Day 128: When Worlds Collide

It was a throw back to our lazy days today. We didn’t do anything of worth, other than book up our transportation and accommodation at Malaysia’s national park, Taman Nagara. Gather round children, as I attempt to explain what happened on this fate-less day…

• It was a day like any other, the 4 of us refusing to wake up when the alarm clock rang. It went off a total of 4 times. 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, and finally at 10:30am. It turned out our friend Annelis had been setting them each time. She drew the line at 10:30, saying we had to get up as we had to book our trip!

• 5 minutes was all it took for me to jump from my bed, into the shower, and be ready for the day ahead. The girls on the other hand… Some hour and a half later we were set to start our day. Not before Anna and a sarah decided to move rooms. They were woken up by two Indian men early that morning, before the alarm had a chance to.

Each morning at 7:30am they’d wake up and start phoning business in an attempt to get jobs. Sarah snapped at one point and told them to keep it down. They did, but only for 5 minutes. In the end we had a word with the receptionist, who was ready to pack the guys things and move them to another room. Growing a conscience, Sarah said they’d move instead. We felt sorry for the guys actually, as each time they told the potential employees where they were from, it would resort in a swift ending of the phone call.

• When we finally got outside, we made our way towards the large pavilion shopping centre for breakfast. I made the bad decision to have T.G.I Friday’s, thinking it would be like home. I was wrong. I spent a whole 40 ringgit (£8) after the service charge and tax was added to the bill. Whereas the girls had a delicious meal elsewhere for less than half that price. What was worse than being sat alone eating was the fact there was nothing right with the meal. It was as if someone took the word “disappointment”, put it in a pan, cooked it, then served it to me. To add insult to injury, they didn’t even sell Jack Daniels sauce anymore.

• After our mixed review meals, we explored the shopping mall. I think I am losing what it takes to be a man these days, as I am beginning to enjoy looking around the shops with the girls. Well on this particular day anyway, as when we were finished looking at all the clothes stores we got a chance to visit the DC comics store. Even Meg was excited to go in. It was fantastic, they had replica memorabilia from the Batman movies, life size figures of comic book characters, lots of clothes and even more collectors items. In short I was like a kid in a candy store.

• We visited one more shop after comic land, but nothing was going to top that. It was an outlet store, where Sarah and Megan bought new garments. It was lucky for Meg, as she was growing bored of the shopping malls (I know right, a girl tired of shopping) until she saw some items she liked. She soon picked up then. Anna and I used that time to mess about trying on different clothes. The best bit? Dressing Anna up like a male hip hop star.

• On the way back to the hostel we made a few stops in various tourist shops until we found one selling packages to Taman Negara. By this point time was getting on, and we still hadn’t sorted anything. It turned out to be too expensive to buy a package, and would work out better if we sorted it ourselves.

• Sarah had some numbers on my phone from a pamphlet we had. She phoned them up and enquired about prices, it was looking promising. We decided it would be best to return to the hostel, do some research, and better think about our options.

• The end decision was that we’d pay 150 ringgit each (£30) to be picked up in the morning, and have accommodation at the park. We’d have to pay individually for food and activities though. Rather than pay 365 ringgit (£73) for a package where everything was included. It would be easier to book as we went, because that way we could pick and choose what we did.

• Not long after making the phone call to confirm our decision, Megan’s friend Jenna arrived. She had been out all day, after she was unable to get ahold of us earlier that morning.

Jenna was a northern lass, very slim, stood at 5’7 and a half inches (to be precise), And had short blonde hair. She left England along with Meg. They had only briefly parted ways, and much like the tiny Brummie, she loved anything hot and spicy. The hotter the better. Jenna shared a passion for wildlife, having volunteered to work with animals in Madagascar after her Asian trip. She’s a very easy girl to get along with, and so, it was inevitable that she’d join our roster. This now meant I had added another woman to my harem. When we were ready, the 5 of us went out for dinner.

• We chose an Indian restaurant at the bottom of the hill, where we enjoyed a nice meal. The receptionist from our hostel came over as we were ordering, and told the waiter to give us a discount. He didn’t! When we were done, talk of Cadburys came about, making me hungrier than I already was (as I’ve said before, the meals aren’t filling here). With that, we stopped in the local 7 Eleven. I returned to the hostel happy as could be with my kitkat ice cream.

• I packed my bag to avoid having to do it in the morning, then chatted to Meg and the girls in the doorway of Sarah and Anna’s new all girl dorm. Half way through the conversation a rather prudish girl closed the door in my face, before politely asking “do you mind?” Thinking she was wanting to get changed I said “no, not at all!” Turned out she was shutting me out from the room. Fair enough that if you pay for an all girl dorm you don’t want guys in with you, but to physically shut a door in a persons face is probably the rudest thing I have ever experienced!

• After having to wait 5-10 minutes before one of my friends opened the door, I received my phone back from Sarah, noticed the arrogant door closer led on her bed (rude cow) and made a Skype call to my mum. I then had to sit in the hallway of the hostel to write this blog entry, as it was the only place with an available socket to charge my phone. I went to bed around midnight, ready for an early start. This was gonna be difficult!














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