Day 114: Tour De Langkawi

Today, we all mutually agreed was rubbish. Even though we did many activities, each was more disappointing than the next. It began with breakfast and ended with the market! Allow me to elaborate…

• We were all sleeping like lions this morning. We didn’t get up until 10am, but it was 10:30 before we decided to get breakfast.

• We chose to return to the place we ate the day before. Unfortunately we were served by the rudest, most impatient waiter. He barely spoke English, which shouldn’t have been an issue seeing as we pointed to our meals on the menu, and said how many. The girls got their food in good time, while I was left waiting. 45 minutes later, after ordering for a second time, I was told they didn’t have what I wanted. I told them to forget it, and that was the last time we ate there again. USELESS! I ended up choosing 3 items from a bakery instead.

• The girls decided to hit the beach once more, to do that thing all girls do, swelter in the sun. All in the name of vanity. “Gotta top up my tan”, were Sarah’s words.

• After an hour or so they returned! Completely distracting me from editing my life’s work, the blog. The tanned goddesses had a quick shower, then we hired a taxi driver’s services for 5 hours.

• It cost us 125 ringgit (£25). We asked him if he could take us to several places.
The cable car
The black sand beach
A nice beach
The hot springs
The Wednesday night market
All of which were a let down. Seeing as Sarah had been to Langkawi before, she wasn’t up for doing the cable car again. We dropped her off at a secluded beach, then Anna, Rosalie and myself went together. When we arrived at the gates it was closed for maintenance. Disappointed, we returned to Sarah and headed off to the second item on the list.

• The black sands were equally as bad. It was called the black sand beach for obvious reasons, it contained black sand.
There were a few placards, one explained of petroleum in the ground which caused it’s colour, but I preferred the one of a legend.

It basically read that years ago a huge battle occurred between the people of the sea and the land. Due to the mass amount of warriors the sea people had, they nearly defeated the land soldiers. Until one wiseman came forward. He suggested they pile firewood along the shores, then set fire to it. When the sea people saw this they believed there were thousands of soldiers with torches waiting for them, and they retreated in fear. The black sands are supposed to be ashes from that day.

When we reached the beach it was a huge let down, the majority of it looked like any other beach. The few black patches that there were caused the place to look dirty. Nonetheless we took some pictures, just to say we were there and returned to our driver. Back on the bus he explained to us that 25 years ago the whole beach was black, not just small areas. Much good that did for us now.

• The driver suggested we visit a different beach instead, a nicer one. One where we could swim in the sea, or admire the views from the chalk white sands. We took him up on his offer, then had food upon arrival. We’d have probably had to pay a lot of money for the view we got as we ate. In the distance were two large rocks protruding from the sea, and all around us was an empty beach. After our meals we got in the waters. Surprisingly, the sea was really warm. This was because the sun had been heating it all day, and it was only shallow. I was able to run really far out, but thought I’d best stop before I hit the border between Malaysia and Thailand. With more photos for the travel album we returned to our driver.

• Our next stop saw us visiting a waterfall. I say visiting, when our driver parked up and we began exploring, the first thing we saw was an ominous sign. It read we should be careful if we were to get in the water as it was dirty and could very well have attracted parasites. It warned us not to get in if we had cuts or abrasions because it could lead to infections. We decided there and then that we weren’t that bothered about it, plus the waters were shallow. Our driver tried encouraging us to go farther, saying the waters were deeper 10 minutes to the left. We attempted the walk, but gave up after 3 minutes. Back to the taxi for a ride to the hot springs.

• Hopefully they’ll be better right? Wrong. Although the grounds were nice, there was something quite desolate about them. They had the vibe of somewhere that used to be popular, but was now a hollow shell of a time gone by. Partly due to all the shutter doors, and empty open space. Signs still remained, offering foot massages, and pools which had lost half their volume, containing only stagnant green water. We were told what way to go by a security guard. When we reached the hot spring it was under a four pillar gazebo. It resembled a garden pond because of it’s small dimensions. We weren’t allowed to swim in there (not that you’d be able to) and could only hang our legs in. Our driver joined us for a bit, and there was also two children enjoying the warmth with their family. The girls made small talk with the little girls, before they had to leave with their parents. We left soon after to a place so evil that no man should be sentenced to it’s punishment… A market!

• How I end up in these situations I’ll never know, I guess the expression “History has a funny way of repeating itself”, is true. The market was no different to the one we visited yesterday, other than its name. This one was the “Wednesday Night Market”, choose any day of the week you like, you all still sell the same pointless tat. Even more so in Malaysia. I flew ahead, scanned it over, and within 10 minutes I came to the conclusion it would be safe to go. The girls however (much like the shopping mall) were impressed by everything, especially the food.

Everything at the markets really affect me now. My senses really take a beating.
The smells repulse me.
The sights offend me.
The taste of foods deter me.
To touch anything sickens me.
As for the sounds… Well, the sounds aren’t that bad, they’re actually quite pleasant by comparison.
I didn’t want to eat anything at the market, in fact I didn’t want to eat anything in Malaysia full stop. I have accepted the fact time and time again that I am going to lose weight this trip (20 pounds at last count) but I fear I am set to lose more in this country.

Back home I’d consume a whole chicken a day, eat copious amounts of potatoes, vegetables and fruits. It’s safe to say each meal was a feast. Here however, each meal is a joke. They wouldn’t even fill up a child, and me snacking at a market won’t tip the scales any quicker. This didn’t stop Sarah from looking concerned and trying to get me to eat everything we passed.
“How about a doughnut?”
“How about this cake?”
“How about this pizza?”
“Spring roll?”
“No, I’ve told you over and over, I’ll eat when we get back to town!!!”

With that said, I did buy some fruit, apples to be precise. We then sat down as the girls ate, before leaving in our taxi and having to pay for an additional hour. It wasn’t the best 6 hours we ended up paying for.

• By the time we got back to the motel we had completed a full tour of the island. A whole loop of its perimeter. We paid the driver then headed inside. I played about on the Internet for the first time in a while. As much like the ocean, the Internet was very unpredictable. We barely got to go online due to how terrible the connection was. I just hope it’s not like this all the way through Malaysia. It’s been 2 weeks since I last spoke with my mum.

• Sarah, Anna and myself then went to McDonald’s for some food. I ordered a large meal, to make up for the fact I hadn’t had anything of worth in a while. On top of that, I ordered another chicken burger after reading it contained 650 calories. In total my meal of the evening contained over 1000 calories. Granted they’re not good calories, but seeing as I am turning stick thin again I’ll do anything to return to how I was.

• Back at the hotel I returned to the room, while Sarah and Anna farted about on the Internet in the lobby. I ended up talking with Rosalie for a good 50 minutes, before returning to see what was the hold up. Sarah grew distracted by places in Burma. She had fallen in love with its natural beauty and sea life, so much so that she was considering learning to dive. We then looked through old photos, I wish we hadn’t. I looked so much healthier in England, paler, but healthier. Ah well, it won’t be long before we reach Australia. A small time on a farm and I’ll be stacked again!
“OOH RAH!!!”






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