Day 154: I’ve Got 99 Problems, And Our Beach Is One

It was very confusing when I awoke this morning, I had forgotten about the time difference between Thailand and Malaysia. So when I woke up at what I thought was 9am, it transpired to be only 8am. I ended up falling back asleep for another hour. Because I was unable to stay awake for the duration of the film the previous night, it gave me something to watching while Sarah slumbered away. “Dammit, she’s woken up!”
“Ben, go to the shop for me I’m absolutely famished!”
“NO! Go yourself you lazy thing, I’m enjoying the movie!”

My argument fell on deaf ears, and after watching the movie for another 20 minutes I decided to go to the shop. Rather than walking I thought about hiring a scooter instead. After asking the receptionist how much they cost I was deterred by the price, 250 baht a day (£5). Seeing as we wouldn’t be venturing far all day anyway, I decided to leave it. But I did enquire about a new hut. He told me that there was one free on the communal grassy area, it was a nicer location than our tucked away one, so I followed him to check it out.

I agreed that the room looked acceptable, and because of its better location I returned to our room to tell Sarah the good news. After lugging all our things to our new home Sarah began finding faults. It’s smaller, the bed’s harder, there’s no door on the bathroom, and what’s worse is we still can’t get the Internet! “Urgh”, I reluctantly agreed with these statements and we returned to our old house. It turned out “new is always better” wasn’t the case today.

When we arrived at the doorstep to our old room we found the maids cleaning it out. Sarah got there before me so she did all the apologising, but on the upside we now had a fresh new room. I allowed Sarah to stay on the bed watching tv shows, while I wandered to the shops. Not before explaining to the receptionist that we wouldn’t be moving after all, he was ok about it and only laughed. The 7Eleven was a short 5 minute walk down the road, and when I got inside I bought a shopping bags worth of goodies.
2 boxes of cereal
2 cartons of milk
1 bottle of water
1 bottle of coke zero
1 Hawaiian pizza bread
I was quick to eat the pizza bread on the walk back, so I didn’t have to share it with you know who. I also glugged down half the bottle of water. I made the effort to walk there and I deemed these my rewards, plus I bought Sarah a bottle of coke as a surprise anyway. I’m not a bad person!

Sarah was finishing off an episode of Smallville when I got back, so I joined her on the bed and we both enjoyed the chocolate cereals. When the show finished I had consumed a good half of the box – I must have been hungrier than I thought. Sarah then went to shower, giving me the chance to finally watch the end of the movie “Gangster Squad”. When she was dried and dressed, Sarah went to the balcony to hang out on the hammock and read her book. When my film finished I left her to it and visited the resort’s restaurant for a delicious cashew chicken dinner.

When I had finished my solo meal, I walked back to the room. I found Sarah exactly where I left her, and began doing press ups beside her on the porch. The rebuild of Rome isn’t looking too good, I barely managed 20 slow ones. In the end I completed a total of 50 – with breaks every 10! Sarah then suggested we visit the beach for the afternoon. Quickly we applied the sunscreen, then walked all of 100 metres to the dead coral beach. I’m not one for sitting in the sun, I prefer to do something, I get too hot and fidgety just lying there, and time seems to take forever to pass. So while Sarah led there I wadded out into the sea. It was rubbish, I had spoiled it for myself by visiting the Perhentian Islands. The water wasn’t as clear, the sands weren’t as white, and as for the seabed well, that was a load of rocks! I grew bored of the water and although I hate doing it, I attempted to sunbathe on the shore. I wasn’t there for 5 minutes before Sarah came over and complained of feeling sick. She decided to cut the visit early, suggesting we go to a different beach the next day – JOY! I decided to go back with her, making our visit all of an hour and 20 minutes.

Back at the room Sarah and I showered off any excess sand that may have come back with us, then I went to the restaurant to grab Sarah a fruit shake. It seemed to pick her up a bit as she remained on the bed reading her book. I then enjoyed the last of my box of cereal and relaxed on the bed beside her. I should have felt bad that we weren’t doing anything, but A.) I’m lazy by nature. And B.) Earlier whilst eating my dinner I noticed other people were in no mad rush to do anything either. Most of the guests were either sat on the beach, or on their porches reading books.

For the rest of the afternoon we remained at our little wooden hut. In that time I watched the movie “The Impossible”. The same film that caused Sarah’s face to swell up when she watched it in Siem Reap. For those who don’t remember, the film is about a families account of what happened during the tsunamis that devastated Thailand, killing hundreds of people. Probably not the best film to be watching giving the fact we were staying on the Thai islands. When the film had finished I am pleased to tell you my face was still the same elongated shape that it anyways is. I spent the next couple hours attempting to download tv shows, and research Koh Lanta using the resort’s patchy Internet, while Sarah swung in her hammock reading a book.

Around 7pm the sun put on yet another fantastic closing act. It was a beautiful shade of orange and still very large for how low it was. I immortalised the sight on my iPhone, but found I had to run through the resort in order to catch it on the tablet, before it disappeared behind the horizon. When I got back to the room Sarah suggested going out for food. With no Rachael around to dress up with, it took her only 5 minutes to get ready. The pair of us then walked down the street to see what there was on offer.

Apart from the busy roads you wouldn’t have been wrong in thinking we were in a ghost town. Unlike the evening before, nowhere appeared to be open. Sarah was hoping to drop off her laundry on the way, but anywhere that seemed decent was closed. Even the book store she wanted to exchange one in was closed. We must have passed at least 5 or 6 restaurants before we found one that was open. We climbed the stairs of the establishment and located an empty table. When the waiter brought over the menus we decided against ordering food as it was too pricey. In the end we settled for a fruit shake each, and I enjoyed a frozen blueberry cheesecake. Thank you Linda’s restaurant, although the cake was frozen, it was still extremely tasty. Sarah made a quick FaceTime phone call to her sister and niece, while I sorted out the change. Then we went in pursuit of an open restaurant.

There were a couple more as we walked down the main strip, but most of them sold the same dishes. Noodles, rice, chicken, etc. it wasn’t until we looked a little farther down the road that we spotted a very popular Italian joint. I ordered a Hawaiian pizza, and Sarah ordered the bruschetta. There must have been a misunderstanding or something, as when they bought out our dishes they served the pizza over two plates. Containing 4 slices each. “Oh no no no”, I thought to myself “this will not do”, I allowed Sarah one slice and ate the rest myself. Their fruit shakes were equally as good as the food itself – I’m making myself hungry again now.

After we settled the bill, we took a causal stroll back towards our resort. We noticed a small fruit stand on the way and decided to buy some fresh oranges. This was partly because I saw them eating one on the movie earlier. And also because every restaurant on the island appeared to be bragging about selling fresh in season fruit. I paid 50 baht for 1kg of green skinned oranges. Don’t worry, they were bright orange inside, and sweet and juicy too, my only complaint was that they contained pips.

Back at the resort we had another issue, there was no toilet paper in our room. So off I went in search. Usually you’d only have to go to reception to ask for some more, but that wasn’t possible because it was closed. I looked all around but there was no sign of anyone anywhere. Luckily a lady at the resort next door was outside, so using my best broken English and charade gestures, I asked her where the person was. To which she pointed at reception and told me to knock on the wall. After I did this she was quick to scurry away, keeping an eye from a distance. Eventually a man came out – and again, I had to use broken English and play charades to get my point across. I almost had to mime an action for the toilet roll (which would have been degrading), but fortunately he understood when I said the word paper and toilet.

I returned to the room soon after – with bog roll in hand, much to Sarah’s appreciation. None of the tv shows from earlier had downloaded however, which meant we had no choice but to talk to each other. Being in each others company for 24 hours a day can take its toll on the best of couples after a while, so we spent the evening talking about how we could keep things fresh and new. Occasionally we met at loggerheads, but ultimately we worked things out like we always do. We then tried to figure out how to best position the fan to keep us cool in our hotbox of a room, then turned out the light and attempted to fall asleep. “Urgh, why am I still sweating, damn you Thailand and your humidity!”





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