Day 92: We Siem To Be Hungover

Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that was the general consensus for the three of us as we came to life at 11:30am. Our hangovers kicked in well and truly, although mine was somewhat perturbed by the litre of water I necked before bed. There was a new guy in our room who we made small talk with before he disappeared and went about his day. Seeing as it was close to midday there was no way we were going to make it for check out, not only that, we had no other travel plans arranged or accommodation. For those reasons alone we decided we’d stay at the hostel for another night, that way we could rest off our hangovers in peace. We then left the room and headed to the lobby for breakfast, and to see if we could upgrade from the dorm to a private room.

It only cost an extra dollar each, and before breakfast was served we dragged our bags across the hallway to our new room. After eating we spent the best part of the day in our room doing nothing but relaxing. Jamie slept, Sarah wouldn’t stop crying to the movie The Impossible, causing her face to change colour and swell to unnatural proportions. As for me, I spent a good 2-3 hours typing up what we had done the previous day. The day went on like that, with the odd exception of Jamie and I playing pool once or twice, before the three of us went into town at 6:30pm.

It was a short visit to town really, lasting around 2-3 hours. In that time we found somewhere to eat, afterwards Jamie sorted his cv for job applications, while Sarah and I explored the market and stopped in The Blue Pumpkin for a brownie. The reason for 3 hours fitting into a single paragraph was because nothing note worthy happened. The only slightly amusing thing that happened was when we asked a tuktuk driver to take us back to the hotel. He claimed to know the way back (his face said otherwise) and when we sat in the vehicle he revealed how he was bluffing by saying to us “I’ll just go speak to my brother”. As we got closer to the nearby museum (a place we used as a reference to help him) he said “which way now?” You’re the one who’s supposed to know. A lot of the drivers claim they know the way to places, to give them their due they do try their best, but after 20 odd wrong turns they usually give up and ask someone, and in all fairness they don’t charge you any more money. All they really waste is your time, and it’s not like we are ever in a hurry.

We got back to the hotel, hassle free, paid the driver then returned to our room. Just when I thought I could relax Sarah spotted something run behind the bed when she turned on the light. She worried that it was a cockroach, it wasn’t, it was a small lizard. She wasn’t that worried about it but still sent me down to tell the people behind the counter. Never have I looked more of an idiot. They didn’t seem too bothered, and looked surprised that I would even come to them with such an issue. Claiming the lizards are a good thing as they eat the mosquitoes. All the same, they gave me a container and wished me luck. When I got back to the room the lizard had gone, so I returned the container to the German owner. I also got out of looking a fool by claiming Sarah had calmed down about it (genius). He then sympathised with me (sucker) telling me a story of how his sister is the same, and a similar situation happened to him when she stayed in one of his old hotels in Phnom Pehn. I then returned to the room where I remained for the rest of the night. I took a nice long shower, typed up the blog, and watched some tv, before closing the curtain on another day living the dream!


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