Day 97: Splitting Hairs

I think it’s safe to say that when we woke up we were slightly delicate. Jamie came a knocking for us around 11am. This gave us an hour before we had to check out. In that time we managed to get showered, pack our bags and have breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. After eating we checked out. Then began a wasted two hour journey visiting hotels in the aim of finding somewhere that was a bit cheaper. The first one wasn’t that nice (looking like a hospital room, and had no bathroom), the second was too much (£28 a night), the third was dirty and still needed cleaning. In the end we returned to our original hotel and booked up another nights accommodation. By the time I got the bags back to the room (by bags I mean mine and Sarah’s backpacks) I was a hungover sweaty mess. We then dropped them off in the room and headed outside to get a refreshing watermelon shake, and walk around the market stalls.

We didn’t end up finding anything to buy in Khoa San, so got a lift to the large outdoor weekend market instead. Initially we wanted to get a taxi to avoid any complications with the driver, no taxi wanted to go that far, so in the end we got a tuktuk. He claimed to know the way and told us he’d take us there for 100 baht. With one stop to a bloody tailor. We agreed, climbed aboard and 10 minutes later we were irritating an Indian looking fellow in the tailors. He ended up getting frustrated because we weren’t there to buy anything, and sent us on our way with a business card. The tuktuk driver then showed his true colours by saying he would take us to a different market as the one we wanted was too far away. Frustrated, we agreed but said we’d only pay him 20 baht for the inconvenience.

His choice of market was rubbish, and we ended up exploring the huge MBK super mall instead. We were there for a couple hours before catching a taxi back to the hotel, walking away empty handed. After returning to the hotel we didn’t hang around for long before Sarah and I found a taxi which would take us to the hospital. The reason for the visit was to diagnose Sarah’s hair condition. The hospital itself was phenomenal. It was a huge 12 story building, equivalent to how I imagine the Ritz to be. After Sarah registered herself at a counter she was issued with a members card and was promptly seen too. The NHS could learn a thing or too from that place. I can see why people choose private healthcare now. There was no hanging around, and after seeing a doctor, Sarah was issued a blood test, of which the results would be phoned to her within 2 hours. She then had to pay £75 for the luxury of the visit. We then returned to the hotel to await a phone call. During that time a couple Skype calls were made before the phone rang to say the blood tests showed no symptoms. Baffling!!!!

After grabbing Jamie Bliss from his room the 3 of us went out for some street food. Pad Thai was the food of choice, followed by Jamie and Sarah purchasing some new clothes. We went to a bar for one drink, playing a game of spot the odd couple whenever they’d pass, as we sat at our ivory tower table. We then called it a night and made our way back to the hotel around 11pm. I then had the pleasure of a private catwalk show as Sarah modelled her new clothes. Lucky me!


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