Day 138: A Cut Above The Rest

Today finally saw me crack. I gave in after all this time. 5 months, and I decided today was the day I should get my hair cut. Allow me to describe how today panned out.

• 10am, I woke up and watched Californication. 2 hours later, sleeping beauty wakes up as well.

• We stayed in bed for the whole morning. Heading downstairs around 2pm for breakfast.

• Because Sarah hounded me about my hair that morning, I decided to pay a visit to a hairdressers. In all fairness, my hair had grown to extremes. My hairstyle led somewhere on the spectrum between Justin Bieber, and Lego hair. It looked messy to say the least. It had grown too thick, and was curly on the sides.

• I had noticed over the past couple days we were staying just around the corner from a salon. Seeing as it was the closest, we went inside to enquire about their prices. For 43 ringgit (£8) I got to talk with a stylist, my hair shampooed, head massage, rinse, blow dry, cut, and styled. Not bad really. The salon was pretty spectacular, we had to ring a bell to gain entrance. On the ground floor there were lots of products for sale. We had to wait beside the receptionist’s desk while she beckoned a stylist down.

He came through a decorative door, introduced himself, and after we discussed what I wanted he led us towards an elevator. The lift took us up one of three floors to the salon. I don’t know where the other 2 floors lead. There was everything you could expect from a salon: stools, mirrors, and even a waiting room for clients friends. I was given a couple magazines to read, and a glass of water. Not knowing if it was sterilising fluid or a drink, I left it, thanking him anyway, all the while keeping my eye on the girl beside me to see if she drank hers.

The man who cut my hair was 30 years old, and had been to various countries to work. He spoke moderately good English, which was helpful, as I was slightly nervous about going in in the first place. I had nightmarish visions of coming out like a sheared sheep after asking to have just a little off the top. We made various conversation throughout, and the end result was a tidier version of what I went in with. I’m still not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it. Just don’t tell Kerrie Page that I went elsewhere for a haircut (she’s my usual stylist, if she finds out, she’d be most upset!).

• Now that I was feeling slightly more groomed and metrosexual, rather than the Neanderthal I had let myself become, I was in need of some new clothes (at least, that’s what Sarah told me). We visited the Old Town Coffee shop nearby first, then after that began the search for new t shirts. Thanks to my Asian weight loss plan, My old t shirts had outgrown me. Certain ones looked silly on me now, and began to hang loose, as if I were a child wearing his fathers clothing. Sarah grew frustrated with my lack of interest in her choice of tops. It wasn’t her fault, she was trying to find a diamond in the rough, but the choice of clothing was terrible. At least in the price range we wanted to pay anyway. They looked like the offspring of Primark and Matalan. Anything that looked half decent cost about the same as home, if not more. In the end I gave up, and the pair of us paid a visit to the cinema.

• We watched a movie called “Beautiful Creatures”. It lasted around 2 hours. It wasn’t the best film we’d seen in a while, but it was entertaining nonetheless. By the time the film finished my toes were freezing. The room was very well air conditioned, and seeing as I had flip flops on (and I don’t want to exaggerate here) I am pretty sure I was 10 minutes away from losing one of my pendular digits to frost bite.

• We had to leave through the fire exit after the movie. For some reason that’s how you leave here. While walking along the corridor, I made an observation. Asian people cannot talk at a moderate volume. It was made worse by the echo from the corridor walls. There were 4 or 5 young boys and girls in front of Sarah and I, and even though they were shoulder to shoulder, they felt the need to shout at each other to communicate. This happened again later on in our hotel, when 3 guys were talking in the communal tv area. In guess they just like shouting in Asia.

• I can’t believe I am writing this, but it was lovely to get outside into the warm 30 degree heat. We briefly stopped in the supermarket for food, and the mall for an ATM, before returning to Lavender. We really managed to stretch out the 600 ringgit (£125ish) since being in Melaka. I guess that’s down to staying in the room 80% of the time.

• Sarah made a Skype call to her family, while I attempted to bring more of my erratic ramblings to you. We went out for food, had a brief look for t shirts at the market (to no avail), then returned to our room. After killing 2 deadly Mosquitos looking for free accommodation, I got comfy in bed, and went to sleep. Take that you blood sucking freeloaders!


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