Day 155: Trapped Between a Rock And a Sandy Place

Well well well, today wasn’t too exciting either. For the most part of the afternoon we did exactly as we had the day before, visited our poor excuse of a beach. The only difference was that I spent the majority of the time admiring the rock pools. Sarah on the other hand led on the hot sands of the beach reading her book. But enough about that let’s get to it…

• I was the first to wake up this morning. Once again Sarah slept on the side of the fan, meaning it was another hot sticky night for me. I got up and peeled some of my oranges, and read the Lonely Planet book in the hammock on our porch

• Around an hour later Sarah came outside and climbed in with me. I learned of a few good places to stay on the various islands, as well as learning all the islands have one thing in common. They offer great snorkelling and diving experiences. We spent about 45 minutes swinging side to side, before deciding to go out for breakfast.

• Sarah wanted to visit the French bakery that we had passed every time we left our resort. They offered very little and charged very much, but that’s the way it is on the islands I guess. I need to get back into the habit of not being so frivolous with my money, by the end of our visit I had spent over 250 baht (£5). It doesn’t sound like much every time I write an amount like that, but it soon adds up overtime. I blame my weight loss on the fact I was eating meal for meal with Sarah – which isn’t a lot, all in the aims of saving money. But that was making me too hungry, and besides, whenever it comes to clothes shopping for Sarah, we soon end up back on par.

• We visited the 7Eleven afterwards, and returned to our room with a large bottle of water. Sarah got comfortable in the hammock once again, while I rested on the bench beside her with my head thoroughly back in the Lonely Planet. I read that it would cost 250 baht to hire a scooter everywhere on the island, making me not so against the idea of getting one from our resort. Not to mention convenient. While we were relaxing, the little girl from the resort got our attention by meowing at us as she sat beside a dozing cat. When she was certain we were both watching, she grabbed its left hind leg and began dragging it backwards. The poor thing, it didn’t yell out but we could hear its claws scratching on the wood as it attempted to get away. We didn’t quite understand why the girl did that, up until then she had been a nice friendly little girl. Luckily the cat got away in the end, but the girl wouldn’t let go even when Sarah was telling her to stop – EVIL!

• After a while Sarah said she wanted to go to the beach, and because we no longer had Rachael Goddard with us, or any other female company, it meant I had to go too. While Sarah soaked up the sun, I waded through the large rock pools in the shallows. I didn’t notice at first, but as I focused my attention to the tops of all the large boulders, there were heaps of crabs crawling all over the place. It was hard to see them up close because anytime I got near they’d run and hide. The ones I could see were a very similar colour to the rocks, a dark green and grey shade, and their claws were a luscious bright blue. It looked almost as if they had been painting and caught them in the pot. As well as crabs there were limpets firmly stuck to the sides of the rocks, and much like the crabs, whenever a large wave washed over, they didn’t budge and held their ground. I also spotted tiny white fish swimming about in the shallowest of pools. All in all, the rock pools were thriving with sea life.

Eventually Sarah stood up and joined me in the water, we had a little splash around to cool off, then I joined her in sunbathing for a while. It’s not fair, Sarah’s tan is glorious, head to toe she is bronzed all over. I was determined to best her today though. Even though It was cooler near the rocks, I endured the heat as I led on the beach beside her. I thought to myself “I will not be beaten today, I am going to lie here longer than Sarah and become a bronzed god!” It was an epic battle, one where I found a major weakness in her tanning strategy. Sarah always covers her face, that explains why it’s always whiter than her body, if I just keep my face exposed then I’ll have a better overall tan than the already brown one beside me. And then it happened, she gave in – YES, VICTORY IS MINE. She asked me if I wanted to join her while she went to get a coke from the bar, I told her to go ahead and I’d join her in another 15 minutes. Now, I don’t really know who was the biggest loser; Sarah for leaving, or me for suffering in the heat. For those 900 seconds I felt like I was being tortured, every few seconds there’d be a new droplet of sweat working its way from my hairline to my chin. Tickling and itching all the way. Then sweat began leaking from my cheeks where my sunglasses were resting. By the end of it my face was a watery mess, It almost felt like the sun was trying to water board me. When my fictional egg timer went “bing” I knew I was done, and I joined Sarah at the table.

• I ordered a pad thai to eat, and drank the water that had been heated by the sun, while Sarah drank refreshing coke and a pineapple shake. After our food I was the first to lie back in the sun, shortly followed by Sarah. We were only there for around 20 minutes to half an hour, but it was enough to decide we’d both had enough. In the end we returned to the room to have nice long cold showers. Due to all the sweating we did on the beach it left us somewhat dehydrated. So the pair of us left the resort to go find a nice place to sip on some refreshingly cool beverages.

• Sadly Linda’s restaurant was closed on Tuesdays. I don’t know why, Tuesday seems like a strange day to have off. So we ended up going across the street to a hidden coffee shop. They sold really nice fruit shakes, I had a mixed fruit and Sarah had a banana and chocolate one. We sipped on those while using the Internet to continue downloading our shows, and researching other accommodation. There wasn’t anything cheaper than ours, but the only reason we were shopping around was because we really wanted some air conditioning. A single electric fan isn’t enough at night to keep us cool. When we left the coffee shop we made another quick stop in the 7Eleven, and I’m glad we did because of what we saw inside!

• The second we walked through the door, stood in front of me was a real life giant. I know that’s rich coming from me, but this guy had at least another foot on me. He even had to duck as he exited the shop. The sights didn’t end there. The shop was fairly busy given the time of day, and stood beside the giant was another tall man. He stood somewhere between the two of us in height, probably around 6’7″. Then behind that man in the queue was a really big guy. By big I mean HUGE. He was shorter than me (around 6’2″) but he must have weighed the same as 4 men. Sarah reckoned he probably wasn’t long for this earth if he didn’t do something about his weight. Which was very unlikely to happen given what he was buying: 3 large packets of potato chips, and a 4 pack of Chang beer. My entertainment didn’t stop there however, when we left the store the big guy just kept on giving. He climbed aboard a small moped. It probably wasn’t small, in fact it was probably normal size, it just seemed that way beside his dimensions. I was slightly annoyed when I didn’t get to see him ride off on it, all because he stopped to look at pancakes with his friend.

• When we got back to the resort we were treated to yet another sunset. For 3 days in a row we were lucky enough to see such a beautiful sight. Each day seemed to be better than the last. Once again I took photos of it, and as we sat down on the bamboo terrace to watch it disappear, I saw a little pug taking in the same sight from the beach. He was a little show pony and clearly knew what he was doing. Anytime someone came near him, he lapped up the attention. At one point when a couple that were petting him walked away, he wandered over to a group of people for more attention. The dog also had the largest set of danglies I have ever seen on a small dog. I wasn’t deliberately looking, but as he began to waddle back to the resort you couldn’t help but notice two plum like objects in close pursuit. At first I thought something was attacking him.

As I finished up yet another delicious dish of cashew chicken there was a power cut across the whole of the island. It wasn’t so dark as to affect us, and from where we were sitting we could see the buildings in the distance fade into the background. Followed by the reverse when the lights flickered back to life as the power was restored. We both ran back to the room before it grew too dark to apply some deet. By some I mean a lot. Never had we been bitten so much as we had in Koh Lanta. Every time we felt an itch on our bodies we were always surprised to find yet another lump, brought on by an attack from everyone’s favourite bloodsuckers. Seeing as I was the only one to eat, inevitably Sarah grew hungry. So after she darted back to the room we went out for food.

• The Internet was our utmost concern when it came to picking a restaurant, because Sarah was hoping to speak with her family. We walked all the way down the street with the tablet in hand, trying to figure out which was sending out the strongest signal. Eventually we reached the end of the strip and visited the same place as the day before. Because I had just eaten, we split a pizza and this time Sarah ate all her 4 slices. Unfortunately nobody was available back home to speak with, but we did manage to download some entertainment for the night. After we settled the bill we returned to our room to go through the evening rituals (during which time I noticed I had caught the sun – I was now a similar shade to Sarah). We then climbed into bed to enjoy a couple episodes of “The Walking Dead”, let’s hope we don’t have nightmares!



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