Day 109: A Railay Nice Beach

Ah 9:45am, a much better time to start our day. We promised Jamie that we’d go meet him in his lobby at 10, so the 3 of us could grab breakfast. We were running a bit late, so didn’t get to him until 10:20am. When we got to his lobby we saw Katrina sat on a sofa. We made small talk, then Jamie came wandering down the stairs. The 3 of us crossed the street and had breakfast at a new place. We hadn’t been there before but we wish we had. They sold lovely breakfast options. Their hash browns were particularly tasty. When we finished, we waited outside for a local tuktuk to drive us to Ao Nang. There we would catch a boat to Railay Beach.

When the tuktuk showed up it was already full with passengers. All but one seat remained free. Obviously Jamie and I were gentlemen and let Sarah have it, while we held onto the back and stood on the platform. It was fun to stand and have the wind rushing through our hair, we felt like ugly models. We also had a better view of the beautiful area from there too. In Ao Nang we had a look around some market stalls before catching a boat for an extortionate price of £6. Almost the same price as a day trip. We handed over our ticket, and 15 minutes later we arrived. We thought we’d attempt to explore the island first, seeing as there were two more beaches hidden away. That was until Sarah decided to sunbathe on the main beach instead, leaving Jamie and I to go it alone. Half an hour of painful walking later all we achieved was getting lost in a resort. Because I was walking barefoot I left Jamie to it. After asking someone for directions we learned that the nearest beach was another half an hour walk away. With that I returned to Sarah to roast in the sun.

It’s very hard to differentiate between the islands. They are all equally as attractive as each other. They all boast crystal clear waters, chalk white sands and luscious jungles full of wildlife. The only thing that Railay had that made it unique was the climbing rocks. Many rock climbers fled to the beach in order to climb its many cliffs. It was nearly an hour later before Jamie returned. He laughed at my sweaty body and red face first, before telling us he made it to the other 2 beaches. After my hour of sunbathing was up (a time limit I set myself) this cooked turkey was ready for a splash. When I jumped in the sea to refresh myself, hundreds of fish hopped along the surface, this was due to waves caused by passing boats. We then went with Jamie while he bought some food around 3pm. We weren’t there for long but we were surprised to find the sun had disappeared in such a small frame of time. We stayed on the beach until 5:30pm, handed over our return tickets then returned to Ao Nang.

It was perfect timing when we arrived, as a local tuktuk was heading back to Krabi Town. Although there were many seats available, Jamie and I opted to stand once again. It was quite a sight to see, a tuktuk which should have only seated 8 people (comfortably) was overloaded with a good 12-15. When we arrived in Krabi Town there was a weekend market underway. We briefly walked through while it was reasonably empty. We only passed through and returned to our hostels. We agreed to meet back with Jamie at 7pm, then returned to our room to pack our bags. After a quick shower and packing session we met him in his lobby, as well as 3 girls (the stud). The girls were all from America. Immediately Sarah took a shine to them, having had a severe lack of female company during the trip. Sarah chatted a mile a minute to them, then the 5 of us returned to the market we were at earlier. The girls had better success than Jamie and I when it came to finding food. Wether or not it was their smaller stomachs, I don’t know, but they picked at several stalls and made themselves a good meal. We all sat at a bar for one drink, before deciding to go to the seafood market so I could get a good meal.

We found a good table where the food was served fairly quickly. The only annoying issue was they had stopped doing the instant noodles. Then began a mothering session from the women who worked there. One gave me a free piece of chicken on a stick, then the other hand fed me a piece of pork. This was because she had ran out of chicken and wanted to show me her pork was just as good. When I was halfway through my first bowl of fried noodle with pork, the chef asked me if I wanted another. Being somewhat hungry still, I agreed. When I finished both bowls, and the rest of the group finished their beers, we returned to their hostel. We stayed for one beer and before we knew it the time was creeping on for 1am. Then this happened, Sarah said;
“Ben, you ready to go?”
“Yes, I am shattered”
“Alright, let’s go”
Chatter, chatter, titter titter
“Right Ben, you ready?”
“Yeah, I’m still tired”
Chatter, chatter, titter, titter

This continued until 1:20am. Oh, and did I mention we had to be up at 6am to catch a bus to Malaysia? When we finally got to our room, set the alarm and went to sleep it meant we would only get a total of 4 and a half hours. Damn you American women! Now I understand why Lenny Kravitz wrote a song telling them to stay away.



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