Day 161: a View To a Thrill

“Yuk”, would be the word I’d use to describe my feeling when I came too. Because of how drunk I ended up I forgot to drink plenty of water before bed. It was very strange, I went from sober to ****faced in a matter of minutes. I don’t know how it happened, and what’s even more baffling was how Sarah drank so much. She even kept up with Steve after they went back out. With Steve and Sarah to help fill me in on the nights activities, I still didn’t figure out how I ended up in my pyjamas. I guess the mystery will remain unsolved.

After a while the three of us got up and went out for breakfast. As we were about to leave a new guy joined us. His name was Morne and came from South Africa. He was in Phi Phi to work as a diving instructor, and was moving from a dorm to a bungalow after we ate. We ended up at a restaurant that had a boxing ring inside. I am pretty sure it was the very same place that featured in the “Dirty Sanchez” movie. There was also a burger challenge for those who felt brave enough to attempt it. The meal was free if you could eat it in under 30 minutes, or £10 if you couldn’t. The meal consisted of a large 3 storey burger, a load of wedges and onion rings, and a bowl of coleslaw. There was no way I’d be able to finish it within the time limit, but for £10 I was tempted to buy it just because of how much food you got. There was a board to the side with all the conquerors of the challenge, and the fastest time was 8 minutes 40 seconds. We were baffled as to how he achieved such a time, especially when Morne told us the onion rings were mostly fluffed up batter. He said the key to completing the challenge was to put the coleslaw in with the burger. He gave it a go before but couldn’t complete it in time, as he claimed his stomach had shrank from being on a bus for over 20 hours and not eating.

We had a fairly large sized breakfast, eggs, toast, beans, bacon; basically a fry up. As we ate we got into a rather in depth discussion about politics. From what Morne was saying, South Africa sounds quite precarious. He joked that for the right amount of money you can make problems with the law disappear. Steven then said how in England people tend to offer things to the police, like discounts on their meals at takeaways, and then try using that to their advantage when they end up in trouble with the law. A lot of subjects were covered during that meal, and for a time we forgot about our hangovers. But we soon had to come back to reality after we paid the bill and left the restaurant. Outside the sun was starting to blaze, making the heat unbearable. The four of us returned to the hostel, Sarah and I unpacked our bags, then we began making our way towards our next place of accommodation.

The evening before, when we were sat on the bed, Sarah booked us a new place with a pool. Perfect for the hangovers we had. After looking on the map app on my phone it appeared to be 800m away – a distance we weren’t looking forward to. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out it was actually only 20m away. We asked the receptionist what way we had to go (to which he pointed) and we made our way up the small hill. When we reached reception there was a guest arguing with the ladies about not having cold water in his shower – always a reassuring thing to see when you first arrive somewhere. The ladies put him and us at ease by saying he should try again in an hours time, as there were currently people working on the issue. We received our key and followed a guy to our hut. Sadly it was the highest one, meaning we had to lug our bags to the top of the very steep hill. When we reached the door we were huffing and puffing and sweating. The room was perfect, big, clean, had a tv and a comfy bed, and the best feature was the cool breezy balcony. There were two deck chairs side by side, I sat in one to catch my breath and cool down, and from there I could see the beach below. It had a great view from where we were, I guess that’s why the resort was called Phi Phi Viewpoint. You could see everything from our high up castle: the sea below, the beach, the surrounding mountains and the bright green foliage. It was very peaceful but it didn’t last long, Sarah wanted to go to the pool and needed me to hold her hand to go there. We packed a few items into the dry bag and made our way down.

The pool itself was a perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. It was a infinity pool that looked over the beach below. The tide was very odd, at night and in the morning it came right up to the beach, but during the day it went really far out. This was why I thought it wasn’t that great the day before, because when the tide was out it left boats stranded and created rock pools when the sun dried up the remaining water. I bathed under the shelter of a parasail, because sitting in the sun was out of the question given how I felt. Occasionally I got back in the pool to cool down, but mostly I sat out writing the blog. Birds would stop by from time to time to have a drink, and on the beach I could see a guy practising spinning chains ready for the fire show later on that night. It was just what my hangover needed, to slow everything down and relax at the pool. But inevitably the dream was destroyed when Sarah said “Beeeeeeeeen, are you hungry yet?” Meaning she wanted to go out for food. Of course because we had no money on us we had to return to the room to get some, and by “we”, I think you all know I mean “I”. Off I marched back up the steep hill to grab our wallets, then the lazy one and I went for lunch.

We didn’t wander far before we found a nice restaurant selling mostly Thai based dishes. I ordered the burger option – I was hungover and it seemed appropriate. As soon as we ate we returned to the pool. On the way we had to pass our old hostel, and sitting outside we found Steve. He told us he had sent us a message asking if we wanted to visit the viewpoint which overlooked the whole island. Because the phone was on charge in the room we didn’t get it until later, but suggested we tackle the steep climb the next day when we’d be less hungover. Steve then joined us and came back to the pool.

We spent the next 2 hours floating about, and watched the sun set behind the mountains in the distance. After a while Steve’s hands turned extremely wrinkly on both sides, it looked like they were made of wet tissue. As time went on, like clockwork, the cicadas started flapping their wings around 6:30pm. The sound is so deafeningly loud, yet if you weren’t listening out for it you’d probably not even notice it was there. It was only because of our stay in Koh Lanta that I was made aware of the strange lookin insects. When the sun disappeared it began to get quite cold in the pool, but the view of the beach was nice at night. We got to see all the bars lit up, and we could even see the fire dancers spinning round and around. In that moment I understood why moths like light so much, it was pretty enough to want to go back regardless of the hangovers you inevitably get from the visit. When we got out the pool we ended up showing Steve our room.

We all took it in turns to show each other video clips on YouTube – something I hadn’t done since home. And Steve showed us some new songs that had been released in England, including a new Rihanna one that Sarah fell in love with. And in return I showed him the funny Old Spice commercials. Sarah and I had quick showers, then the 3 of us went out for an evening meal. We stopped by Steve’s hostel so he could apply the deet, then we were on our way. We ventured a little farther than our usual closer spots, and we found somewhere called the Pirate Bar. We all ordered a different meal, but it took so long to arrive that I began to feel less and less hungry. I think it took around 30 minutes to reach us. I ordered the chicken tikka masala but it had nothing on the Indian from home, their one is the best – period!

I don’t know what got into Sarah after we left. She was up for another night out. She is usually the first one to say she’s had enough of drinking. And that she did all her partying in uni, but since being in Phi Phi she wanted to get involved. Every stall we passed that sold buckets she’d stare at longingly, but the full moon party was the next day and we decided to save ourselves for that. We stopped in a local shop to grab some water and made our way back to our resort, saying goodbye to Steve on the way. Back in the room I spent the next 2 hours speaking to my mum and then to my nan. It was really nice to be able to speak to my nan again, she’s not the best with technology, so speaking with her is difficult. When I lived in England I used to visit her 3 times a week, and now since being away I hardly get the chance to see her. I was really happy after our hour long chat, especially seeing as my uncle was there. He always told me to get out of the factory life because he knew how dead end it was, but now I was living the dream and he couldn’t be happier. Skype became very patchy towards the end and it took several phone calls just to say goodbye. But eventually we managed it. I then had a shave and got into bed. I watched one episode of family guy with a very sleepy Sarah, then called it a night myself. However, I was tortured by the sounds of music and people having fun on the beach. Unlike the last place we stayed, we could hear everything (probably because we were higher up with no sound barriers), and I wanted to be a part of the action. Tomorrow night I’d be in the mix, but fingers crossed I wouldn’t get too drunk like my last visit!!!








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