Day 112: Play On Playa

Just so you know guys, I missed out on a day at the beach today. All because I wanted to read through old blogs, finalise them, and give them to you, the readers! “But Ben, that’s your own choice. If you kept up to date with it all you wouldn’t be behind!”
“SILENCE, smarty pants!!”

Now, let me tell you how basic a day today was.
• After getting up at 6:45am, a feat of which I found surprisingly easy. We went downstairs and had breakfast. I say we, Anna and Sarah ate. I felt too sick still, the sight of the omelette alone was enough to make me queazy.

• Even though I wasn’t feeling too great, I went to the nearest ATM (which was a good 5 minute walk away) to get money for our boat ride. What a trooper I am. Back at the hostel the girls had made friends with another female. Her name was Rosalie.

• Rosalie was from Holland, had long blonde hair and was an Amazonian amongst humans. She stood at 5’11” tall, and for as long as we were with her, was engrossed in a book about serial killers!!! She also hated Jim Carey with a passion, I shouldn’t have liked her for that reason alone, but she won me over with her sense of humour. I just hop her interest in serial killers, and her dislike of Jim Carey never meet, otherwise that could be a sad day for all of us!

• We went fours up on a taxi. It took us to the docks where we were able to switch boats to an earlier one. The 8:15, instead of the 8:30. Which by chance was the one Rosalie was on.

• The ship took us on a 3 hour journey to Langkawi. During the journey “The Hobbit” was played. We couldn’t hear it due to engine noise, but chose to read the awful subtitles. It was great, almost like watching a different movie. They made no sense at all.

• When we reached the docks of Langkawi we made sure to get more money out, as there were no other ATMs on the island. The 4 of us then found a taxi driver to take us to the main backpacker area.

• I sat at the front for once, and befriended the driver. His name was Li. He told me that was his nickname because his full name was too hard to pronounce, not to mention long. He told me about the island, day trips we could take, and the animals which resided in Langkawi. 20 minutes later we pulled up outside AB Motel.

• It was 120 ringgit a night for 4 people. Li said he knew somewhere else, but didn’t know their prices. They didn’t answer the phone when he attempted to ring, so we drove 5 minutes down the road to check it out. It cost more (200 ringgit per night) so we drove back and booked a night at AB instead. On the way I gave Li a toy I had bought in Cambodia. I often saw tuktuk drivers kicking them about while they waited for fares. It was a shuttle cock like toy, the aim of the game was to keep it off the ground for as long as possible. He seemed to like it, if not looking slightly confused.

• The motel was on the beach, literally on the beach. When you stepped out the back doors your feet would touch sand. Now that’s a location! The girls stayed on the sands for as long as the sun was out, while I slaved away for your guys entertainment. Just kidding, your happiness is my happiness!

• Around 7:30pm the girls returned to the room. I felt like Charlie and they were my angels, or Hugh Hefner and these were my bunnies. One by one they took it in turns to shower, they helped apply lotion to each other, then a pillow fight ensued in their undies… Oh wait, I’m getting distracted. What actually happened was the girls showered, got changed in the privacy of the bathroom, and exchanged make up and hair talk. All the while I was reading through my blogs. Damn you reality!

• When we were ready, the 4 of us went out to dinner, with me either looking like a playboy or their gay best mate. We found a cheap, tasty and busy restaurant. With me feeling better my appetite returned. I ordered 3 meals, plus Sarah’s additional popadoms. All of which came to a total of £4 for me!

• Afterwards Sarah suggested we all go for a walk up the street to see what was there. Because she now had female company I was no longer shackled to the responsibility of looking out for her. There’s strength in numbers after all, more strength than I could offer these days. With that, I said “no, I don’t fancy that. I’m going to go back and attempt to Skype my mum!” Go on Ben. You do what you want, when you want!

• The Internet at the Motel was terrible, as it had been in the rest of Malaysia so far. After several attempts to connect I gave up. In the end I bought a Vanilla Coke (I can’t believe it either, they have practically disappeared from England) and returned to the room. There, I waited for my angels to return so I could be the judge of the last woman standing pillow tournament!!

Damn you once again reality, they’ve just stumbled in, some 3 hours later (funny 20 minutes Sarah) with recently purchased clothing.
“Why are they showing me every item? Don’t they know I don’t care?”
Time to pretend you give a @@@@ Ben.
“Ooh that’s so pretty girls. Now, about this pillow fight!”


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