Day 90: You Siem Reap What You Sew

So today couldn’t be more boring to write about if it tried. It consisted of us doing very little. Even worse, on the first day of us being able to have a lye in we were disturbed at 7:30am by a new guy checking in. What a jerk this guy was. He was brought into the room by the German guy who runs the hostel. He attempted to speak as quietly as possible to his new guest but ended up talking. This was the first factor to wake me up. Secondly (after the German guy left) our new roommate went about making as much noise as he could. Here’s the order in which his tirade went.
Opening locker,
closing locker,
opening locker because he forgot something,
shoves bag back into locker,
shuts locker, goes to bathroom,
pees very loudly (making sure to hit the water at the bottom),
cleans teeth,
washes face,
splashes water around for a good 2 minutes,
goes back to locker,
finally leaving and closing the door.
“Ahhhh silence, but wait”, 10 minutes pass.
Door opens,
locker opens,
locker closes,
room door opens and closes.
“Right, now I might get some sleep”. 5 minutes later,
door opens…..
“AHHHHHH £&&@&&&&@££ you £&@&£& just go away!!!!!!” Screamed the voice in my head. Eventually the new guy left and I was left to rest. I typed up yesterday’s blog, when sleep didn’t arrive, then when I had finished I drifted off for a good hour and a half. It was 10:30am before Jamie, Sarah and I thought about getting up. We stayed in the lobby for a while where we played some pool, had some breakfast then around 1pm walked into town.

Not much happened really. The main aim for Jamie was to find an Internet cafe, so he could check emails and the like. For Sarah it was a case of finding flip flops, which meant for me it was a case of being dragged around the stalls (once again) as Sarah has a terrible habit of getting herself lost. We initially looked around the market stalls, but in the end Jamie and I sat on the pavement waiting. All the while, a tuktuk driver was shouting over what fares he offered, to which we mostly ignored. When Sarah came out we wandered around for a while before stopping in a cafe for an ice crunchy (espresso, vanilla ice cream with cookies and cream on top). With aching stomachs from too much dairy we left. It was a couple streets over that Jamie found his Internet cafe.

We left him there, then I got dragged around the markets. I certainly am a lucky guy, it’s every guys dream to go around market stalls with their girlfriends, and here I was living it! (That’s sarcasm for those who didn’t get it). We wandered around for a good hour or so (Sarah still not buying flip flops, instead, she bought pearl earrings) before returning to Jamie. He said he’d stay where he was, as he wasn’t quite done, and would meet us back at the hotel. We decided to save the $2 fare and walk, it only took around 15 minutes and when we got back there was still no power at the hotel.

The pair of us played a couple more games of pool and ate some fries before Jamie came through the doors. A couple more pool games later and the power returned to the area. We never found out what caused the blackout, but it wasn’t just the hotel which was affected, apparently Battambang was powerless too, as well as some small businesses. My guess, the power was probably being redirected somewhere else. Sarah spent the best part of her time arranging a plan for our trip to Angkor Wat the next day. While Jamie and I continued our games of pool. They soon left after Sarah was finished to get showered and ready for the night ahead, while I got collared (as I finished potting my balls) by a young male staff member. He roped me into playing another game. I lost, but it was soooo close. I then headed upstairs with the others to shower and get ready.

I don’t know why we bothered, as for the rest of the evening we ended up staying at the hotel. This was because we wanted an early night (seeing as we had to be up at 5am) and it was already getting on for 9pm. We had food there, Jamie watched the Man U vs Liverpool match, Sarah went on the computer and I downloaded more movies for future bus rides. Jamie and I then played another game of pool after our satisfying chicken burgers. For once, no twice, I finally beat Jamie, I was playing like a pro. I lost the third game though. It was then an appropriate time back home to be able to phone my Mum, I made a half hour call before returning to the dorm room.

“Right”, I thought. There he was. The noise maker from early that morning. Should I take revenge, or not? I decided against it… For now, and packed a day bag ready for the morning. I then went about my evening routines, got in bed, typed out this blog, and set an alarm for 4:45am. Sleep well noise maker, for tomorrow I may not be so forgiving!!!!


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