Day 126: Expecto Petronas

Well today was a very busy day, and one my legs are certainly feeling as I lie in bed at 00:53 typing away. I want to go to bed people, why do you do this to me? why couldn’t you just not like what I have to say each day? Actually, I’ve heard no feed back in a while, does this mean I am free? That I can give up?… Ah I wouldn’t do that to you, and I CAN’T do that to myself. I’ve come so far to pack it all in now. I’ve gone somewhat off topic, let’s get to it.

• Four hours had passed, that’s all, just four, since I had climbed into bed that morning. I was woken from my slumber by the confused feeling of a dodgy stomach, and the feeling of wanting to be sick. Knowing that I hadn’t had enough to drink to be feeling this way, it meant it could only be one thing – food poisoning.

• After debating wether or not I had the energy to wander along the corridor to the toilet, I got up. As soon as I locked the toilet door I found I had to make a mad dash to my porcelain pal, and yell Europe down his face!

• “Bluergh, Urgh, Europe, Bluergh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Oh God, Bluergh!”

• I felt much better after that, and there were no follow up appointments. With that I returned to my bed and slept until 11am with the other 3.

• When the 4 of us finally woke up, we were greeted in the room by a male employee. He handed me a note, then and there I thought I was in trouble. There was nothing to worry about, it was a note from Lorenzo telling me his full name so I could add him on Facebook. He wanted to keep in touch, later on that morning I did as he asked. It was also then that we were told of a complaint made against us, damn girl!

• We decided to go out for a walk, and find somewhere to eat breakfast. There was one thing we needed first though, and that was a hangover cure, a slurpee from the nearby 7 Eleven should do it. The place we found for breakfast was a Chinese restaurant around the corner. The food was so so, I was worried that I’d spoiled pork for myself, after how much I ate the previous night, but it was still just as tasty. The noodles however, were all stuck together.

• After food, we walked towards a nearby police shelter. This was where you went if you wanted to adopt an officer… Just kidding, these were stations dotted around the city used to report crimes. The officer inside gave us a map, along with directions to get to the tourist police station. With that we made our way there, not before stopping in H&M to look at clothes (obviously the mugging wasn’t that important). Told you I’d get dragged there!

• I’ll make it quick, the girls bought nothing. This was partly due to the prices being higher than back home, and the fact the store had no shorts for sale. The best bit about the place was the smell, it took me home instantly. You know, because I spent the most part of my weekends going around shops like that with Sarah.

• When we left the lovely cool building, only to embrace the humid heat again, we walked over to the monorail station. We got our blue coins, and two stops later we had reached our destination.

• We located the tourist police station pretty quickly, no thanks to the officers good directions. Inside, Megan had to fill out several forms, give a statement, and describe the muggers as best she could. The whole process took around 30 minutes, and afterwards we treated ourselves to a visit to the chocolate shop next door.

• We were given many free samples by an employee, some were nice, others not so much. The white chocolate hazelnut was the winner of the day, whereas the durian, and chilli ones were vile. The four of us went halfsies on two boxes of chocolates, then continued along the pavement to the Petronas Towers.

• These two gigantic, behemoth towers were a visual marvel. Never have I been so impressed with what man had built. We spent a good 45 minutes taking pictures outside the building, looking like idiots as we pulled faces and poses, before taking a look inside.

• The a/c of the building was so strong that you could feel it well before you reached the entrance. It was like walking inside a giant fridge, it was refreshing to say the least. It was just as impressive a spectacle inside as it was out. Most of the shops were famous designer brands, such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs etc, all of which were out of our price range. This didn’t stop the girls from finding a cheap accessories store though.

• They spent a good while looking at each ring, necklace, earring meticulously. Sarah even got it into her head that I was going to buy her something, she even said she liked me more that day… I wonder why. Empty handed, we left the shop and grabbed a coffee across the way.

• It was then that we enjoyed our chocolates, along with our drinks. Afterwards, we made an effort to find out how much it would cost to reach the bridge between the two towers. It would cost 80 ringgit (£16), but was closed on Mondays. We decided to return the next day, preferably in the evening so we could see it in lights.

• Next, we caught a train to a market. That one didn’t turn out to be very big, and most of the items were quite pricey. We learned the other markets were close by, so decided to walk it. After stopping in a McDonald’s for some energy food, we soldiered on until we reached the Chinese market.

• They sold everything: hats, watches, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, clothes, pretty much the same as every other market we’d been to before. Only this time I wasn’t kicking up a fuss. I was actually having a great day.

• The group got divided, team Sarah and Ben vs team Anna and Megan. We explored the grounds like that until we bumped back into each other again. With the foursome back together, we walked the remaining grounds together. The only purchase of the day was when Anna bought some trousers before we left.

• Sarah had read of another marketed within close proximity, and decided we could just see it from the outside to see if it was worth coming back for. With our legs growing more and more fatigued, we continued to walk. I think you can all probably guess, a quick visit to see what it looked like, ended up being a full hour long visit.

• I don’t recall if the girls bought anything, all I know is my legs were dog tired by the end of it. The indoor market (established 1888 for those who care) turned out to be bigger than I’d hoped. All selling the same tat as everywhere else, we looked anyway. When it came time to leave, we all used what little energy we had left to carry us on our way back home… There’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to reeeeeest, don’t you cry no more!!! Sorry, I got caught up in music then. (I know that not the real lyrics to Wayward Son).

• Again, we had to ask for directions to navigate the streets of KL, and by this time it was dark. Unfortunately, to get back we’d have to walk the snatch and grab street again. Only this time, instead of their being muggers, we had to pass another dangerous foe, a snake. We all expected the worst when we heard Megan shout “snake, snake!” She got our defences up immediately, Sarah and I were so busy looking out for people on scooters, that we nearly stood on the scaly creature. You’ll be pleased to know we made it back safe and sound. Partly due to the roads being so busy, it was still quite sketchy to walk there so soon after.

• We grabbed some snacks at our favourite, 7 Eleven, and returned to Serenity. We sat on the sofas watching a film that was already playing, as well as making a Skype call to the always amazing Janet Howe. When we said our goodbyes, Sarah and I returned to the streets to grab some pre bed food (corn on the cob, always a good choice) before calling it a night and hitting the hay on our bunk bed.

There you have it folks, another nights hard work done, and as ever, my reward (as well as pleasing you guys) is sleep. It is now 01:43 and I am officially signing off. Good night all.







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