Day 81: A Man In His Boat

Ah I love days like these, in terms of writing an entry in the blog at least. The day started around 10:30am after having a long awaited (and deserved) lye in. Sarah was the first to jump out of bed, lather on the sun tan lotion, and head to the beach to get a full day of sun. Jamie and I emerged some half an hour later, after sitting on the chair outside the room admiring the view. The pair of us allowed Sarah to enjoy her book in the rays, while we got in the sea. It was nice first thing in the morning as the sea was a perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. It really helped in the waking process.

We were provided with additional entertainment when a little girl continuously harassed Sarah. She constantly ran back and forth every 10 seconds. In the end Sarah had enough and joined us in the ocean. After splashing around for an hour or so we grew hungry and decided to visit Strawberry (our favourite restaurant) for brunch. We chose the biggest table and each enjoyed a different meal. I chose the chicken breast with mashed potatoes and gravy. To say it was nice would be an understatement. After settling the bill, Jamie and Sarah went in search of a cheap place to hire a kayak, while I popped back to the hostel with a bad belly! (Too much information?)

When they returned they told me of a place which cost $10 for half a day. We took them up on their offer, and like a cat to water we set off (I say cat because we lacked any degree of grace). Sarah climbed on first, followed by Jamie, then in a beautiful gymnastic mount, I hopped on…. I capsized it. Luckily we had a waterproof bag, otherwise everything would have been destroyed. Second time around we managed to sit on without any issues. Resembling 3 fluorescent oranges in our oversized lifejackets we set off. Sarah chose the middle seat thinking she’d get an easy ride, but was horrified to learn she’d have to do the majority of the rowing due to our terrible weight displacement. Poor Jamie had to be the power house giving our vessel all it’s momentum.

The plan was to row across the sea to the other island. We found out online that it was 1.5km away, which doesn’t sound far but when you have to fight the motion of the ocean it becomes hell. I got away without having to do any rowing, which was lovely, whereas Jamie had no respite whatsoever. We passed a couple black flags, which we presumed meant “do not pass”. Given the fact nobody warned us we carried on, and they were never seen again. We nearly made it to the island, but because the waves grew bigger and more frequent, we retreated with our tails between our legs. Sarah and I took it in turns to row. With me being at the front, every time I’d row we’d nearly capsize… Again. In the end I left it to the experts and we got back safely. When Jamie and I handed the kayak back, the lady was surprised at how soon we returned it, we didn’t get any money back for being early though.

For as long as the sun was out we remained outside our room, all three of us reading our books. When the sun began to set it painted the sky a bright shade of pink and orange. I left my book to take some photographs, then got ready to go out. We caught a tuktuk back into town. It was quite daunting riding at night because whenever we hit a pothole I could swear we were going over. We arrived safely and withdrew some money (ready for the islands) before finding somewhere for tea. We settled on a Mexican restaurant but were disappointed with the outcome. Having ordered chicken quesadilla you would have thought there’d be some chicken in it. We ate it regardless but decided to visit a restaurant we passed on the way for dessert. We took a doughnut with us for good measure though.

At the next place we ordered molten chocolate pudding (which came with yummy vanilla ice cream). Due to its richness we left with full bellies, then endured a tuktuk ride back to our hostel. When he pulled up at our front door we asked him if he’d mind picking us up at 6:30am the following morning. SIX THIRTY AM!?!? Are you high? We are supposed to be on holiday. The reason for this crazy start was because we were set to catch a boat to Koh Rong. An island where we could relax even more, and Jamie and I could get our diving licenses. The driver said he’d come back at the ludicrous hour (wether or not he understand half six in the morning was yet to be seen). The three of us then checked out in advance, packed our bags and settled down in our room for an early night!


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