Day 85: Scuba Squad, Day 2

It was another 8am start for Jamie and I, we slithered out of the room to let Sarah remain asleep and made our way to the dive centre for another free breakfast. This time we chose the bacon and egg baguette option. Afterwards, we went to the dive centre office ready for our paper test. Not having done any revision we were slightly concerned, luckily for us it was multiple choice. We began with a mock test to get a taste of what to expect, Jamie and I conferred throughout just to make sure we had a good understanding of each question. It wasn’t too bad, with the most of it being common sense questions. We flew through it and were then onto the main test. There were 50 questions and no time limit, the only thing we had to do was achieve a score of over 75%. Again, Jamie and I conferred throughout (slightly quieter than before) and both ended up with 92%… How did that happen I wonder?

Tom explained to us the 4 questions we got wrong, but was happy with how we did. It was then into the water for a fitness test. We had to swim to the end of the peer and back, then tread water for 10 minutes. I found it pretty easy considering it was my first form of exercise in over 2 and a half months. Jamie and I then got onto a boat for a 40 minute ride to our drop point. Today we’d be diving deeper. Our gear was already laid out on the boat for us, all we had to do was assemble it. When we did that it wasn’t long before we were jumping into the blue for more underwater fun.

Fun being the right choice of words there. We didn’t practise any moves underwater for the first dive, instead we went to 6.6 metres for 37.5 minutes, where we swam and admired the coral reefs. We saw so many colourful fish and other beautiful sea life. It was true what the voice over lady said on the video yesterday, “diving is like opening a doorway to a whole new world”. During our 37.5 minutes Jamie nearly managed to sit on a sea urchin, narrowly avoiding it thanks to Tom’s keen eye. The reason for our return was Jamie and his greedy lungs, before we knew it he had managed to get from 210 bars right down to 50 (the minimum). When we got back aboard the boat it was lunch time. Before we could eat there was a small matter of changing over the air tanks. We did it a bit quicker than earlier on and then dived into some food (no pun intended). The food was great, it was tuna pasta, with the option to add to the plate, beef, fruit, beans and carrots. We wolfed it down with the other divers and “snorkellers”, before jumping back into the water for a deeper dive.

Before going under we had to be evaluated on our manoeuvres. This meant Tom would tell us what he wanted us to do and we would perform them unassisted. We must have done it all correctly as we weren’t asked to repeat them. Down we went deeper and deeper until we reached the seabed at a depth of 11.8 metres. Again, we had to remove the mask and clear it, then we had to exchange regulators. We did all these with a lot more ease than the previous day, we then continued on an underwater exploration. We were down for quite a while but couldn’t really see much as the current was quite strong, causing the sea bed to float about obscuring our vision. We did manage to see some barracuda that day though so we didn’t go away empty handed, ‘ere they were big in all young’un. Jamie’s lungs sucked up all his air, again, and with 35-40 minutes we were heading to the surface, following Tom at a steady pace.

We floated in the water behind the safety of Tom’s bright red floatation device. The boat went around picking up each group before returning us to the dive centre once more. Jamie and I had to clean the gear before being allowed to leave. We were instructed by Tom to get the equipment ready when we arrived in the morning. When everything was washed and put away the pair of us headed back to the hostel. To my surprise Sarah was already there. She had made friends with an American girl named Emily and had spent the day with her. I quickly showered and met the pair of them downstairs. Jamie and I decided to go for dinner on accounts of us working up an Atlantean sized appetite. There was only one place we could go, can you guess? If you said Monkey Island, congratulations you’d be correct.

I ordered the chicken fajitas, while Jamie had the chicken caesar salad. Both meal proportions were huge, after we ate and paid we returned to the hostel to see the girls. We remained there for an hour or so, where Jamie and I played some pool, while Sarah made fun of our burned faces (the tables would turn on her the next day though hahaha). The four of us then returned to Monkey Island an hour later when the girls grew hungry. This time around I had the pad thai, again it was a huge serving. When we were done eating tiredness chose to pay me a visit, even after I had my post diving caffeine treat of Fanta. We remained at Monkey Island for an hour or so before returning to the hostel. For the second night running, I went to bed early, around 9pm (as did Sarah, claiming she was coming down with a sickness bug).


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