Day 140: Victory Is Mine!

YEEEEESSSSS, finally. Today was the day I caught up with my blog. After putting in so many hours to the monster I had created, I was finally back on track. I had left it too long, and at one stage I was a staggering 60 days behind. After many days finalising and slaving away, at 1pm this Monday afternoon I had finished editing all 139 posts. All thanks to the lazy last few days in Melaka. To celebrate such an accomplishment, we did… Well, we did nothing. Why spoil our lazy run now huh? We did leave the room you’ll be pleased to hear, but don’t get your hopes up. Again, today is also quite dull.

• I was the first to wake up, and it was business as usual. I cracked out the iPhone and began adding the final touches to the last 8 days of my blog. After reading through them all, I started transferring them over to the WordPress app. It was about that time the princess woke up.

• It took around 3 hours to add the final touches: tags, photos etc. when I was done, I was ecstatic to say the least. I had a quick shower, followed by breakfast. Then the pair of us headed outside to find a nearby Internet cafe.

• The reason for such a bizarre location when we had perfectly good Internet at the guesthouse? We needed to print off our flight itinerary, because in a couple days time Sarah’s friend from England would be with us, and we’d all be flying to Borneo together.

• It was during that time I checked my emails. I don’t do it as often as I should, but I had a lovely surprise for the second time when I did. My inbox had a staggering amount of emails from WordPress. My blog had taken off. The messages read of people who had liked certain posts, as well as others who had started to follow it. I cannot express in words how much it means to me when I read messages like that. After all the hours I have put into it, and the countless pages I have had to retype because of technological issues, it really encourage me to continue writing. There have been times that I’ve out right wanted to quit, but just to know there is at least one person out there reading what I have to say speaks volumes. I am so happy to have quit the factory life I left behind, and truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading my blog. You are amazing people!

• With our flight plans in tow, we returned to our guesthouse to book up a flight using our tablet device. Call me skeptic, but I don’t trust a public computer when it comes to putting in my card details. Even if the 5 minutes it took us to get back did cost us an additional £10. I considered that small increase the price of piece of mind. Now we had our departure flight from Borneo sorted, we could relax, we did that by returning to our room to watch a new tv show called “Arrow”.

• We got a little bit hooked, no thanks to a well placed cliffhanger. After a couple episodes we headed out for food. It was our first cooked meal of the day, and came in the form of Pizza Hut.

• We were amazed when we ordered our food. How was it that this company was able to sell the food so cheap in Malaysia, yet charge more than double the price for the same meal in England. I ordered a chicken meatball dish, a 6″ Hawaiian pizza, and a cookie sundae, all of which came to a total of £4. If I had ordered the same back home, it would have cost somewhere in the region of £20. Regardless of the price, the food was amazing, and sorely needed. After all, there’s only so much rice and noodles a guy can handle.

• When we left the beautiful establishment I was in need of a flash drive to back up my photos. After 3 months of owning my iPhone I had rinsed 10Gb of memory, and it was high time I backed up my photos. We looked in several technology stores before we found a flash drive for 50 ringgit (£10). It was a moderately expensive purchase for someone travelling on a shoestring, but what was ten pounds compared to losing a lifetime of memories.

• We returned to Lavender soon after that, and then began a long evening of technology based tasks. Sarah made a Skype call, while I sat at the guesthouse’s computer meticulously copying and pasting files. The computer told me the whole process would take around 40 minutes to complete. I spent that time uploading the final 39 posts of “The Erratic Ramblings of an Uneducated Daydreamer” to Facebook.

• With all my photos transferred to a safer location, I had a fresh memory bank in my iPhone. The pair of us then returned to our room where I Skyped my mum. By the end of the conversation I had done it. All 139 posts were uploaded, I was officially like Morgan… A free man. This now meant I could enjoy books or movies during bus journeys. I no longer had to read over old posts. I’m free ladies and gentlemen, FREE… Oh wait, I guess today’s blog has to be checked and posted as well. Well, you know what they say, “no rest for the wicked!”


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