Day 87: If I Had a Hammer… I’d Annoy Ben & Sarah

Bang, bang, bang, saw, saw, saw. Five to eight that started, talk about commitment to your job. That was the sounds that woke us up early on our first possible day of a lye in. Seeing as I had a can of energy drink in the fridge I cracked that open and enjoyed some television from the comfort of our bed, while Sarah attempted to sleep through it (what a trooper). A couple hours later Jamie rocked up to our door looking a little bleary eyed. This was because he got in at the early hours of 5am after his night out with Steve. He briefly told us about the events before heading back to bed, with us agreeing to come get him around half twelve. Sarah and I ended up watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother until then, with me taking a quick shower before we left. We rounded up Jamie (who was still asleep) and went out for brunch. We chose a little place a stones throw from us. We remained there for an hour or so, playing pool and enjoying our food (well I say enjoying, the ribs I had tasted horrible. So much so I feared they may have belonged to a dog). We then paid the bill and ended up returning to the hotel. Jamie choosing to go back to his room to sleep and Sarah and I to ours to watch tv shows and HBO.

After several hours we returned to Jamie and headed out for the second time. We made a quick stop to a nearby travel shop where we booked up a minibus to Kampot. It would pick us up the following morning at 11:30am. The three of us then went to a bar for a couple beers and more pool. When we had enough of that, and by the way I was playing, believe me, I had had enough. It was back to the hotel to get ready for a night out in Sihanoukville. For tonight we would drink like alcoholics! First stop before any alcohol could be consumed was to a restaurant for some pre drink food. I chose a Moroccan based dish, which was really tasty but small. Afterwards, the three of us went to yet another bar for beers, cocktails and more games of pool. The next bar we visited had fire dancers again (it appears to be tradition over here, the woman love it though…. Note to self, learn to fire dance).

We stayed there for one round then walked along the beach to visit a couple more bars. The procedure went the same, drinks, drinks, drinks, it’s not worth writing down as nothing excited happened. Unless you count the big chested club rep jumping up and down, but that’s another story! I wasn’t even drunk by the end of the night. To conclude our night, we sat on the beach while Jamie ate his bacon sandwich and I petted a friendly dog that came to join us. I met this canine the last time we were there, but for some reason he tried to bite my hand, he didn’t break the skin, luckily, instead left me with a pinch mark. Worried that I might have rabies I chose to ignore the toothy git, and we returned to our hotel. It was then off to bed in preparation for our ride to Kampot the next day.


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