired by that point and fell asleep – to which Sarah took a picture. Afterwards the pair of us went outside to find transportation to Hat Yai the next day. Tomorrow would be the last day of our 15 day Thai visa. So as well as attempting to sort the Australian one that day, we also had to deal with our current visa. We remembered there was a lady next to our guesthouse who sold us cheap day trips last time. Instead of spending over £20 to get out and back into the country the same day, we purchased a ticket for just the first leg of the journey. From there we would buy a public bus, and in theory it would make the journey a lot cheaper. We thanked her and walked away with two tickets, then we visited the night market.

As we turned a corner, up in the sky was a large purple and red cloud. It was strange because by this time the sun had set and the sky was black. When I pointed it out to Sarah she responded by saying “I literally just said that, you never listen to me!” “Pardon me dear?” Was my cool response. The cloud was no ordinary cloud, in fact I had never seen a sight like it before. It was a storm cloud with flashes of lightning every 5 seconds. I tried to catch it on camera but apparently the speed of light is too fast for the shutter speed of an iPhone. The strangest thing was, there was no thunder after every flash, and no rain. Just sweaty humid heat. At the market Sarah bought a new top, corn on the cob and a fruit shake, whereas I wolfed down two chicken kebabs. The visit to the market didn’t last long, and before I knew it we were heading for the seafood market which occurred every night. We both enjoyed a meal together, then paid up and left. We had to grab some snacks at the 7Eleven in preparation for our long day of trucking tomorrow. I only made it halfway with Sarah before my stomach twisted and I suddenly felt an undying urge to see my porcelain pal. Later on back at the room Sarah complained how hard it was to carry two bags containing cereal, milk, and two bottles of water – what a drama queen. With the evening at its end, we set the a/c to a safer temperature and watched some tv shows, before drifting off in our cosy little igloo.



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