Day 83: Monkeying Around

Yaaaaaawn, streeeeetch ah to wake up after a lie in was a real treat. I guess being up for those 18 hours really did take a toll on us. It was 10:15am before we woke up. And getting on for 11 before we left the room. We decided it would be best to go to Monkey Island once again for breakfast. This time around we all ordered the same meal, a full English
breakfast. We remained at the restaurant for a while, eating, playing card games, and finalising blogs. When we settled the bill we quickly returned to the hotel to apply some suntan lotion and get changed for our day of laziness. I don’t know why we bothered, for some reason it wasn’t that sunny. It was more overcast than anything. Nevertheless we didn’t let the poor weather deter us from exploring the island in an attempt to find the solitary beach. Growing tired from the lack of things to do on Koh Rong, Jamie and I thought it would be best to book up the one thing that brought us there: the diving. The diving school was right opposite our hostel, 5 minutes later our names were down for the next day at 9am.

To get to the beach of solitude we had to make our way through a mini jungle, during which time Jamie nearly stood on a bright red snake before it slithered away into the bushes. We came out the other side, passing the Treetop Resort, onto another white sand beach. It was empty. The only occupants were a few other couples, schools of fish, and a hermit crab. We spent a little while there (close to two hours). Sarah and I were the only ones to get in the sea, with Jamie choosing to overcast bathe. The pair of us had a shock when we saw a baby jellyfish floating about, deciding we should conclude our splash time there and then. The three of us then returned to our hostel for a quick shower (once again), before heading back to Monkey Island for dinner/tea.

We had some delicious filling food, with our friend Steve coming to join us. He gave Jamie and I some more information about what to expect from the diving school. We didn’t hang around, instead choosing to return to the beach outside our hostel. Sarah and I drank our 5th can of fanta of the day, and I made a quick Skype call to both my nan and mum. At one point my dear, sweet, beautiful nan showed me her new bathroom. 30 minutes later we said our goodbyes and I joined Jamie and Sarah in returning to the room to conclude our day.

Dear readers, I am so sorry for the lack of excitement that happened on this day, I should have written it as bullet points, instead of forcing myself to write a detailed report of a dull day (both weather wise and activity wise). But hey, I am going diving tomorrow so hopefully there will be some good anecdotes I can write about then. All I can say is please stick with me, and stay tuned.


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