Day 66: The End Is Nigh

It was back to business as usual for Sarah and I today, as we did nothing. We woke up at 9am to the sound of my iPhone’s alarm, quickly got dressed and scurried up the elevator shaft to the top floor for breakfast. This time there wasn’t much of a view on offer, all we could see were the hotels in the surrounding concrete jungle. The breakfast was nice, as per usual, we had the option of eggs with most meals on the menu. We both chose the fried egg option, and when it arrived we had a complimentary baguette to go along with it. We quickly wolfed it down and returned to our room. When we showed up it was a bit awkward as the cleaners were there tidying up. Much like two dogs meeting, we kept our distance and kept eye contact to a minimum. They weren’t there for long and to keep up appearances, we didn’t clamber back into bed until the door was closed and they were out of earshot. There was a tv show on the HBO channel called Boardwalk Empire, unfortunately it was three series in already so I didn’t understand much about the plot, but it kept me captivated until the end. When it was over we decided to head to the beach for the day, happy in the knowledge I had found a new show to fill the gap until the next series of Homeland.

When we arrived at the beach, we decided to hire out a couple of sun loungers, it was a bit expensive (£2.23) but it meant we wouldn’t have the issue of showering the sand off later on that day. We were at the beach for ages, however, when we first arrived the weather took a turn for the worst, and began raining. Luckily, it only lasted for 10 minutes, and much like the market place in Chang Mai that time, people started packing up and running away. I think overall we were there for a good four hours and during that time I received two pamphlets for local bars, as well as several things happening that made me laugh……..:The first thing was the groups of people in the shallow waters being totally destroyed by the occasional unexpected gigantic waves. The second thing to happen was the sight of a little Vietnamese woman walking arm in arm with two muscular Australian gentleman, I presumed she was drunk, if not, the smile on her face said it all. The last thing of entertaining value to happen was a couple who were parasailing, I missed the actual excitement due to me writing this blog (see what I go through for you guys). Within five minutes of me looking away, it appeared that the boat pulling them around made a sudden turn and the couple fell rather quickly into the waters below. As I lifted my head from my iPhone, all I could see was crowds of people stretching up from their loungers, much like meerkats looking out for danger. When Sarah had finished reading her book, we called it a day on the beach and visited Veranda again for dinner.

Much like the day before their food was lovely, I continued with my usual healthy diet of a burger, it was a chicken one and that’s lighter than beef at least. Sarah had some sort of chicken wrap, which she thoroughly enjoyed too. With our bellies full and the bill settled we returned to our hotel. When we got in it was 5pm, we watched some tv, there was a strange cartoon on the Cartoon Network channel that kept me entertained for a while, as Sarah wrote to friends on Facebook. We stayed inside until 9pm and after showering, we hit the town to find somewhere to eat again (is anybody else noticing a pattern here?). Just around the corner from where we were was a Vietnamese restaurant, because my diet was somewhat lacking in vegetables I decided to order yellow fried noodles with vegetables. As sad as I was not to be eating burger or pizza, ultimately, the decision was a good one as the food was amazing. After yet another bill was settled, we took a stroll around the streets that were on the two pamphlets earlier that day. There was one main street which contained several different bars, and a couple of which were heaving with people. We finally arrived outside a bar called Booze Cruise Sports Bar, which had writing in such big bold neon lighting that they nearly didn’t have enough room on the building to fit it all in. This was also the bar which I had been given a pamphlet for earlier that day. We continued to walk by it, much to the disappointment of one of the bars reps, and headed to a shop for refreshments, before retiring for the night to our room. When we got in the usual procedure happened, we got ready for bed, made a quick Skype call then watched tv shows. With the date being 20/12/2012 and the Mayans believing the world would end the next day, I don’t think Sarah and I could have had a better day to see off the end.


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