We’ve finally made it, day 100. Today would see us reaching the triple digit stage of our trip. The time has flown by. Just over three months we have been away for now. Already we’ve seen so much, both good and bad, and still have so much left to do before we return home. We have yet to explore the islands of Thailand, we still need to see Malaysia, as well as Singapore and Bali to name but a few. The only factor that could hinder our travels, money. That’s where Australia and New Zealand come into the picture. When we have had enough of Southeast Asia, we will then have the pleasure of trying our hands at the working lifestyle again. There is always talk of visiting South America, and of course we could always consider finishing the trip with a backpacking tour of Europe. So many options, so much time. We truly are living the dream. To be honest, I don’t know when exactly we’ll be coming home. All I know for sure right now is that I am loving every day, and new experience that comes my way, and when the time comes that I finally step foot back on home soil, I hope I know what it is I want out of life.

So, like I said day 100 of our travels was today, and what did we do to celebrate such an achievement? Believe it or not, we did nothing. Now, by nothing I don’t mean by yesterday’s standards, I literally mean nothing. As a matter of fact I bet you right now that I can cover today’s events in as little as three bullet points! You wanna take that bet? Ok then, here it goes…

• If it wasn’t for Jamie coming a knocking we wouldn’t have woken up at all. It was 12pm when we decided to get up. Sarah and I did our best to quickly get dressed, while Jamie waited outside. The 3 of us then went for breakfast at the guesthouse’s restaurant. After eating, we popped to the 7 Eleven, then returned to sit in the garden area for a while. I soon grew bored and decided my time would be better spent watching a film in the comfort of our room.

• A little way into the movie, Sarah comes in and spends the day reading her kindle. 2 and a half hours later, Jamie knocks on the door saying he is going for dinner, I pause the film and join him. After, we go to 7 Eleven again, then try and book up a fishing trip for him. Unfortunately there was no fishing trip, so I returned to the room to watch the last of my movie, and to give Sarah her goods from the store. When the film finished I then went downstairs to Skype my mum, with a rude guy interrupting me mid conversation to ask if I wanted to go to the waterfalls. RUDE! When mum and I had enough of Skype’s constant bugs, I returned to the room.

• I then watched a tv show for the next hour, before Sarah and I grabbed Jamie to go for tea. We grabbed our fresh, clean laundry then sat down to eat. We remained there for the next 2 hours, while we were entertained by a funny movie being played on the various television sets. We made one last stop to the 7 Eleven for water and the such, then returned to the room one last time. The guesthouse had several cats which roamed around like feline nomads. With Sarah being a cat person she kindly invited one into our room. Moments later she was screaming at me to come and get it out. The cat had jumped all over our bags in a playful manner, then went to the bottom of her sleeping bag liner. Like a cat whisperer, I used a toggle from a bag to tease the cat out the door… Genius. We then got ready for bed (wearing our lovely smelling clean bed clothes) and called it a night.

There, see, I wrote it all in 3 bullet points. Granted, each one was longer than necessary, and I probably should have extended it to maybe 6 bullet points at least. There’s no need to split hairs though, and besides, I had a bet to win. Now, I hope you enjoyed our 100th day as much as I did, here’s to the next 100. I’d like to leave you with a simple message/ piece of advice, and forgive me if it sounds cliche:

If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing or where you are in your life right now, quit, and come join us, or start your own travel adventure. There is nothing else quite like it. It may seem scary before you leave, as you worry about all the small details, and the excuses you begin to make to compensate. But believe me, everything works itself out, it’s so easy when you’re out here doing it. All the small details take care of themselves, and you’ll make new friends to help you with the big ones. Now here’s the real cliche part, the only thing that is holding you back right now is you! Quit making excuses and get on and do it, whatever that maybe, JUST. DO. IT!!!


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