Day 139: Hairs To Another Day In Melaka

This is another one for the record books folks. Very little happened, today was Sarah’s turn to get a haircut. That one event was the highlight of the day, and also something I treated her too. See, no matter what Sarah says about me, I do treat her occasionally. If you want to learn more, then by all means continue reading. Otherwise you’d be safe to skip today.

• I think today was the longest either of us had slept in till. It was midday before we opened our eyes.

• Because I am a great boyfriend (or a great planner) I had downloaded plenty episodes of Once Upon a Time. This gave Sarah something to watch for the next 4 hours, while I slaved away working on the final tweaks of my blog.

• It was around 4pm before we left the room to have breakfast. Can you believe that!? I enjoyed a bowl of Froot Loops, and Sarah her slice of toast.

• Afterwards we returned to the room, not to spend more time, only for as long as it took to do my hair. I ended up like a toddler throwing a tantrum. I couldn’t style it to save my life. Why is it that whenever you leave the salon, the stylist or hairdresser always makes it look half decent. Yet when it comes time to do it yourself, you suddenly have the faecal touch (like the Midas touch, only much, much worse!).

• When I finally got it to look reasonably acceptable, I treated Sarah to a haircut. We went off in search of other salons, but found them to be a similar price. With that, we returned to where I went the day before. Sarah was quick to ask for a female stylist, when asked if she wanted the same guy I had. A young lady came through the same decorative door as the guy had, and after a brief discussion, she led us both to the elevator. Sarah and I swapped roles this time, I sat in the waiting area (working on my blog), while she got pampered. The end result was better than mine, I could tell Sarah wasn’t completely happy with it. As soft as it was, and as good as it looked, the stylist had to cut a few inches from the bottom. By the end of the day Sarah did like the results.

• We returned to the room for a couple hours that afternoon, where again, I worked on the blog. You’ll be pleased to know, that by the time you read this post, I will have officially caught up.

• Sarah grew restless a short while later, which meant we had to go stretch our legs. I needed food anyway, so I was happy to go out. We walked to the mall after Sarah read about a cheap clothing store in a magazine. The clothes were slightly better than previous stores, but not good enough for me to part with my hard saved cash. Afterwards, we slowly walked back towards the guesthouse, passing through the market, until we reached the restaurant next door.

• We had a delicious chicken and rice based dish, really filling and cheap (just over £1). When we sorted the bill, the pair of us sat in the communal area of Lavender and put on a film.

• Ladies choice, “King Kong”, was the movie. There’s one scene in the film where King Kong has a little tantrum. Sarah joked that it was like me when my hair wouldn’t work earlier that day. Feeling slightly proud of being referred to as a giant silver back gorilla, she pulled the rug from under my feet and said I was like a child. The DVD stuck half way through, so we collected our things and headed back to the room. Which by now had collected a lot of rubbish on the floor.

• Sarah began tidying everything up, an act of which I’d never seen her do before. Back home she was usually the one making the mess. With a tidier looking box of a room, we climbed into bed, turned out the light and watched some tv shows. I say we, I actually mean Sarah. I had to finish this blog. I was so close to catching up with myself now that I could almost taste it. Soon I’ll be a free man again, soon!!!!


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