Day 149: Bum Roll Bandits

Much like the previous day, we did nothing! Well nothing that I’d consider note worthy at least. The island is so laid back, it’s practically horizontal. From the people who live here, to the tourists on holiday, nobody is in a mad rush to do anything. It’s a very nice feeling to be able to laze around in such a beautiful place, and have the selection of mouth watering food whenever you feel hungry. So without further ado, here’s what we “DIDN’T” get up to today in paradise.

• Although the alarm woke everyone at 9am, you would have been forgiven for thinking Sarah was dead. Lately she has had a terrible track record when it comes to getting up. Instead, she chooses to turn over and go back to sleep. In the end I sped up the process by opening the shutters and door, letting in as much light as possible. By the time we got around to leaving our chalet it was getting on for 10:30am.

• We visited the Internet restaurant for breakfast, and successfully booked the flights. It was a team effort, and there were moments where we nearly threw the device out the window. But all went well and our payment method was finally accepted.

• The girls left soon after so they could top up their tans. Whereas I stayed behind to charge my tablet, and attempted to upload some more blogs. Because the Internet was really patchy, I inevitably gave up and returned to the chalet around 12:30pm.

• To my surprise Rachael and Sarah were there. Rachael had been asleep the whole time, as she wasn’t feeling too well. Sarah then suggested the reason may have been because of the anti-malarial tablets she had been taking. They make you light sensitive – as I found out in Thailand. Nobody is supposed to take antibiotics for a prolonged period of time, they’re usually only prescribed for 7 days. But the sunburn across Rachael’s back did look all too familiar.

• Regardless of that, Rachael joined Sarah when she went to the beach to sunbathe. I chose to stay behind once again, being given the job of looking after their things. I checked over the previous days blog, watched an episode of arrow, and for the second day running, I worked out.

• Legs were the muscle group of choice. And much like the other areas I trained, they were quick to fatigue. I started out with some basic squats, then when I realised that was too easy I grabbed a hold of my holdall. This additional weight wasn’t enough either, so I added Sarah’s to the equation. To anyone passing by I must have looked ridiculous. Grasping on to two holdalls, I slowly lowered myself down and up again until it burned. Somewhere around 10 reps was all it took. I did a couple sets before moving on to lunges. I only used one holdall for this, I held it behind my head, and slowly I “lunged” forward one leg at a time. My muscles didn’t know what was happening, it was a real shock to the system, to the point that my hamstrings began cramping up. Luckily just as I completed the second set Rachael appeared to save me from myself.

• She told me they were going for lunch and came to grab her purse. After only 4 sets of two different exercises my legs were shaking. Making the 50 odd steps we had to descend somewhat tricky. We chose to eat at the same place as we had the past few days, and I enjoyed a chicken burger (which I presumed was real chicken and high in protein) as well as a really spicy clay pot dish.

• We decided that we’d spend the rest of the afternoon splashing around in the sea. So after paying for our food, we returned any valuables to our room, and I took enough money for us to buy a frisbee – everyone loves a good frisbee. The water was so clear, I think by far it was the clearest sea we had been in yet. From a distance it looked aqua blue, and the deeper waters were a shade of green/ turquoise. But as I waded out to roughly 5 or 6 metres deep (which was a good 100 metres from the beach) I could still see the floor. Oh, and the temperature of the water was lovely and warm, almost bath like.

• Sarah made a discovery at one point, she spotted a strange oval shaped object floating in the waves. Upon further inspection we thought it might be a shell of some sort, but it felt too soft to have been that. It was then that we realised it might have been a sharks egg. It showed no sign of life, so we presumed it had already hatched. I put it with our things on the beach, like a proud toddler when it finds a piece of shiny rubbish on the floor. We threw the frisbee around for a good hour or two, with some being better than others (ahem, not Rachael). We grew bored after a while, so to mix things up Sarah and I bullied Rachael with a splash attack.

• Nobody wanted to mix wet bodies with sand, so when we got out of the crystal clear waters we headed straight for our chalet to shower. The princess… I mean Sarah went first, claiming she didn’t like getting wet again after drying off. Even though I used her rule of “shotgunning” to go first, I had to wait until she was done. These female species appear to take longer and longer to get ready each night, and the act can be dragged out for some time when there are more of them. In the time it took for Rachael and Sarah to choose an outfit, do their hair, and sort their make up, I nearly watched a whole tv show. That’s almost 45 minutes. When everyone was ready we went out for an evening meal.

• The west side beach (Coral Bay) was the location, and we found a restaurant that had the cheapest BBQ yet. 15 ringgit. For £3 equivalent, we got the same food as last time, the only difference was we ordered a fruit shake to go with it. Once again the BBQ was spectacular, and when we were done we returned to our chalet, IN THE DARK.

• I think it was just a rare chance meeting with the viper, as this was the second time we had walked back in the dark and not encountered a thing. Other than people that is. Back at our chalet I did some more observing of the mysterious specimen that is the female! The main noticeable trait is their vast consumption of toilet roll. I had been sharing a room with these savages for only 3 days now, and already they had managed to get through 3 rolls. That’s one a day people. I don’t know where it goes, but at the rate it’s disappearing I am inclined to believe they are either eating it, or they have greedy bottoms. As I have only had to use it once in that space of time.

• Not long after being in bed, Sarah tells us she isn’t feeling very well. The symptoms: a bad belly and tiredness. Drama.. There was no bog roll left, and everyone was in their bedclothes. So being the kind gentleman that I am, I volunteered to go get a fresh one from reception. When I returned, I placed the new roll in the bathroom with the intention of monitoring just how much these creatures abuse such a defenceless object. With Sarah having a bad belly, this would also be a time to see if it’s true, that women do poop roses!






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