Day 110: Travel Sick, Or Sick of Travel

Today was terrible for me. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, bang on 6am. To my horror I felt sick and nauseous. This wasn’t good seeing as we had a 12 hour bus journey ahead. For the simple fact the majority of the day was spent on a bus, I shall return to the bullet point format.

• Sarah ran down to the nearest 7 Eleven to grab us some breakfast. I grabbed all the bags from the room.

• The minibus showed up at 6:30am. The driver made a few stops to pick up other passengers along the way.

• Because I was sat right at the back – with limited vision, I grew more and more ill. The fact the driver had his foot to the floor the whole way, and was swerving and breaking harshly didn’t help matters either.

• We made it to the office in Hat Yai which was the nearest stop to the border, before reaching Malaysia. We were told we had to wait 40 minutes for our next minibus. It ended up being more like an hour.

• Our next minibus was perfect. The a/c worked, I had a seat with plenty of legroom, and I didn’t need my travel pillow to sleep this time.

• I had a plan to read through old blogs during the journey, but due to feeling sick I couldn’t. An hour or so later we arrived at the border.

• The border crossing went swimmingly and was miles different to our previous experience. We were all issued with a 90 day stamp to the country and carried on our way.

• The first thing I noticed about Malaysia was how modern and up together it was, compared to Thailand at least. There were winding highways, tall buildings, and a whole bunch of fancy cars on the roads. Speaking of roads, the ones in Malaysia were lovely and smooth.

• I tried to sleep on and off but constantly found myself waking up a dribbly mess. I listened to my iPod for the whole journey. Another 2 or so hours later we arrived outside Love Lane. This was a road draped with hostels, guesthouse’s, and hotels. I was just happy to be off the bus, as it was a loooooong day to be a passenger!

• We made some friends on the journey, one of which was a 19 year old from Midsomer Norton. Small world eh? We could tell straight away from his accent that he was local. There were a few others as well, a guy from Australia and a girl from Denmark to name but a few.

• We had no luck in the first hostel, as they were fully booked. In the end we tagged along with the Danish girl because she had somewhere booked in advance.

• Annelis or Anna-mal, or Ban-Anna as we grew to call her, was quite tall for a girl. She stands around 5’8″ tall. She has hair so wild that if she was capable of roaring loud enough, she could be queen of the jungle. Seriously, her locks are so long, curly and golden, that the 3 bears would turf Goldilocks out in a second, should they ever meet. She is also a fellow diver, and has great love for the seas, and I am pretty sure her goal in life is to marry a sea turtle. Oh, and one more thing, her language isn’t real. It sounds like a combination of gibberish, and choking; should aliens ever come to Earth, I am pretty sure they’d understand each other perfectly. So there you have it, the Danish girl who became mine and Sarah’s adopted daughter! Urgh goo mu flu, Anna, Urgh goo mu flu!

• After walking three blocks in the wrong direction, we finally located the building. It was hidden behind some scaffolding. Luckily, we discovered there was a free room, and booked it up.

• After finding the nearest ATM, which didn’t charge by the way, we returned and checked in.

• We made a few more friends at reception, then agreed to all go out for food at 7pm.

• We were a group of 6 as we marched through the streets on Penang. We visited a place called the Red Market. They sold all manner of food. You could go around and choose a plate, the chefs would then cook, prepare and bring the meal to your tables. Because I still felt sick all I had was a plate of watermelon and cantaloupe. I washed that down with a large bottle of water. Unfortunately I didn’t feel any better after it. Poor Ben.

• During our meal there was talk of visiting the nearby cinema. Only 3 of us went (Sarah, Anna and I) but all 6 of us caught the free bus to the complex it was at.

• We parted ways when we arrived, the 3 of us then located the cinema and watched the movie “Hansel & Gretel”. It was an hour and a half of entertainment which helped distract me from my feeling of sickness.

• After the movie we then had the issue of finding our hostel. Seeing as it was gone 10:30pm it meant there were no free busses running. We asked a local for directions, it then all became straightforward from there. We stopped in a 7 Eleven en route and to my surprise Ribena was way cheaper than the extortionate prices of home.

• It was only 10-15 minutes walking before we were back. We had a shower, then watched another movie in bed.

• Now, lets all hope and pray that my illness would be gone by tomorrow after a good nights sleep. I still blame the woman who hand fed me pork the previous night!


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