Day 99: One For All, And All For Nothing

I find it easier once again to describe the events of today in bullet point format. Nothing exciting happened whatsoever, to the point that if you skipped today’s blog, you’d miss nothing. Here it goes all the same…

• The 3 musketeers woke up at 9am to the sounds of Jamie’s alarm clock.

• I got up and began to clean out a toiletry bag, of which some of it’s contents had leaked. I stopped half way through to go for breakfast with the others.

• We had an all you could eat, all inclusive breakfast. By all you can eat I mean all you can eat toast. You had to pay for bacon or eggs. Coffee and tea was included also.

• After returning to the room, Jamie and Sarah went to book up a different guesthouse for the night, followed by a morning at the pool. As for me, I gutted my bag and tried to find a new way of packing which might make the darn thing easier to carry… I didn’t. While that was happening a cleaner came in and tidied the room, even though I said she didn’t have to.

• Come check out time (12pm) Jamie returned to grab his bags and take them to the new place. He told me that Sarah had asked for me to take mine and her bags down to the pool when I was done. Where I took so long to sort everything, the lady in question returned to the room. “You’ve been ages!” Were her words.

• We took the bags down to a storage room, then spent the next few hours relaxing by the pool. I made a quick visit to the nearby 7 eleven to grab us some slurpies (god they’re good) then when I returned I took some holiday snaps involving the trolls. My neighbour from home, Tracie, had given Sarah and I the trolls as good luck gifts before we left England.

• Jamie went out for the day to visit the Death Railway. Sarah and I had already seen it before so that’s why we stayed behind. It was probably nice for Jamie to get away from us for a while anyway.

• When he got back, the 3 of us went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. The food wasn’t as good as the street vendors but filled a hole nonetheless. There were many letters written on the walls and counters for us to read as we sat there. Non of any importance, but it made for light entertainment as we ate.

• We returned to the pool soon after eating and remained there until the sun went down. It made for some nice photos, and unfortunately I missed the photo opportunity of a low flying helicopter as its silhouette danced across the sun.

• Before it got too dark we grabbed our bags and moved to the new guesthouse. We’d be staying there for the following 2 nights.

• The showers were freezing cold, so Sarah and I took it in turns to have the quickest showers in recorded history. We then prepared ourselves for the night ahead.

• As we left the room to meet Jamie in the restaurant area, there was a cat watching on intently as a man did some yoga in the garden area. I only mention this because I immediately thought… “Cats Entertainment!”

• We stayed for one beer. During which time the guesthouse started to play the movie The Impossible (yes, the very same film which made Sarah’s face balloon up a little while previous). We had to leave soon after our drinks as Sarah began to grow emotional again.

• Our first task when we left the guesthouse was to find some food. Sarah read in the Lonely Planet that there was a nearby food market. We decided to catch a tuktuk to the bus station as it was supposedly nearby. Now, wether or not there actually was a food market we don’t know. Either way the tuktuk driver drove us to its supposed location, but we couldn’t find it, even after asking for directions. In the end we caught a tuktuk back, stopping for cash on the way.

• We ate at a restaurant. Jamie saw a place just up the road that sold Thai food. The prices were average, but the food was way too hot for me. I ordered a simple fried noodle with chicken and cashews. After eating all of it I found myself with smoke coming from my ear holes, my tongue throbbing in my mouth and no volume of beer would cool it.

• We then went to the market we were at the night before to find some more food at a cheaper price, also in the hopes that the lady selling corn on the cob would still be there. She wasn’t. We bought alternatives instead; sweet corn in a cup, waffles, another waffle and some sweets (which were flavourless and horrid).

• As we wandered through the market Jamie and Sarah’s hearts melted. The cause, 3 Thai breed puppies. It was nice to see the owners who were selling them. They really cared for the animals and weren’t just trying to make a quick buck. They told us they had the mother and father at home, along with 3 other puppies. They also said each one was going for a price of £75 each. I explained that back in England they’d go for much more, to which the man said nobody would pay in Thailand… “Too expensive,” were his words.

• We left soon after to return to the Main Street near our guesthouse, stopping in a 7 Eleven to buy snacks in an attempt to fill my bottomless pit of a stomach.

• We stopped in one bar (passing the ladieboys which complimented Sarah on her hair earlier on) and had a beer. I spoiled Sarah once again and bought her a cocktail. The reward I got for such a generous act… My nails painted using the new nail polish she bought at the market. We stayed there for a while where we played a couple games of doubles pool. Sarah and I, Jamie and a female staff member. The employees must play all the time as she rarely missed a shot. Sarah and I lost both games.

• We then moved on to the next bar, not before being chased by a staff member to make sure we paid for our drinks, we had. The next bar was more popular, but more noisy. It had the occasional idiot in there, of which Jamie wound up. He was a northern lad spouting on about England and Scotland wanting to be separate countries. Jamie annoyed him for a while before returning to us at the table.

• Sarah and I didn’t stay for long, we made conversation with an American who had just started working there, before heading back to our room.

• It was around 1am by the time we got in. Because the a/c had been blowing all day it made our little greenhouse of a room more like an igloo. We did our best to wrap up, covering ourselves in our sleeping bag liners, and the provided blanket. I then passed out while Sarah continued to read her book.


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