Day 113: Finding Nemo

Another day slaving away for you guys. I managed to read through another 5 or 6 blogs you’ll be pleased to know. To be honest I don’t know how you can like them. As I look back, most of them are filled with boring anecdotes, we ate here, we did this, blah blah blah. That’s why now, I am finding the bullet point format far more enjoyable and manageable for you all. Now I know some of you might not like my new take on the blog, but believe me when I say, it’s a lot easier to write it this way. Though not much happened today, here it is for your reading pleasure…

• The alarm rang at 9:45am. It was a good job it did as otherwise I think we’d have stayed there all day.

• We went out for breakfast at the same place we ate the night before. With that said, they didn’t have much of a breakfast menu. I ended up eating garlic bread and a chicken omelette (healthy! I didn’t enjoy it) thankfully the fruit salad made up for it.

• Afterwards, I visited the beach with the girls, but soon retreated to the air conditioned room. There I got to work on finalising old blogs, to give it to you, the people!

• Around about 2pm the girls returned. They suggested we visit the aquarium before it got too late. Seeing as it was a 5 minute walk away that’s what we did.

• The Aquarium was really interesting. In the first chamber were various lizards and fish. That was just an appetiser of better things to come. The next area contained flamingos, snapping turtles, a macaw, maraquet monkeys, various fish, and for the more boring visitor, trees. The monkeys were funny, they reminded me of me and my old housemate, equal parts mischievous and funny. The macaw did his best to be polite by saying hello, but soon lost it and began screaming at us.

The aquarium had lots to offer, in both entertaining animals and interesting facts. We learned a lot while we were there. We read about all the whales of the world, interesting facts about sharks, and at one point we were even treated to a live feeding. A feeder climbed into the 15 metre tank (not the sort that supplies food to fat people, before you get confused), wearing all his diving equipment, and in his hand he held a bucket of dead fish. All of a sudden there was a frenzy of fish, leopard sharks, and rays, all eager to eat. We took some photos, then retraced our steps to cover what we had missed.

Unfortunately the underground tunnel was closed for maintenance, this meant we weren’t able to see the seals and penguins dart around at all angles. Instead we had to enjoy their beauty from outside their tanks. The seals were very agile and angelic in the water. I managed to observe one close up as it swam around the glass, its fur was shiny and oil like. It was sad to read that they are still killed for it. I watched as one of them jumped to the rocks and followed an employee around like a puppy, it looked sad when the person left. Damn those big eyes of theirs. The penguins were not as entertaining, I was too busy watching the monkeys earlier on, so I missed their feeding when the girls went. I did however see Mumbo from the movie “Happy Feet”, actually I saw a lot of them. They didn’t do much, bar stand still with their flippers out.

We passed a shark tank on our way to the tropical area. It contained a group of white fins, but we were slightly concerned when we saw one that looked ill. It was a lot thinner than the rest, it’s skin was wrinkly and it looked as though it was gasping for oxygen. We presumed he’d soon be shark food. The tropical area of aquariums always look so pretty. That’s due to the fluorescent lighting, the bioluminescent coral and the colourful fish that dwell within it. It’s a shame it costs so much to build your own reef, otherwise I’d definitely have one back home. Like usual, we found Nemo, saw his friend Dori, and admired their many friends. There was one unusual fish which I’d never seen before, it went by the name Pinecone Fish. These yellow coloured beauties got there name because they resembled that of a Pinecone. They had a bioluminescent lower lip which they used to attract prey, scare off predators, and for communication.

That was the last room of the aquarium, sadly we didn’t see the otters but we presumed they were in the underground tunnel part. As we left the tropical fish area, the aquarium turned into a duty free shop. I bought some cheap chocolate and we returned to the Motel. The girls hit the beach again, to catch the last of the setting sun. While I, once again, returned to the room to work on the blog.

• At 8pm the 4 of us set out to ANOTHER BLOODY MARKET.


Uh hum. Sorry. I’ve now regained my composure. We caught a taxi there which took around 10 minutes, and cost us an extortionate £3.68. Then began a long visit to a short market. The girls ambled along, making sure to check each stall meticulously. Luckily the first lot of stalls sold food, we picked at several items, corn, burgers, kebabs to name but a few. I ate as we walked and nearly finished all my food before the girls sat down to eat.

The most shocking thing we saw was a stall being ran by a single man. Beside him was a poster of people’s eyes. His voice was coming out from one of the speakers, and he was talking non stop in Malaysian. When a local watching the man told Sarah what was going on we couldn’t believe it. He was performing eye surgery. People would go to him that couldn’t afford laser surgery, but didn’t want to wear glasses. We’re not quite sure what qualifications the man had, but from what we could tell all he was doing was wiping people’s eyes with a bit of tissue, after poking them with the same piece of metal. On the table were jars of substances, he’d dip the tissue in those then dab their eyes. We were told the people couldn’t see for 2 days after, but then felt fine. In that moment I was quite happy to have my glasses. Call me 4 eyes all you like, it’ll never cause me to get that procedure done.

• We left the market with some fruit in tow, but got our taxi driver to drop us outside a tour guide. We inquired about prices but left to mull them over. Sarah then said she wanted to look at some stalls. I knew what that meant, yesterday she said they’d be 20 minutes, 3 odd hours later they returned. Stupidly I decided to stay, rather than get out of there. We didn’t look at any stalls however, instead we ended up inside a shopping plaza!

• It was much worse, there were make up stalls, clothes shops, ones with bags. In that very moment I knew I made the wrong decision. Being a guy I made it around the plaza in 5 minutes, maximum. The girls however, 35 minutes. I skimmed around, saw there was nothing of worth and was ready to leave. The girls looked at every garment, talked about them for a few minutes, then repeated this process over and over.

• When we finally got out, I took a picture of the 3 girls underneath some Chinese lanterns. Then the 4 of us returned to the Motel to conclude our day in Langkawi.





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