Day 111: You Silver Tongued Devil You

Once again I find myself cheating you out of a good days read by writing in bullet point format. I could drag out a full day by elaborating but that’s no fun for anyone. Seeing as I have a lot of previous days to read over, and I mean a lot, in order to do that I need to get today out of the way first. So here we go…

• We woke up around 9am because of other hostel dwellers banging around. Because I am a good sleeper I found it easy to nod back off.

• Sarah chose to get up and shower, then met up with Anna. The pair of them then let me sleep in while they inquired in many hostels for accommodation. Much like a couple lionesses leaving the lion to doze, while they go off to hunt.

• In the meantime I slept for another 40 minutes or so, then had a shower, packed our bags and put on a movie.

• The girls returned 20 minutes later to tell me they found a place with 3 beds. It was a hostel called “The Reggae Mansion”. It was a dorm room, which was nice as this would give us a chance to make new friends.

• We moved our bags over after checking out of Cocoa Mews. The beds looked very comfy and each one was built into the walls, and had a private curtain to hide behind. This was good because it meant we wouldn’t be disturbed by others in the mornings. When we were settled in we then went to find food.

• We went around the corner to find a place that sold a lot of Malaysian dishes. Unlike Thai food, nothing really jumped off the menu at me. I ordered a chicken ciabatta and chicken noodles, but found it hard to finish both meals. With my appetite disappearing on me both yesterday and today it could mean only one thing, I am coming down with something. Stay tuned to find out what.

• The girls ordered two separate dishes which they enjoyed. They then shared an ice cream dish for dessert called ais kacko. They thoroughly enjoyed it, until they got to the bottom. For some unknown reason there seemed to be sweet corn, rice, cheese and a weird looking black bean. Needless to say they immediately dropped their spoons.

• After our meal we went in search of a market (Yay. I guess this was the price I was paying for Sarah having a girlfriend now). We didn’t find one, at least not one that Sarah had in mind. The one we visited sold traditional Malaysian clothing. We gave up on that idea and in the end settled on a coffee shop.

• We stayed there for a good couple hours. During which time we discussed what we’d be doing the next day. As well as other things to do in Penang.

• When we left, we then had the pleasure of finding better accommodation than the one we already had booked for Chinese New Year. It took a couple hostels before we found one, which was probably for the best. As the one we ended up finding, a place called “Ryokan” was, by their own admissions, a flash packer hostel. Time would tell I guess. We booked 3 nights (the 9th,10th,11th Feb) then returned to our hostel.

• We stayed at the hostel for a little while. Sarah used the computers to write to her friend Rachel, who would be flying out at the end of the month. While I checked emails, something I hadn’t done in quite a while. I had a lovely surprise when I clicked on one particular message.

• It was from one of Sarah’s brother’s friends. The message was about my blog. They wrote words of encouragement explaining that they were enjoying what I had to say, and how they too were in a similar position as I was before I left. They then went on to say my words had reassured them with their decision to go travelling themselves. I was very touched by the message, it’s little things like that which really do go a long way, in terms of encouraging me to continue this blog at least. When I began writing this I’ll be honest, it was just something I did for myself to keep a record of what I got up to. I never thought my words would effect people. Maybe I do have a skill for this writing thing after all.

• When we got downstairs we bumped into a guy named Gary. He was also on the 12 hour bus journey with us. He was from America and had been all over the world. Because my phone lost the Internet connection I ran to the pc upstairs to write back to Marc’s friend for their kind words. The other 3 went outside to enjoy some beer. When I was finished replying I joined them and introduced myself formally.

• After our pitcher of beer (which turned out to be smaller than expected when we ordered it) we went to catch a bus. The bus was supposedly going to take us to the night market, a place where we could buy food and trinkets. However, due to the rain setting in, we let the bus drive on by and I ordered a monstrosity of a hotdog.

• It was disgusting, to the point I don’t even think you could call it a hotdog. It was called a “special” hotdog and was halal meat I believe. I didn’t see that until I ordered it, when it arrived it looked terrible. It had an egg on top, lots of onions, sauces galore and a very strange looking sausage (that’s what she said). Regardless of its looks, and my lack of hunger I forced it down.

• Seeing as we weren’t going to the market, the 4 of us went back to the Red Garden for tea. I only had fruit for this sitting, cantaloupe to be precise. It was alright but could have been a bit riper. After we ate our meals we returned to our hostel, determined to arrange once and for all what we’d do the next day.

• The internet was being somewhat useless which made matters difficult. Instead, we asked a Canadian girl for advice after she overheard us brainstorming plans. She gave us a few ideas but the whole plan changed several times over drinks downstairs.

• Initially we were set to go to Kuala Lumpur, then we were going to Cameron Highlands, then finally Langkawi. Eventually deciding on the latter, however that didn’t get finalised until 11pm.

• When the guys had finished off a few drinks, and their shisha pipe (yes Ann, your daughter was smoking) we returned to our cave like beds, and set an alarm for 6:45am. SIX FORTY FIVE!!!! All so we could catch a bloody boat. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON, WHY DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND THIS!!!


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