Day 135: Melaka, Malacca?

Seeing as we had been moving around, and doing things nonstop for a couple weeks, it was nice to finally pump the brakes and have a day off! Not much happened today, we spent around 85% of our time at the hotel. The day went a little something like this.

• We had a nice long lye in, waking around 10:00am. Even after that, we remained in our room for a bit, before heading downstairs to have breakfast.

• After the 2 slices of toast, and poor coffee, we returned to our cave.

• I had to go to reception at one stage to extend our stay. I was told, if we were to stay 2 more nights the price for our accommodation would decrease. So I did that, as it saved us having to look elsewhere, plus it was a nice enough hotel anyway.

• I returned to the room to tell Sarah the good news, and some two hours later, we prepared ourselves to explore the great outdoors. We were using Melaka (or Malacca, there’s various ways of spelling it) as a resting point, and to get stuff sorted before Sarah’s friend Rachel flew out.

• Before leaving the hotel, Sarah asked the guy if there were any rooms with a/c. Which at the time of booking, there wasn’t. He said he had one room free on our floor, and for 5 ringgit more we booked it. With that purchase we had ran out of money. We told the man we’d be back in half an hour to move our bags over.

• Our first task was to get laundry sorted. Our hotel did it, but they said there wasn’t anywhere for it to dry, as there was already other guests clothing hanging around. He pointed us to a nearby laundrette, and for 13 ringgit, we gave him our heavy load.

• We had a great location, directly behind our hotel was a 7 Eleven, a McDonald’s, and a giant super mall! By giant, I mean giant. It was very easy to get lost inside, which like always, we did. I still don’t understand how we are so easily able to get lost in the walls of various retail labyrinths.

• We somehow managed to locate a random ATM, got the cash, and explored the rest of the building. There were 6 levels in total. All of which were extremely spacious. The mall was so big that it needed two separate locations. Both buildings were on opposite sides of the same street. The other mall was equally as large. Eventually we found the exit, and began walking back to Lavender Guesthouse.

• I was feeling pretty peckish by then, and coming up fast was McDonald’s. I was feeling a bit disgusted at how many I’d had since being in Malaysia. So I didn’t even put up a fight when Sarah said I shouldn’t go inside. She did it for my own good, she said it was as bad for me as smoking. It wasn’t, but I’m sure my insides were taking a beating, and my cholesterol was probably going through the roof. That meant I was on a mission to have no more McDonald’s during my trip. I had quit, had I known my last one would have been at the bus station, I’d have ordered more!!!!!!!!

• I chose an alternative at the 7 Eleven instead. Cookies, chocolate bar, a box of honey cereals, and a slurpee (much healthier). The cereals claimed to be high in vitamins, but Ribena once claimed to be approved by dentists, and how wrong were they. Back at the hotel, I ate the whole box of cereals in one sitting. I paid for it in the end, I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day, and forwent any cooked food.

• I shifted the bags over after we ate, and for the rest of the day Sarah and I stayed in our room. Where I did my best to catch up on the blog.

• Earlier that day at the mall, we took pictures of the cinema times. There was a showing of the new “Jack the Giant Slayer”, at 10:20pm. Around 9:30ish, we made our way towards the mall for the second time that day. The reason being, we were trying to locate a supermarket. That way we could buy some ingredients and make food in the kitchen of our guesthouse.

• We were given directions in the first mall. We were told we’d have to cross the street towards the other mall. We ended up buying some toiletries, then located the supermarket on the basement level.

• Unfortunately, when we arrived it was closing. We did our best imitation of Dale Winton’s Supermarket Sweep. We grabbed fruit, and a new box of cereal, before paying, and making our way to the cinema.

• It was a popular choice, the seats were practically sold out, all but the front 2 rows. We managed to buy 2 seats beside each other, but weren’t allowed to take our bags inside. There were lockers we had to leave them in until after the film. We located our seats, sat down, and for 2 hours we were entertained by a moderately good movie. I didn’t really mind how good or bad the film was, it was just nice to be at the movies again.

• When the movie finished, like always, all the shutter doors were down in the mall. Luckily, we were able to follow a group of boys to the exit. I don’t think they knew they were acting as our tour guides. We paid another visit to the 7 Eleven, then returned to Lavender.

• We stayed in the room for the rest of the evening, where I knuckled down and began typing up the blog. It was around 3:40am before I stopped. It’s a hard life being me!!!


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