Day 101: Losing Blissfully

Not to sound like a broken record but nothing of worth happened today either. I will put it in bullet point format once more to save everyone’s time.

• Woke up around 9am after Jamie fulfilled his daily duty as our alarm clock once again.

• He went on and had breakfast, while Sarah and I faffed around getting ready. The local cats joined us while we were doing this. They were very entertaining, hiding under every conceivable cloth or blanket.

• Sarah and I ended up eating alone due to taking so long. We bumped into Jamie afterwards and the 3 of us sat outside mine and Sarah’s room for a while.

• From our balcony we had the pleasure of watching a cat, toy with a squirrel. I say pleasure, it was more of a horror scene, the poor squirrel. It’s only saviour was when a woman intervened and carried the cat away. It didn’t stop the cat from returning once she had placed it down though. When the cat grew tired and left, I made my way down some time later. The squirrel was nowhere to be seen. I’d like to imagine it is on a farm someplace now, playing with all its other squirrel buddies.

• We then finished packing our bags, while the black cat walked by and tried to join us. Sarah hissed an tried to shoo it away, but the cat wasn’t bothered by her attempts, and remained seated. The 3 of us then checked out. We returned to our previous guesthouse with the pool.

• Sarah wasn’t feeling too good by this point, she struggled to even finish her breakfast. We presumed we wouldn’t be going to the waterfalls that day. And after the cleaners were finished with our room, she remained indoors for the day. Jamie and I decided we would have a day on the river, if we could hire some kayaks that was.

• We made our way to the nearest store which hired them out, unfortunately they were closed. Their sign wasn’t of much use either, they claimed they’d be back at 11am… It was 12:05pm by that point, there was no sign of anyone returning. In the end we decided to spend the afternoon in the pool.

• A couple hours later, we got out and dried off, then the 3 of us went out for dinner. We decided to return to our previous guesthouse (The Happy Frog) as they sold cheap food. I chose the Pineapple Basket (which is great fun to say when you have a Somerset accent) it was terrific. After eating we made a quick stop in the 7 Eleven for dessert, then returned to the hostel. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching “Boardwalk Empire”, man it’s a good show.

• After watching a couple of episodes, I decided to see if Jamie wanted to go out for some beers and games of pool. I found him near the swimming pool writing out postcards. He said he would definitely be up for it, then continued to beat me mercilessly at the game, leaving me somewhat frustrated by my lack of skill at hitting a stupid ball into a stupid hole…. “What do you mean I’m a sore loser!?!?!”

• We returned to Sarah after 4 or 5 games, as it was about time we ate again. We chose a restaurant called Bell’s. People, I can finally tell you, I have found the perfect pizza. The guy who ran the place was a westerner, maybe that was the reason for our delicious meals. All I can say is “thank you kind sir, you have restored my faith in pizza”.0

• When we left, Sarah and I booked up another place for the following night, as our current guesthouse was full the next evening. As for Jamie, he’d be returning to Bangkok in the morning. Sarah returned to the room, while Jamie and I stayed out for another beer and more pool. YES, HAVE SOME OF THAT JAMIE, IN YOUR FACE! I won one game out of the 5 we played. I got worse as we went on, but I will always have that first victory though!!!! I hate losing if it wasn’t clear by now. If I should ever play anything against any of you in the future, do me a favour and just let me win, that way I won’t hold any grudges!!!!

• All throughout our games we were asked where we were from by the bar lady. Her name was B.B King (like the musician I presumed). At one point she thought I was Swedish, I quickly corrected her. She continued to talk to us, on and off, the whole time trying to get us to buy food or more drink, anything to get us to stay. She even brought out a plate of nuts. We left soon after I lost for the final time, and returned to our room. Even as I type this, I am annoyed at my losing streak!!!!!! (Hence the over use of the exclamation mark)

• I typed out this blog from the comfort of my bed, watched some episodes of Boardwalk Empire, then called it a night. Now if only I could shake this anger I feel from losing… Let it go Ben, just let it go…


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