Day 122: The Big V

Hmmm, how to describe today? Wet, cold, both adequate adjectives I could use. I think we were still cursed from Langkawi. Ever since visiting that blasted island nothing had gone to plan.

• We got up at 8:30am with the intention of looking for new accommodation, we needn’t have bothered. Sarah Duxbury to the rescue, our silver tongued saviour picked up the phone and rang ahead to a hotel called Kang Traveller. They had space and we took it.

• For some reason Christine got up, dressed, then left the room. Earlier, while pretending to sleep, I heard a hushed Canadian accent blabbing about something to Anna.
A while later, the remaining four of us sat around a table drinking tea. Sarah then returned to the room to pack the last of her bag and return to us, but who should show up? None other than Christine herself!!!
She had an underlying issue (of which there wasn’t one) from the night before, when both her and Sarah attempted to talk to the receptionist about our room situation. Sarah having no issue heard Christine out, they made up, and that was that.
Just for the record, this wouldn’t have happened with guys.

• With the 5 of us reunited, we checked out and headed to our new hotel. We were told we’d have to wait an hour before our room would be ready. We chose to go next door for breakfast. It made sense. Not before Sarah looked like a thief by having our old room key in her pocket. She found it when a guy from the hotel came asking for it. Naughty girl!

• After food we took our bags to the new room, it was a lot bigger than the last, but the shower was freezing. We then made a plan of action using the brochure we procured during our wait. We decided to visit a tea plantation (riveting right?). To do that we’d need to catch a bus, next stop, the bus station.

We had missed it, so the next logical idea was to enquire at the taxi office. Now, because of the Chinese New Year and school holidays, it meant the traffic was terrible, and catching a taxi would cost too much. They would only take us if we hired them for 3 hours, for that reason alone. We then decided to wait for the 2:30pm bus. Again, because of the traffic we were told it would be late.

• We waited an hour and a half in total, in the end we gave up. While waiting we noticed a map of the area. We could do a mini hike of our own and see one of the many strawberry farms and a waterfall. With that, we set off.

• We followed the signs, walked along pathways, through woodlands, across rickety bridges, even did pull ups on some random pull up bars we found in the open. Seeing as I hadn’t exercised in a while I thought I’d see how many I could do. In my prime I achieved 20 in a row. Now? Not so much. I managed 4. FOUR! It was disgusting, still, it was more than the girls achieved. All three of them together couldn’t even manage one.

• It was a nice walk, and at points it reminded me of a stroll through the woodlands back home. The floors were quite slippery, this was due to the torrential downpours we’d been having throughout the day. Again, it reminded me of home. We didn’t end up locating the Parot Falls waterfall, but we did stumble upon the strawberry farm.

• We sat and enjoyed a glass of strawberry juice, before walking through the farm picking our own strawberries. The reason for this? It was every guys favourite day, VALENTINES DAY! It’s the same every year, girls put their pics on Facebook of what their boyfriends have got/done for them. Then when other girlfriends see this it becomes a huge competition, a one up man ship.

Seeing as we were travelling, it made it quite difficult to think of what to do for Sarah. That’s where the strawberries came in, I figured I could use some science to make chocolate strawberries. I’d need two glasses, fill the bottom one with hot water, then the top with chocolate chunks. The steam from the water should (in theory) melt the chocolate, giving Sarah a lovely dip for her fruit.

• We filled a miniature box with the red beauties, then sat in the shelter hoping to wait out the rain.

• Not wanting to walk back through the jungle we decided to take the roads back. It turned out to be a short cut. We got back to the beginning in no time, then at 6pm we were back at the hotel. We had been out for a total of 3 hours.

• After dropping off our purchases (including the required chocolate) we grabbed some dinner. Anna and Megan decided to go out drinking with the Canadian girls we met at the concert. While Sarah and I returned to the room to celebrate valentines day. I didn’t have a glass for my science experiment. So, after a quick visit to a nearby store I was sorted.

• I used the hotels hot water machine several times, as it wasn’t quite hot enough. I took photos of the end results and shoved them on Facebook, much to my friend Kieran’s sarcastic comments. Sarah seemed delighted with her present, but when she went on Facebook a bit later on, one of her friends had got engaged… Dammit!

• Sarah and I remained in the room for the rest of the evening, we couldn’t be bothered to go out, on accounts of us being lazy, and the weather being freezing outside. I wrote out a couple of postcards to my nan (bless her and the older generations) they love the short hand. Facebook, Skype and the like are something of a foreign concept. I filled out both postcards (I had a lot to write about) and put them along with the other presents, ready to send home in the morning, then climbed into bed.

• Both Anna and Megan hadn’t returned. The time was around 1am before the door opened, and 1:44am by the time I finished this blog. We grounded our adopted child Anna, and told Megan that it was probably best if she went home, as she was clearly a bad influence on Anna. They didn’t listen, and paraded around the room regardless. I guess this is the price I pay for having a harem!









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