Day 115: A Good Day To Die… of boredom from watching this movie

Well today was nothing special. I am beginning to grow weary of the island that is Langkawi. The problem with the islands? There’s only so much to do on them before feeling slightly marooned. Not much really happened today, not without trying though, allow me to explain…

• We woke up around 11am. Yes, eleven. Lazy I know.

• After much debate of what to do, in terms of eating or sitting on the beach first, we chose to eat. This was ultimately decided when we couldn’t go to the cable car. Not because it was closed like yesterday, but because it would have cost more in taxi fare than the activity itself. In the end Rosalie and myself booked up parasailing for 5pm that afternoon.

• McDonald’s was the location, and to stop the girls getting on my case for not eating much, I showed them how Ben Norris can really eat. Close to 2000 calories in one single sitting. That ought to shut them up. It didn’t, they felt disgusted by my feat.

• Back at the motel Sarah booked up some flights for 3 people. Me, her, and Sarah’s friend Rachel. Rachel would be flying out to meet us early March. A slight problem then occurred, she put in the wrong email address. That meant we had no confirmation of the flights. Then an online queue started, one that we never got to the front of. Much like all good crime mysteries, the issue remains unsolved.

• 5pm, time to go Rosalie. The pair of us had to wait for a good half an hour on the beach, before being told to follow a guy for the parasailing. He took us away with 5 other people in his van. We drove a mile or so down the street until we reached a second beach. There, we took it in turns to get harnessed up and attached to the back of a speedboat. Rosalie and myself flew together, to help speed up the whole process. If we were to have gone separately it would have taken ages to get through everyone.

We ran a few steps down the beach and before we knew it we were high in the sky. This was the first time I’d ever had a Dutch girl between my thighs… Ooh eeer. The experience – I’m talking about the parasailing now, was a bit of a let down. It felt quite rushed. We were only in the air for all of 7 minutes. The most exciting thing we saw was a black shadow swimming under the water. I was expecting to be lowered down and taken high, not the factory process which we received. At the end I had to pull down hard on the ropes to steer us back in, then the instructors grabbed us as we landed. It was then back to the car where we were returned to Sarah and Anna.

• Back at the Motel we all showered, before heading out the front doors for food. We had a plan, book up a snorkelling trip for the next day, have some food, then go to the cinema (again!). We had food first, as the stall we wanted to book the trip was closed. We didn’t go to McDonald’s this time however, instead, chose a local restaurant selling traditional food. It was good, but no 2000 calories. After food the stall was still closed, so we chose another place to take our business. It cost the same price, so we booked it there and then. The bus would arrive the next morning at 8am! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

We had missed the 8pm viewing of the new Die Hard movie, but after looking up times we saw another was showing at 9:45pm. We then caught a taxi and arrived with 15 minutes to spare. The cinema was in a multiplex like usual. We had to go all the way to the top floor of the building, like usual. When we bought our tickets and popcorn it was cheap, like usual. The film was a complete let down as far as the franchise goes. They should have stopped with the last one, and much like our diving instructor once told us:
I think he was referring to an easy way of remembering the safety checks before a dive, but I felt as though it applied in this case.

After the movie we then had the displeasure of finding our way out of the building, and also a taxi outside. This always seemed to happen, perhaps we should start watching earlier screenings, as whenever the movie ends we’d find ourselves trapped in a closing, or already closed complex. The only way that gave us our freedom was to ride the elevator to the basement. It took several wrong floors before discovering that. Outside no taxis passed by. Lots of traffic but not a single one. A police car drove by at one point but didn’t stop, even when Rosalie tried waving them down after mistaking it for a cab. That’s reassuring should there ever be any real trouble.

Eventually one did show up, and for the same price as our arrival (£24 ringgit/£5) we were taken to our motel. In the room the girls did a quick pack for the next day, I wrote this for you guys, and set an alarm for 7:15 the next morning. The end!


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