Day 141: Cereal Killer

Thank you Melaka, you have been a most gracious host, a safe haven from travelling. I know that sounds kind of odd, but after a while of seeing the sights and moving around nonstop, sometimes it’s nice to slow things down and have a breather. We had been in Melaka just shy of a week now, I used that time wisely. I had managed to sort out my blog (don’t know if I mentioned that), back up all my photos, eat enough fruit to make a gorilla jealous, and further more; I downloaded enough tv shows to cover us for future bus journeys. Yes Melaka, you have been most kind. Again, not much was achieved today, but if you wish to read on, who am I to stop you?

• We set an alarm for 10am this morning. The reason being, we needed to book a bus to KL for the following day. We stood better chance of procuring a seat if we got to the booking office early. So, after breakfast we made our way to the Transnational Express.

• We got lost at first, but after stopping in an opticians to ask for directions we were soon back on track. The booking office was located behind a 7 Eleven store. We passed through the shop and reached a small desk on the other side. For 22 ringgit each, we had 2 seats aboard a coach to Kuala Lumpur at 5am the next day.

• Having done nothing during our time in Melaka, you would have thought we’d be keen to explore its many sights. Wrong. Sarah suggested the movies. I wasn’t going to argue. After discovering there were no new Hollywood films to choose from, we took a look around some shops. Again, nothing was purchased. The highlight of the visit was when we stopped in the pet shop. They had tiny puppies and kittens for sale. Again, nothing was purchased… Even if we both really, really wanted them!

• The heat had jumped up a notch from when we left the guesthouse that morning, and instead of doing anything remotely touristy, we took a stroll around Jonker Walk. This was the same road we visited the other night. Only instead of market stalls, and men attacking coconuts, it was peaceful. The only thing on the roads were cars and peddle cabs. The pair of us stopped in a few shops, but seeing as we weren’t heading home soon, their merchandise would be a burden for us. Most items were large, such as garden ornaments, or wind chimes. They’d serve no purpose to us.

• In the end we had some food next door, then took refuge in our 9′ X 7′ room. We spent the next few hours there, watching tv shows (like usual). With the odd exception of Sarah chatting to her friend Rachel on Facebook. She’d be with us the next day, and this was the reason for us travelling back to KL. During their chat, Rachel informed Sarah of a dispute in Borneo (the place all 3 of us would be flying). It was all over the news, apparently 5 police officers had been killed by armed factions from the Philippines. The fighting was over territory (as according to an article), they stake an ancient claim to the remote corner of Borneo island. Hopefully we wouldn’t run into any issues during our stay, and would make it back alive.

• We don’t let bad news get to us, as if we did we wouldn’t leave the guesthouse, let alone travel to Borneo. There’s situations like that everyday the world over. We put it to the backs of our minds, and around 6pm went out for food. Obviously, after having such a good meal yesterday, we had to go back to Pizza Hut. Even though the staff weren’t keen to serve anyone, we enjoyed… Sorry, I enjoyed my food (Sarah’s carbonara was horrendous) and after settling the bill, we headed back for an early night.

• We stopped in the 7 Eleven on the way, as we’d need some breakfast for the morning. After being in Melaka for so long I had consumed every type of cereal on offer, bar one. I bought the odd looking Milo brand, and with that purchase I had the full set. I don’t think I’d ever eaten so much cereal in such a small period of time. I was actually quite excited for breakfast (what a loser), even if it was to be at 4am.

• Back at Lavender, we paid for our accommodation and returned to the room. There (for the first time in days) we packed our bags, I’d almost forgotten how to do it. While in bed (at 9am, could I just say) our American friend Brandon FaceTimed us. What a connection, I don’t mean to sell it to anyone, but it blew Skype out of the water. It was the first clear phone call we had had with anyone the whole trip. We got a chance of seeing that beautiful barrel chested superman’s moustache in all its HD glory. The call was only brief, and afterwards, Sarah popped a Xanex to aid her sleep. 15 minutes later she was gone.

• I guess all that’s left to do now is: pop this on WordPress, close my eyes, and await that beautiful alarm clock. One more sleep and we’d be seeing Rachel Goddard! It’s just like Christmas all over again.







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