Day 136: Cabin Fever

Right people, this will probably be as little as 4-5 mini paragraphs. Today really took the title for not doing anything. From sun up to sun set we remained in our room, only leaving for snacks from the nearby 7 Eleven. I think I managed to spend a total of £10 today, which is always a good thing.

• Around 10am I woke up, I did some work on my blog, then sneaked out of the room (leaving Sarah to sleep) and booked another nights stay.

• When I returned, Sarah was still fast asleep. I continued writing, then when she woke up we began watching tv shows. By the end of the day we had gotten through episodes of the walking dead, the mentalist, revenge, how I met your mother, and modern family. It was a great day for learning about culture, clearly!

• About 2pm, we decided to leave the room and have some brunch/ early dinner. Once again, I got through a box of cereal. Seeing as Sarah felt exhausted (goodness knows how) we returned to the room.

• We made Skype calls, and watched more tv shows. I only ventured out when Sarah wanted some snacks from the local shop. There was a little argument over the whole ordeal, but it soon blew over, as if it were daffodil seeds in a strong breeze.

• Believe it or not, the pair of us didn’t actually leave the room until 8pm that evening. Like I said before, we are biding out time until Rachel arrives, there’s no need to spend any money until then really.

• We did a few tasks during our outdoor expedition, we collected our laundry, bought more groceries, and had some food at a nearby restaurant. There was also a brief visit to a DC Superhero store, but I won’t bore you with the details of such an amazing place.

• The dynamic duo then returned to the hotel to conclude their tiresome day in Melaka. They put on a movie, choosing one from the vast DVD collection on offer, sorted out some finances using online banking, then returned to the room to fall asleep. Not before watching one last tv show: Californication. Good night folks.


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