Day 148: Ben Norris 2.0

No trips were booked up today. No excursions, not even a casual stroll around the island. It was simply a day of relaxation in paradise.

• The day started at 10am, but it was harder than usual to get out of bed because of how dark the room was. The wooden door and window shutters did a great job of keeping out any natural light. Meaning it was hard to tell what time it was when the alarm rang.

• After some faffing around we ate breakfast at our resort. I had exactly the same as the day before, but still felt hungry afterwards. Thank goodness they messed up Sarah’s order, as it meant I ended up with a free chocolate pancake.

• After a quick stop back to our room for a few items, we headed to the only restaurant on the island with Internet. The plan was to order some drinks, and go online to book our flight for a few days time to KL. Unfortunately like usual, AirAsia’s website wasn’t working properly, and after several attempts it still rejected our payments. The ironic thing is, they claim to be a techno savvy company. I’d say they needed a better I.T team.

• When we eventually threw in the towel, the girls went to the beach to work on their tans, while I returned to the room to work on my blog. It took somewhere around an hour to type up the remainder of the previous days activities, then I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a while. WORKOUT!

• It had been a long time since I did any form of exercise, so I wasn’t hoping for miracles. But the time had come to rebuild what I had lost, it was time to build a new body from scratch. No longer could I stand watching my body deteriorate in size. I put on a premeditated playlist on my iPod, got in the right frame of mind, and ladies and gentleman, the beginning of the remodel commenced. I got down on the floor and performed crunch after crunch. Then when my abs were completely frazzled, I did a few press ups, and finished off with some tricep exercises. I couldn’t believe how quickly my muscles fatigued, but it was no surprise that my body had become so weak. That’s what happens after months of poor diet, and late nights. The healthier Ben Norris would take form from this day forth, in a couple months time I hope to have the brand new Ben Norris 2.0 up and running. It would take time, energy, exercise, a good diet, and proper rest, but I am determined to get it all back.

• The girls came back after just as I was finishing up with my workout. Sarah took a quick shower, then the 3 of us went down to the beach for a spot of lunch. We returned to the best restaurant of the three, and once again I ordered 2 meals – the penne with tuna, and the chicken baguette. Sadly, as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t order the burger option. If I am to stand any chance of building muscle on a shoestring budget I’d have to eat tactfully.

• With the relatively cheap meals paid for we returned to our chalet for a couple hours. During this time Sarah read more of my book, Rachael studied for her job, and I watched tv shows. Eventually the electric came on in our room, but for some reason our a/c unit was broken. I went to reception to call for backup, and the guy sent for two young men. They couldn’t sort it to begin with, and in the end called for another guy to come check it out. He brought with him a screw driver and a step ladder. The power box was only 5 foot from the floor, if that. But the guys were only 4 foot tall, they made Meg Keane look like a giant. The second he took the screwdriver to the box, the thing fell off the wall. They managed to reset the start button and the a/c unit came back to life. When they left we closed the door to stop any insects getting in, then began a mass exercise class in our room.

• I began doing press ups, but once again my form was commented on. To demonstrate what it was I was doing wrong, Sarah assumed the position and began lowering herself towards the ground. However, when it came to lifting herself back up, her arms weren’t strong enough and she began doing the worm more than a press up. Next to step up to the plate was Rachael. She bragged that she was able to do them, so she too assumed the position. Only instead of lowering her body downwards, she ended up nodding her head towards the floor, and looked more like a chicken pecking at seeds. It made for a very funny 5 minutes, and it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one struggling to do a perfect press up. Sarah then demonstrated some Pilates exercises, which were killer considering I had already trained abs that day.

• All the exercising left me feeling hot and sweaty, so it was nice to be able to use our cold shower. When everyone was clean and dressed, we walked to the Internet restaurant again.

• It was gone 8pm when we left, which meant the jungle pathway was dark again. The girls, still shaken from the evenings activities before, were reluctant to go at first. But knowing we had a flight to sort out, and the restaurant was the only place with wifi, they soon overcame their fear. Sarah wanted to get through as quickly as possible, but Rachael and I advised her against it, and by taking our time we arrived safe and sound.

• We had some more great food, but unfortunately AirAsia’s website was still having technical issues. Even after we tried 4 times to book the flight, we ended up getting nowhere. While we had the Internet to hand, Sarah looked up what type of snake we encountered the night before. Google told us it was a gold-ringed cat snake, or Mangrove snake. Although no fatalities have been recorded, the snake attacks it’s victims several times using the rear fangs in its mouth. They can grow up to 6 – 8 feet in length – so we were lucky the snake we saw was no more than 1 foot. It is poisonous to a degree, but its bites will leave swelling and discomfort more than anything, even though the guys at the restaurant said otherwise. They even looked slightly surprised that we saw one. After Rachael heard that she began to worry once again (seeing as she nearly stood on it). Add to that the fact we couldn’t book a flight, and she was practically a bag of nerves.

• We saw no trace of the snake during our walk back to the chalet this time around, but when we got inside our room there was another reptilian surprise. On the wall, underneath the charger for my phone, was a large blue and orange speckled gecko. Again, Rachael began to panic.
“Oh guys, can we get that out, look at the size of it! It’s really freaking me out. What if it crawls on our faces when we’re asleep?” She said in a concerned tone.

“Oh dear Rachael”, was our only response.

• The girls spent the evening applying lotions and potions to themselves, then finally we all climbed into bed – sand free. Just as soon as we were about to go to sleep, the gecko (who the girls named Gary) came to life. He darted from the wall and across the floor. It turned out he spotted a spider and tried to cease a late night meal. Oh Gary, what are you like!


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