Day 116: Sleeping With The Fishes

Today was a great day. Initially we thought it was going to be bad, but it soon took a turn for the better. We believed our day trip to go snorkelling was going to fall victim to the Langkawi curse, and be a let down like all the other activities before it. Not today however. It ended up being one of the best trips we’ve done in Asia.

• It was an early start, 7:15am to be precise. Being the gentleman that I am, I opted to use the bathroom last of all. We then went to the lobby, grabbing a big yoghurt drink for breakfast.

• Somewhere between 8-9am the bus showed up to take us to the port for the start of our trip. We were given 20 minutes to buy some food, or use the bathrooms. I opted for the latter, and grew extremely annoyed by the fact we had to pay to use the bog. No matter where a toilet is there always seems to be a toll. A toilet toll.

• When we were seated on our ferry, we had to wait ages before we started moving. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact the a/c was on full blast, freezing all it’s passengers. To begin with we thought the reason we weren’t moving was because we were waiting on all the passengers to climb aboard. It turned out we were waiting on port clearance.

• Some 40-50 minutes later the engines roared to life, and our vessel started shifting. There were lots of people aboard the ship, we grew concerned of this fact because we paid to snorkel and see fish, not other people. We thought they had over sold it again. Luckily, the majority of the passengers were Chinese and Japanese, and previous experiences had taught us they weren’t avid swimmers. That’s not racist, it’s just an observation.

• We hurried along when the boat stopped on the island. We ran along the boardwalk, dropped our bags, grabbed the snorkels and rushed into the water. Oh, and as we ran along the boardwalk we saw baby sharks swimming in the sea!

• As predicted, the Japanese and Chinese tourists kept on their lifejackets, and remained in the shallows. While the 4 of us swam out like mermaids (and mermen) to admire all the aquatic beauty.

• There was every type of fish in the waters. I saw more sea life in those few hours snorkelling, than I did when I went diving. There were clown fish, angel fish, grouper fish, trumpet fish, parrot fish, big fish, little fish, even a cardboard box, and as previously mentioned, there were sharks. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we brave few souls took our lives into our own hands, and swam amongst the seas most feared creature.

They were only baby ones near the shallows, black tips to be exact. They didn’t hang around to see us, whenever we got close they’d swim away in a rather fast manner. We all initially started out with lifejackets, as for some reason we were issued them on the ferry. After a while they grew to be something of a hindrance, so I returned them to our table. The sea was very salty, so we had no trouble staying buoyant.

We stopped for a quick lunch, which was delicious by the way, during which time we watched idiots feeding the fish. Everyone was strictly told not to do this as the fish become dependant on the food, as well as lazy when it comes to foraging. Not wanting to miss a good photo opportunity they continued anyway, like usual it was the bloody Chinese and Japanese at it again. They’ll take pictures of anything! Also, they were using the delicious cake as bait. After lunch the 4 of us walked all the way along the boardwalk, until we reached a secluded beach. We then got back in the sea to explore the beautiful coral reefs.

Although the reef was amazing, there weren’t as many fish as the previous area. It made for great photos on Anna’s Gopro camera as we dived to the bottom of the ocean. Sarah got annoyed because she was unable to sit on the seabed, unlike a certain Poseidon type figure.. Ahem, mentioning no names, Ben Norris. Not to brag but I was great, and I have photos to prove it! At one point I accidentally knocked Sarah’s cadaver ring from her finger. Not to worry, using what I learned in dive school, I swam to the bottom and got it back.

All that bragging soon came back to bite me in the backside when I missed a great sight. Sarah saw it first, then Anna. It was a 5-6 foot shark. Forget the baby ones, this one was big. It scared the living life out the pair of them, and annoyed me to no end that I missed it. I think I was too busy messing around underwater. We headed back to our previous spot soon after, and with only half an hour remaining of the trip, spent our time there.

• We then queued up in an orderly fashion, the Asian amongst us pushing and shoving, until we reached the small boats. They were essentially water taxis, taking us to the big ferries. We then got comfy for an hour long ride back to town.

• We caught the bus from the port back to our motel, where the 4 of us took it in turns to shower. With me being such a gent, I went last, again. It’s hard being a guy sometimes.

• Our dynamic group then went out for food, followed by coffee, followed by McDonald’s for me (it’s so much better in Malaysia, as a whole meal cost £1.80), then to a restaurant for the girls. They had a go at me for not eating the other day, you wanna know what they had? (Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway) 2 garlic naan’s, that’s it. hypocrisy!

• Back in our room Sarah got the tablet out so we could use Anna’s memory card. We spent the rest of the evening looking through the photos from the days underwater activities, I’ll let you guys be the judges of wether they’re good or not…20130303-124409.jpg20130303-124349.jpg20130303-124322.jpg20130303-125212.jpg




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