Day 162: Bark At The Moon

Either I fell asleep pretty quickly in our fan cooled room, or the music on the beach stopped earlier than I thought, but when I woke up it was silent. Even though we didn’t get to sleep until around 2am, we got a good 7 hours sleep. We had to check out by 11am, so around nine thirty we walked down the slope to the restaurant. We received two coupons and redeemed them against one of their 5 breakfast options. Like usual, a free breakfast is a small breakfast. So the 2 pieces of bread, 2 eggs and one rasher of bacon wasn’t very filling. We were joined by a friendly cat near the end who Sarah fed the fat from her bacon. Afterwards we returned to the room with 40 minutes to spare. We watched one episode of family guy, packed the last of our things and returned to Phi Phi Backpackers. It was refreshingly nice to step inside because of the a/c that was cooling the room.

The guy running the place set up our beds, this time around Sarah and I were sharing the same bunk bed. She called top bunk – I allowed it, but had this been prison we’d have had to fight for it. Shortly after our arrival Steve came back from breakfast. He told us he went to the beach the night before and ended up having a few beers with some of the guests. Ultimately he managed to walk away and save himself for tonight – The Full Moon Party. After dropping off our bags, the three of us walked back to Phi Phi Viewpoint to spend the majority of the day besides the pool. Even though we were no longer guests and shouldn’t have been there, we cheekily took up three sun loungers and began to cook ourselves in the scorching sun. Occasionally acting like hippos hopping in the pool to cool off and prevent complete dehydration from occurring. Inevitably our breakfasts wore off, and Sarah was feeling in the mood for fruit shakes. So the 3 of us headed into town to find a place that sold both.

On the way Morne appeared out of nowhere, he had just finished diving instructing for the day and decided to join us. We ended up in a restaurant that sold mostly western dishes, me and the guys ordered the steak burger. As steaks go they were pretty much the closest to ones back home. We remained at the restaurant for well over 2 hours, this time instead of talking about politics, the conversation shifted in the direction of psychology. The most interesting topic we covered was that of the parallel universe theory. We explained how one decision can change your entire world, and that if it wasn’t for certain circumstances none of us would have been sat around the table having that very conversation. We then spoke about the phenomenal street magician that is Dynamo. We came up with multiple theories for how he does his tricks, but ultimately we were still just as clueless by the end of the topic. Around 4:30pm the four of us wandered back to the swimming pool. On the way we had to pass a massage parlour. Because Sarah was walking with 3 guys she was asked by a woman sat outside if she wanted to hand one of us over. Then the woman pointed at me. I was finally acknowledged, it wasn’t just Sarah that got attention from the locals, it must be my newly tanned body. I just laughed and carried on walking, but I jokingly suggested to Sarah that we went back for a massage later. When we reached Phi Phi Viewpoint this time around we were kicked out. The lady told us we weren’t welcome because we checked out that morning. Those weren’t her exact words, but you get the gist.

In the end we walked around the island with the fruit shakes we bought after dinner. Morne showed us a nifty way to get to the shopping area from the dirty beach. The other side of the island (long beach) was much more pleasant, our side looked filthy because of the tide being so far out. And people often mentioned that the toilet waste flowed into it. We looked in a few shops for a vest Steve had his eye on, but they were all charging way too much. Morne ended up going back to his halfway through and said he’d meet up with us later. We soon returned to our hostel after we were unable to locate the Lil Wayne printed top. There was one particular shop I did enjoy looking in during our short shopping experience, it was a painting store. There were various canvas’ with beautiful images of landscapes, movie stills, and other eye catching pieces. Too bad we were travelling, else I’d have spent a small fortune.

Back at the hostel Steve and I dropped off a few items, as we were heading to the viewpoint. Sarah had already done it before and decided to stay behind, enjoying tv shows in the a/c. It was just gone 6pm when we made our ascent up the steep steps. Towards the top they turned into a ladder, much like the ones in Kota Kinabalu. Half way up there was a woman charging 20 baht a person to enjoy the sight. Luckily Steve was with me because I had forgotten my wallet, after we paid the fee the lady told us the best sight was straight up. There was a less impressive one to the right, but we were already really sweaty and took her word for it. We powered through – with Steve huffing and puffing, and overtook several people to reach the top. We made it with just a small amount of time to spare, the sun had fallen significantly during the climb but had hung around long enough for us to see it. The downside to the view was the amount of people waiting to take pictures. I managed to capture a few images of the island and cut out the people, but once again I was so busy capturing photos that I wasn’t taking in the sight itself. Eventually people started dispersing and I saw it for what it was. We could see all of Phi Phi, the tide was back in so it didn’t look like a dump anymore. The sky was slightly hazy which obscured the mountains in the background, and as the sun set lower and lower it didn’t change its colour like usual. By the time we left we saw the beach transform into its night time counter part as the lights began to flicker to life. Steve and I then had to use the torch apps on our iPhones to make the descent to town. Funnily enough the pathway was harder on the way down, and as we grew closer to civilisation the temperature increased. There was a lovely cool breeze at the viewpoint, but back on earth it was humid again. It was lovely when we reached the dorm room, the a/c helped severely, then we began getting ready for the night ahead. We had showers, Sarah panicked when she thought she lost her shorts, and I applied aloe vera once again to my sunburnt skin! The three of us then headed out for an evening meal. It would be the calming before the storm, as for the first time since arriving in Thailand I was about to experience the full effect of a Full Moon Party! I mean it must hold some power because apparently they turn men into werewolves!









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